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Back Home - Ashtar

Back Home – Ashtar

Part 6

Back Home – Ashtar. By Gabriel RL.

So, dear souls of this wonderful experience, you are returning… Returning to the point of origin! Returning with all of a special baggage, it will serve for all endless ages.

I know how hard it was, exhausting, terrifying for most. I know how many times you wanted to give up, and if you did, you would be honored.

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I know every time you wondered if it would take too long, how many times you wondered if it could be less painful, and if you would get more support.

I heard all your questions and I still hear it. But what matters most now is that the homecoming has begun and you are in the joy of this return, even though there are some flashes of pain, the pain of “cosmic oblivion“, the pain of seemingly being abandoned, forgotten in a dark environment, lonely and devastating.

I know how hard that was.

But remember, “out of all volunteers we will choose only the most able among the most able, the strongest among the strongest…

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It was a difficult experience, but only beings like you could. And so it was.

You are now deeply connected, more aware, and knowing that it was all worth it. That’s what you went for. That’s what you incarnated for. For your inner radiance to shine in the midst of such density and within, and the transformation to happen.

Now, on this elliptical journey back, you come “dragging everyone with you,” on the trail of Light that you have expanded, those who come in contact with you are instantly drawn into that Light.

You need to do nothing but be who you are in the brightness of your Light.

Realize that many other souls look into your eyes, deeply, showing a clear sign that they are open allowing this loving fusion, or look away.

In that case, you feel insecure to look at your own Light through your gaze, because facing your own Light entails the need also to face your shadows reflected in the Light.

Back Home - Ashtar - Journey


Back Home – Ashtar

And once again, your loving energy will lead you to reflection. Your energy will be the warning signal to: “THE SHIP HAS ARRIVED! TIME TO BACK HOME”.

And even if you try to deny it, you will not resist this call. At least most will not resist, because they came with you, and they will want to come back with you.

Of course, the very few who do not wish to begin their journey back now will benefit from the trail of Light that you have left, and this will be the bright path they will have as the basis for their return.

And that won’t be long either, as they are also finishing their experiences.

While most of you are practically finished, there is the joy of knowing that the ship is already ready, and the journey back begins, passing through all the ages in its multidimensionality, leaving a trail of intense light in this wonderful elliptical return of this experience.

Many of you hope our ships can land in your fields, make many displays in your skies, and then all come and go.

We want you to know that this return is much deeper than that, and simply getting on a ship and leaving would be “bland.” You wouldn’t do that 🙂

Please understand, this return is not literally it, as someone leaving one city to another, but a return to a state of consciousness that really doesn’t matter what environment you are in. You will be at Home!

A state of ascended consciousness where it will not matter if you are in the hot desert or in a comfortably cool and cozy environment. YOUR HOME RETURN IS NOT GOING TO A SPECIFIC PLACE; It is being in you, in your Fullness, Love and Peace.

Back Home - Ashtar - Crystalline-Based Bodies

Crystalline-Based Bodies

Back Home – Ashtar

Yes, you will return to your galactic points of origin, because that was the deal, too, but it would happen when your Inner Lights came on in such a way that you could bring this galactic home closer to you, just in the environment you are in.

It is not a specific place that makes you ascended, but a simple state of consciousness. And this is what you are reaching.

This would all happen when you began to embody your galactic identities in this dimension, when the identity of who you really are is beginning to be accessed in this physical dimension that you are now – at which time you would download the entire cosmic package of your own history, and your Light would expand further, dissolving the veil to pieces, “destroying” the Matrix from the inside out!

At this poin the big trip back start, and that process has begun, and much more intensely, especially on the crossing of the big marker 2012.

And here you are, in the enthusiasm of the return.

And throughout this process, you began to experience, thanks to your expanded states of consciousness, the transformations of ascension: the transformation from your carbon-based biological bodies to new crystalline-based bodies, until you completely reached bodies of Pure Light structure by dissolving physicality in the Light of this transformation and integrating your enlightened consciousness into the physical, making into ONE.

Know, dear ones, you are ascended beings retaking this consciousness.

You are Lights retaking this consciousness.

You are already Divine retaking this consciousness.

You are galactic beings retaking this consciousness!

Nothing more can be said at this point.

It is what it is.

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Back Home

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