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Balance And Integrated Creation - Ashtar July 2019

Balance And Integrated Creation

Balance And Integrated Creation – Ashtar July 2019. By Gabriel RL.

The Other Half Of Year 2019, Filling The Shadows, The Balance, The Integrated Creation And The Journey Has Not Still Finished

Greetings, Family!

It’s good to be here one more time. Much has happened in recent months.

I recommend that you reread my latest messages to refresh your memories amid so much information.

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Recycling Ashtar March 2019

Part 1 of 4

Acceleration Catharsis Anger

February 2019

Potential For The Year 2019

December 2018

Cintamani Special Offer. Contacu Us Now!!

Here we are at another turning point, my dears! We have passed half of your Gregorian year and now you are entering, no doubt, the most intense phase of this cycle of infusions.

There is a lot of fuss in the air about the predicted markers, but what I want to emphasize here a little more is that you have reached more personal markers besides the collective ones.

You have individually “reached” yourself, somehow, in the midst of certain confusions.

There are still many doubts in the hearts. Many! Many still do not know where they are going, whether they are where they need to be or whether they need to do something else for certain things to happen in their lives.

Or they need to “put more water in the soup”. You are really in a whirlpool of sensations. It’s part of all this.

Appreciate how you can.

In this appreciation, you may notice something that has been left behind, you may notice the “nut” of the bolt that needed to be tightened properly.

Yes, I know it is not and will not be easy. It’s like finding a needle in the haystack at times, but that’s not a problem.

You were on the Earth at its most difficult time many millions of years ago and the only thing you had to find was yourself in the darkness in which the Earth was submerged, and you met.

So here I am now. (In this moment, I hear your questions, my dear ones… Take it easy! The answers are coming.)

Balance And Integrated Creation - Tighten or Untighten?

Tighten or Untighten?

Balance And Integrated Creation

Many of you in this phase 2 of your year are afraid, insecure and at times unconvinced.

I need to say that this phase of the year will come with a special seasoning, which will potentiate your thoughts, emotions, feelings and creations.

It is a phase of the year, my dear ones, in which I recommend that you pay close attention to your emotions, feelings and sensations.

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Balance And Integrated Creation - Equilibrium


Balance And Integrated Creation

It takes balance to navigate in heavier waters. In the midst of all these movements, pay attention to yourself as never before.

Then, if you notice an increase in fear, insecurity and revolt, notice yourself. This is an important phase.

The luminous jets that have bathed the Earth need to be welcomed inside and carefully harmonized with your determination, confidence and security, first of all in yourselves, and then in your mentors, guides and family of space that are accompanying you, so that there is no imbalance to the extremes.

I’ll tell you more about it.

I have given some idea about it recently to Neva/Gabriel RL, when he said that the forces that have entered the planet are stirring your innermost and must not deny your emotions.

It is necessary not to escape your feelings and sensations, hiding or masking them from yourselves, fearing to face them and stacking them in the interior.

This can generate immense pressure, triggering explosions and pulls to one end of the forces of this dualistic reality, which may lead you to a completely dark, or completely “clear” end.

Not that it’s bad to try the “clear”, but understand what I want to talk about.

It takes balance not to go to the extreme “spiritual” fanaticism, or to the extreme opposite.

I have seen many entering this path, leading them to generate more conflict for themselves, for the others, and dismantling precious works by simply not observing themselves and denying their own most basic spiritual needs: to recognize their own shadows and to face them in love.


It is RECOGNIZING THEM AS PART OF YOURSELF, since you are a whole, and there is no way to segment them into parts.


Recognizing it is an act of integration. To face your shadows is to have the humility gained by the experience of this Truth.

Recognizing it will make it not a challenge, but something integrated.

And if it is integrated with you, and you are aware of it, the illusion of separation is undone, and it is this illusion that has generated so many conflicts for aeons of time.

When you see the beings shrouded in darkness “forcing” us to go with our ships to nullify them when they attack us, know that we are not attacking them; WE ARE RECOGNIZING OUR OWN LIGHT expressed in another way and calling out for integration.

Likewise, when they attack you, anyway, the reaction must be the same.

THERE IS NO SEPARATION! Understand that we do not fight the darkness; we invite it to the integration, although sometimes this is challenging, both for us and for the other side.

I have told you more emphatically that you no longer wield the old swords for bloodthirsty fighting.

The time when his own personal desires clamored for such experiences is gone. Now, use your swords of Light to cut “the old,” and here the “cut” consider it synonymous to integrate.

My dear ones, often in your most intense moments you still have instincts of escape, as that is somehow still “ingrained” within you.

“When it gets too hot, you take your hand off.” “When a beast comes, comes the instinct for survival that make you run and search for protection.”

This has happened, dear ones, I understand.

Balance And Integrated Creation - Destiny


Balance And Integrated Creation

But again, emphatically again: You can not escape your destiny, which is, first and foremost, to face your own shadows, sometimes represented by those you love the most, and sometimes only they would accept such intense challenges and, at the same time, elevators.

Another point is that when there is a greater force that rules your ways, which is your own CONSCIOUS SELF, there is no other way but to integrate with it.

“Oh, but I create my reality!” Oh, yes, I know, but remember: the greater your integrated consciousness, the greater your creative capacity.

And how will you create perfectly by denying yourself, your own shadows and the needs to look inward?

It is one thing to create without control, another thing is to create consciously and with “master touch”.

You are creators, you will always be and nothing can change that – this is a fact.

In any case, be honored in your creations and, at this point, we ask you to consider the following phrase: I CREATE CONSCIOUSLY AND IN INTEGRATED FORM, SO THAT MY CREATION IS HARMONIZED FOR THE HIGHEST PURPOSES.

Do not wring your nose at these Truths, you will be denying your own information sent by yourself from another time/space delivered in this reality by this one who speaks and transmits to you. Again, however, be honored with every breath.

My loved ones, in all these emotions, energies, conflicts and needs, sometimes standing on your own truths, remember that the masters who stepped on Earth and left their messages never tried to overlap the others, but in their simplicity delivered their messages.

You, dear ones who are reading, know that your presences on Earth are invaluable, especially now, when you are more open to receive more of you, more of the greater potion that you are.

Remember to cultivate the simplicity. No matter how great your tasks, remember that you are all in the same boat, each in its grandiosity, transmitting and retransmitting the Lights entrusted to you, and in that humble support you will become flying angels, still in this reality.

Watch the birds … In their simplicity, sweetness and love, they fly, open their wings free.

However, many in physical bodies are clinging to their own denials or self-assertion needs, making them stuck to the “ground.” THE LARGER YOU SHINE, THE LARGER THE CHANCE OF HIGHER FLIGHTS.

Balance And Integrated Creation - Albatross


Balance And Integrated Creation

Before I finish my message today, I want you to know, dear ones, that your efforts to deliver the purest portion of your being is never and never will be in vain.

Never give up being who you are, never give up on recognizing your own greatness, never give up yourself and your own potential.

The more you radiate love, there more you attract that love. This is a law, an immutable law.

Another thing: finally, I would like to remind you of something already said before:

“The reason I am here is to seek out volunteers who are willing to incarnate on the planet in a humane way and to help in a transition, as smooth and easy as possible.

In the past we have sent prophets and teachers, who very often have been brutally persecuted or they were worshiped and used to built elaborate religions and rituals that were transformed into instruments of domination, they did everything but follow the simple teachings that were offered.

So this time we are looking for a different strategy. No more prophets, saviors or avatars that can be used to create religions.

This time we will send thousands, hundreds of thousands, of “simple” Beings of Light that should follow only two guidelines:

1) Stay Centered In Your Hearts. No matter what happens, stay centered in your hearts.

2) Remember Who You Are. Because you are in Gaia, and what is the meaning of everything that is happening.

Sounds easy, easy enough? Unfortunately it will not be.

As I said, duality on this planet has reached its peak.

This species perfected to the maximum the illusion of good and evil. The biggest challenge you will experience will be to remember who you are, why you are there and what the meaning is.

When you remember, you will be able to remain centered in your hearts, despite all external circumstances.

It will be easy to know when you will be forgetting everything.

You will perceive the inclination to judge.

The moment they realize that they are in judgment mode, to yourself, to others, to events, will know that you have truly forgotten who you are, why you are there and what the meaning is. This will be the signal.”


The Journey Is Not Over Yet.

And So It Is.


Your Brother,


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