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Balance Following Provocation The Force that Will Allow the Quantum Jump

Balance Following Provocation

The Force that Will Allow the Quantum Jump

Balance Following Provocation. The Force that Will Allow the Quantum Jump. SaLuSa. By Gabriel Raio Lunar.

Although there are often forces trying to destabilize you, calm down in the certainty that you are the Bearers of Light and you are being persecuted, precisely for this reason, but they are not going to overthrow you.

Their premise being placed at the table of the Galactic Federation is that this world belongs to them, and they will not leave it until the last moment.

They know of all the forces that are here to support the Earth and its inhabitants, and they also know that they will not be able to escape the Divine Justice. They are working using small gaps, trying to destabilize the Light Bearers, and thus to ridicule you.

It is known to you that on Earth many alliances are being made, groups that formerly served the dark are joining the Light Forces of Light, and assist in the leap forward of your civilization, throughout this movement.

Negative forces will try, until the last minute, to disrupt the Plans of Light until finally, at least, the first stage will be completed.

You, the Bearers of Light, are being called to a state of serenity amid these movements.

Be aware that they will try to act where your heart is more sensitive.

Your family is the main targets of these beings who, in desperation and to avoid losing their energy source, will inspire the weakest personalities within your families, friends and companions, to push you into emotional chaos and give up on the original idea.

Dare, beloved ones, dare to remain calm, if ridiculed and despised, by whomsoever it may be.

Salusa Sirio

SaLuSa – Sirius

Balance Following Provocation

For many, this may seem like an affront, since those who seek the discussion do not accept the silence of the other, but are enraged in the midst of the manifested peace.

Nevertheless, dare to keep yourselves in Peace, trusting that you are being assisted by very great forces and that you will not be harmed in any way, if you trust it.

Consciousness Soul Mind Spirit

Consciousness Soul Mind Spirit

Balance Following Provocation

Have mercy for those dear ones who do not understand you, and insist on pulling you into the old paradigm.

You know, they are just desperately, within their self, realizing that something new is coming and even if they do not know what it is, they fear that change.

You, the Light Bearers, in this case, have the mission to keep the Light as bright as possible, so that you may be Peace for you and for those tired of fighting against the instauration of the New.



Balance Following Provocation

There are several ways to keep yourself ever brighter and more secure from the final assaults of dark forces. One is to allow the others to be who they are.

When you honor the souls around you, you anchor more Light in yourself, and you become a clear example of the Primordial Source on Earth, since the Source honors all souls, regardless of their choices. When you do this, you will enter the highest frequencies from the Supreme Source.

Another way to keep yourself more luminous is to generate your own energy through positive internalizations and attitudes in any situation. You are self-sufficient and capable of guiding your own life, without having to ask permission from this or that, or in the need of the approval of the others.

You are the only generators of your energies and how they will affect your lives. Immersed in these lofty ideas, you will accumulate in you so much Light, that you will be like a Sun on Earth.

Quantum Jump

Quantum Jump

Balance Following Provocation

Beloved, you have seen more and more, even those who never before had the courage to come to you and ask something about the Forces of Light, they have done it more often, and even if they do not know precisely what you have, they feel the Light that you emanate and they know that there is something different in the air.

Always be open to listen and instruct in the Light of your hearts, honoring all the souls that come to you, respecting the free will of each one of them.

These simple, increasingly luminous attitudes, will further trigger jealousy and fear in the forces opposing Love on the Planet. And again, fear not, because the more Light you move, the safer you will be!

Quantic Consciousness

Quantic Consciousness

Balance Following Provocation

Even after our numerous messages, there are still some souls on Earth who fear catastrophic disasters, a war that can decimate the entire human specie.

Needless to say, this is not going to happen. As I mentioned, the more Light you move with your actions, the more security you will bring to yourself and to the planet as a whole.

If you could see the vast fleets that are now around the Earth, you would surely fear nothing at all. The positive attitudes of the Light Bearers have attracted an Army of Light from countless beings and absolutely nothing will be able to bar your quantum leap.

Try to invoke your family from space and ask for an energizing wave of trust and faith. You will be surprised by a wave of energy so powerful that you no longer have doubts that you are being watched.

Soul Spirit

Soul Spirit

Balance Following Provocation

No matter what happens, no matter how much you may be provoked; keep calm to ensure the necessary security. The dark forces know about your potential, and that the more serene and centered you are, the less control they have over you. This is why will try their best to destabilize you.

Behold, beloved, the key to break these onslaughts of darkness: to smile serenely. This is a powerful weapon that acts like a quantum light bomb that disintegrates negative currents. Even more now that you are definitely assuming your Divine personalities.

I am SaLuSa of Sirius, a member of the Galactic Forces that watch Earth in the company of Hatonn. I give you another message, asking you to spread it as far as you can, to reach the greatest number of souls on earth.

Hatonn is grateful for the seriousness with which you have conducted the process of spreading the messages on Earth.

A New Day si Coming

A New Day si Coming

Balance Following Provocation

Thank you for your ability to discern and congratulates for becoming more and more aware of genuine and non-genuine information, knowing how to discern between them.

He did ask me to tell you that very soon, very soon, it will come to your movie screens a “Disclosure Film”, which will help awaken the souls of the Earth about us and all the support that you are having every moment.

The Movie has been instructed by its Team and it is desirous that all of you will enjoy it and are willing to cooperate to make it viral. He is always willing to guide you whenever you ask for help.

When you are in doubt about some information, plunge into your interior and call his presence, he will help you in discernment. We bless you in the name of the Supreme Source.

Be in Peace, Be in the Light

Gabriel: Beloved SaLuSa, always grateful and honoured!

Balance Following Provocation

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