Bahrain Operation - Surface Ops of The Light Forces

Bahrain Operation

Surface Ops Of The Light Forces Ground Team And The Higher Light Hierarchy

Part 3 of 3

Bahrain Operation – Surface Ops Of The Light Forces Ground Team And The Higher Light Hierarchy – Part 3 of 3. By Lev.

The Light Forces’ operation on Dilmun Island in Bahrain from the end of October 2019 to January 26, 2020, which can now be disclosed. It also shows what capabilities people have in increasing their energy so that they can participate in ground battles of the Light Forces. What overload they have to suffer when they confront the DFs.

Once on the territory of the modern Arabian Peninsula was a powerful channel of vital energy – the Tree of Life. After the Dark Forces invasion of Earth, this channel was divided into two parts – the Light (Tree of Life, Sefirot) and the Dark (Tree of Death, Klipot).

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Bahrain Operation - Dilmun Island

Dilmun Island

Bahrain Operation

The localization of the main Tree of Life is in Machpelah, Palestine, and its copies – in Lalibela, Ethiopia.

The location of the Tree of Death is on Dilmun Island in Bahrain. It used to be part of the Garden of Eden.

After the Unified Tree of Life was divided (first on the Subtle Plane, then on Earth), the area around the Tree of Death became completely controlled by negative entities, which desperately needed a powerful source of Life Energy.

All Dark Forces came to Dilmun: Sumerian nobles, Anunnaki, Nagas, Reptilians of all stripes, and many others.

They fed on the Life Energy emanated by the vital core in the Tree of Death (in fact, it was still the Tree of Life). There were also the embryos and the laboratory of the DFs.

Bahrain Operation - Tree of Death Klipot

Tree of Death Klipot

Bahrain Operation

The hills around (and there are more than 100 thousand of them) are necro mounds. Their purpose is to preserve the incarnation matrices of the Anunnaki, Sumerian nobles, Nagas, and Reptilians. For Sumers, their main life goal was to be buried in Dilmun. Of course, only the Dark Forces Hierarchs could afford that.

Every necro mound was connected with the Tree of Death, as his artificial appendage, branch. And it sucked the Life Energy out of him. But the reality was even more complicated. The Tree of Death provided life support for the entire anti-world, for the Hellish worlds, for the higher demonic entities and civilizations in our Local Universe, which could not exist without the Energy of Life.

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Over time, the synthesis of Life Energy in the Death Tree’s core began to fade and stopped altogether. The Dark Forces suffered from severe energy starvation. They tried many times to restart artificially the Tree, in various fanatical ways, but nothing worked. Then human sacrifices were used, at the expense of which it was possible for a short time to replenish the vital core of the Tree of Death with the Life Energy and feed all negative infrastructure on the Earth and quantum levels. But it didn’t last long.

On Dilmun was formed the strongest necro field. The very territory of the mounds was like an ulcer rash, necrosis of the Earth’s tissue. A terrible place that causes unbearable pain to the planet. The entire island became one big cemetery of negative entities.

The Tree of Death existed only in an energetic form. But on the physical plane of the Island, there is also a Tree of Life. It is located in the desert part of Dilmun, 2 kilometers from the Jebel Dukhan Mountain – the highest point of Bahrain, on a sandhill 25 meters high. There are no surface or underground water sources, but a lone acacia tree, called Shajarat Al-Hayah, which means “Tree of life”, has been growing for 400 years. It has become a tourist attraction in Bahrain. At the same place was the Tree of Death energy projection.

Before activating the New Quantum Matrix in our Local Universe, the Higher Light Hierarchy decided to restore the World Tree of Life in its former unified form as one of the most important channels of positive cosmic energy to Earth. Members of the Light Forces’ ground team were involved in this very difficult and dangerous work, and they were warned that it could be deadly for them.

Bahrain Operation -Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Bahrain Operation

During the preparatory stage, the ground team members were inoculated with doses of the Tree of Life vitality, and then of the extremely toxic Tree of Death energy, which they had to burn out with their vibrations.

Its contamination was minimal in the branches of the Tree of Death, moderate in the trunk, but most deadly in the roots. The ground team completed this part of the prep successfully.

Then the operation itself began. Remotely at first. One part of the group linked energetically to the Tree of Death field, another – to the mounds’ necro field, then the ground team from a distance by their high-frequency radiation annihilated the negativity of that place.

For the team members, this was the hardest test.

For several days in a row, they had a pre-infarction condition, severe heart pain, almost paralysis of breathing … Nausea, vomiting, chakral choking cough, symptoms of poisoning, high blood pressure… Some of the team members even had several vertebrae twisted from the energy overload, and had to go to a chiropractor.

Then the third stage of the operation started – directly with the Tree of Death itself. In all participants of the ground team again were administered doses of the mortal substance from the Tree of Death branches: in some – through the crown chakra, in others – through the legs, and in the team leader – through the third chakra. On the physical plane, this substance resembled cadaverous poison. It also smelled the same, and indeed was a deadly poison, as a result of Living Matter decomposition.

Each drop of the Death Tree’s energy injected into the body was accompanied by a loss of life force in all participants of the operation, because the annihilation was carried out by their vibrations. As in the previous stage, this was accompanied by suicidal thoughts, nervous breakdowns, irritability, and extreme fatigue. All had symptoms of poisoning, flu with the accompanying physical manifestations.

The Tree of Death cleaning was carried out sequentially on the Thin Plan and the 3D Earth level. First, the core (the Seed of Life) was cleared, then the roots, then the branches.

By the end of December 2019, the processing of the negativity in the surface part of the Tree of Death was completed. Its part on the Subtle Plane was cleaned up by the Higher Light Hierarchy according to a similar scheme. All work was done in parallel, taking into account the speed on the ground and at the quantum levels.

By 26 December, 2019 the Tree of Death Global Cleanup was completed. The next stage has come – the restoration of the Unified Tree Of Life of our Local Universe. This happened during the Solar Eclipse on December 26, 2019. It is noteworthy that it began with the entry of the Earth into the penumbra of the Moon just in the waters of the Persian Gulf, over the localization of the Earth’s part of the Tree of Death, on the Dilmun Island in Bahrain.

Exactly at the peak of the Eclipse, within three and a half minutes of its maximum phase, the LFs’ ground team remotely conducted a final Light sweep of the entire infrastructure of the Tree of Death. After this, the two parts, the Sefirot and Klipot Trees began to merge into a single Tree through Light Bodies of all operation’s participants on Earth level and on the Subtle Plane simultaneously. This was felt by the symptoms of pain and aching throughout the body, in every cell.

But then, as during the LFs’ operation on Mount Shasta, the unexpected happened. On the night of 5 to 6 January, 2020 clearing the core of the Klipot Tree led to a critical defect in the negative mass and it started to implode. At the same time, there was a release of the remnants of the negativity that was in it, and it did not annihilate itself.

Immediately, the Higher Light Hierarchy gave the ground team a signal “hazard code-red”, which indicated the highest, critical level of threat to life, including the Monad.

It turned out that at the moment of self-imploding of the Death Tree’s core, a Chimera escaped from it in the form of living biomass, which served as the genetic material for creating entities of Absolute Evil.

Between the Chimera and the Light Forces’ ground team began a real battle for life and death. By the morning of January 6, 2020, this Chimera was destroyed. The team members looked like ashes, ruins.

Bahrain Operation - Chimera


Bahrain Operation

The next morning, after a roll call, making sure that everyone was alive, the ground team began to restore their power, which was long and difficult for them. But they managed the main thing – to win. Imagine what would have happened if this Chimera managed to escape somewhere.

On January 10, 2020, the day of the Lunar Eclipse, after merging the cleared Tree of Death with the Tree of Life, that is, after restoring the original integrity of the Tree, it was decided to destroy and annihilate it as a part of the Old Quantum Matrix. And later in its place to plant a New Unified and Indivisible Tree of Life, as the embodiment of the New Quantum Matrix of our Local Universe. After uprooting the old Tree of Life, its elimination began. A group of the Highest Light Hierarchy broke it up into segments and annihilated it in their monads.

On January 25, 2020, the ground team arrived at Dilmun Island to complete the entire operation. On the same day, a new partial cleanup of the necrotic field of Dilmun was carried out.

On January 26, the ground team first united the Primers of the New World Tree and started a magical birth of a new core of the Tree of Life. Immediately it has activated and began to emanate its Light and Life Energy.

At the same time, the new core of the Tree of Life on Earth merged with the new Mother Tree of Life in the Higher Eons of our Local Universe and Pleroma (including 4D and 5D Earth). The Tree of Life’s trunk is like a Rod, the Axis of the Local Universe. One of the main purposes of the Tree of Life is the accumulation and distribution of the Substance of Life (Universal Amrita), received from the Source.

The new Substance of Life is self-fulfilling, self-generating. Thus, the Substance of the Absolutized Amrita began to fill the entire field and framework of the New Quantum Matrix of our Local Universe.

The next work of the ground team was the rehabilitation of the entire necro field in Bahrain. Team members have stretched the new Tree of Life energy branches on all Dilmun necro mounds. If earlier from them the stretched vampiric tentacles to the Tree of Life pumped out energy from it, now, on the contrary, the new Life Energy comes to mounds through the same channels, erasing toxic fields and the necrosis itself on the Earth surface.

At the same time, the Seed of the Tree of Life itself multiplied, creating hundreds of thousands of clones, according to the number of necro mounds. These clones of the Life Tree’s Core spread like small Amrita crystals into the field of each mound, radiating the Substance of Life and clearing the entire Bahrain-Dilmun energy field of the residual negativity.

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