August 8 Meditation And The New Matrix Of Our Local Universe

August 8 Meditation

And The New Matrix Of Our Local Universe

August 8 Meditation And The New Matrix Of Our Local Universe. By Lev.

Meditation on August 8, 2020, the ” Lion’s Gate Portal”, which was opened on July 26th, will help to successfully activate the New Matrix of our Local Universe, launched a month ago – on July 7, 2020.

To do this, the Highest Light Hierarchy and the ground team of Light Forces have done a lot of very important preparatory work.

What information was transferred from the Old Matrix to the New One? What data was simply removed (such as Kali Yuga), and what was left?

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On June 24-26, 2020, the group of Absolutelike Monads was temporarily dissolved. This was preceded by the Great Monadic Aspectomobilization.

How does this cosmic mechanism work?

Periodically, the Logos of our Galaxy recalls its previously emitted aspects into Stellar, Planetary, and other Logos, replaces them with its new ones, and absorbs accumulated experience, energy, information from the returned ones, cleanses and reformats them.

With this rotation, the Galactic Logos evolves, gains integrity, and is rebooted in a new state.

This mechanism operates in all seven Superuniverses.

On July 30, 2020, this aspect Exchange was re-opened.

Another important event of the Great Inter-Matrix Period on June 21-July 07, 2020, was the full planetary alignment on July 4.

August 8 Meditation  - Kali Yuga

Kali Yuga

August 8 Meditation

Immediately after its beginning, the Solar Logos released from its core a strong energy pulse, which successfully passed through the cores of the logos of all the planets of our Solar System.

With this momentum had carried out their complete purification and determinate and sync with the new frequencies of the Solar Logos.

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August 8 Meditation  - July 4 Planetary Alignment

July 4 Planetary Alignment

August 8 Meditation

During the July 4 planetary alignment, the Fight Forces’ ground team did very important work related to Sirius.

Its Logos was one of the main Spiritual Suns of the Earth and our Sun-Helios.

The Milky Way is a spiral 4-arms Galaxy with 4 points – Spiritual Suns for each Arm. Plus the Central Spiritual Sun in the Galactic Center. Our Galaxy and its stellar and planetary objects exist at the expense of two types of energy – received from outside and generated independently.

Our Sun receives some of the subtle energy from the Galactic Central Sun and also generates it independently (sunlight).

The Earth receives part of the Life Energy from the Galactic Central Sun, through a cascading system of Portals-Spiritual Suns, the nearest of which is our Sun. Plus – its own generation by the Earth’s core.
But all that is now changing.

In the New Matrix of our Local Universe, this scheme is reformatted.

The chain of Spiritual Suns and the Zodiac as relay portals for transmitting the Galactic Ray is eliminated. Previously, this scheme was necessary, because each of the Spiritual Suns (Star Logos) performed the function of reducing the vibrations of the Galactic Ray, and its adaptation for the lower level.

This is similar to generating stations, substations, and transformers on Earth. We can’t use 12,000 volts at home, but only 100-127 Volts. Otherwise, everything will instantly burn. By the same scheme works the Galactic Ray transmission.

Passing successively through the cascading system of Portals-Spiritual Suns, the vibration of the Galactic Ray is equalized, lowered, and adapted to the lower level. The most attenuated vibration is received by our Sun.

But even this vibration for earthlings is beyond the limit, so the Sun still lowers it and only then transmits it to the Earth’s core (and to other planets in the Solar system) through the North Pole.

The Galactic Ray spent by analogy with the air consumed by man is withdrawn through the South Pole and goes back in reverse.

This is how the Galactic Energy Cycle functions in our Local Universe.

It used to be that way. There were many pros and cons of this scheme. The main advantages are listed above.

And the disadvantages are that under the Dark Civilizations influence, each Logos – the Spiritual Sun – could bring negative, aggressive, and destructive programs to the Galactic Ray.

These civilizations openly interfered in our evolution and were present on Earth in various guises.

After June 21, 2020, there will no longer be an intermediate, cascading system of Spiritual Suns in the New Matrix of our Local Universe.

It is replaced by a single-Solar System when our main Spiritual Sun will be the Core of the Galaxy (Galactic Logos).

The assimilation of the Galactic Ray will be carried out directly, both through our Solar Logos – Helios (RA), and straightforwardly by the Earth.

The culmination of the restart and direct receipt of the Galactic Ray was scheduled for June 21, 2020.

The Hierarchy of the Absolute, the Evolutionary Council, and other Light structures of our Local Universe made a tremendous preparatory work for receiving the first pulse of a new Galactic Ray, for implanting on a quantum level a Galactic Crystal with new strongest positive energies, information, and programs that the Dark Forces couldn’t withstand.

But at the last moment, Absolute postponed the entire operation, which will be covered separately later.

August 8 Meditation  - Portals


August 8 Meditation

The head of the Light Forces ground team, who has a long-standing connection with Sirius, took part in the deactivation of the Sirius Spiritual Solar infrastructure on Earth.

The work was carried out in conjunction with the Galactic Committee and The Higher Light Hierarchy.

First, the Keepers of the Sirius Planetary Aspects gathered them together, then handed them over to the LFs’ team leader, integrating them into his multidimensional bodies.

Next was their evacuation from Earth to the “homeland” and transfer to the Guardians of the Sirius Logos.

During the following days, the Higher Light Hierarchy performed a colossal global work to deactivate the entire system of Spiritual Suns of the Earth, which included the Star Logos of Sirius, Alcyone (Pleiades), Vega, the Polar Star Kynosoura, Arcturus.

August 8 Meditation  - Sun Earth Sirius Alignment

Sun Earth Sirius Alignment

August 8 Meditation

The next stage was the deactivation of the additional, auxiliary Spiritual Solar System of the Earth, known as the zodiac.

In this way, our planet was completely cut off from the energies and links of the Old Matrix.

Often the Spiritual Sun and earthlings had to “pay” for this too high a price – the introduction of Dark Civilizations to the Earth.

Now the planet has been spared from this, although the consequences will still be felt.

On July 11-12, 2020, the first powerful injection of a new portion of the Absolute Substance into our Local Universe took place.

The introduction of this New Substance is carried out as part of the Absolute Project to Absolutize the entire Local Universe.

Absolute Substance came in several waves through the New Absolute Sun at 14D. This event was called the New Absolute Prominence.

The reception of the New Absolute Substance was carried out by those higher forms of Absolutelike Minds that can assimilate it.

The Absolut Substance cannot simply be thrown into nowhere. Ordinary matter can, but Its Substance can’t.

It must have recipients – the Minds that can withstand it, structure it, keep some of it for themselves (for example, to increase the Monad’s volume), and redirect the rest to the Higher Pleromic echelons of our Local Universe.

The New Absolute Prominence release took place alongside the beginning of the Absolute Earth – Absolutelike Planetary Logos at 14D. Much of the Absolute Substance was used to form the Earth 14D.

The creation of the Absolute Earth was prepared a long time ago, but the start of the practical implementation of this grandiose project together with the Absolute began only now.

The Spiritual Heart – the core of the Planetary Logos of Earth 14D – will consist of the combined aspect of Gaia and the Absolute.

All this initiated a number of changes in the structure of the Continuum Absolutovers-Gaia 3-14D. The unified field of Absolutovers-Gaia was reformatted and a new equator was created in this field – its median, equilibrium value – at the level of 6+D.

Our 3D Earth is transformed from an ultra-short-range dimension of 3.9-3.99D to a full-format dimensional continuum. After all, the convolution, the compression of its existential range to the level of 3.9D was performed exclusively in preparation for the 3D convolution.

So in July 2020, a downward sweep of the Earth’s 3D existential Continuum was performed from 3.9D to 3.65D. On August 02, 2020, it was lowered to 3.55D. Thus, 3.55D is our new bottom of dimensionality.

But this is not the limit, it will be lowered further.

One might ask: How so? After all, the roughness of matter in 3.5D and below is very high, how will Absolute Light, Absolute Substance get there?

Very simply. The energy field of our Earth 3D is slowly but surely moving along the path of full-fledged entry into the Absolute Gaia, therefore, it will consist of a substance of fundamentally new quality – “Gaia Substance”.

It will have completely different properties that will more than compensate for the apparent coarseness of matter.

That is, 3.2D will be a comfortable zone for living and implementing the plan of the Absolute.

In the new formula of our Local Universe Matter, the entropy will be COMPLETELY ABSENT.

The Time and Space Substances are endowed with other non-entropic properties.

Thus, rough linear three-dimensional Time, from a ruthless and deadly destroyer of Matter (aging, decay) becomes our friend and helper.

This factor opens up truly limitless prospects for the worlds of rough dimensions including 1D and 2D.

The New Matrix is now largely “masked” under the Old Matrix.

That is, it virtually supports a number of its formats, programs, decorations, and scenarios.

This is unavoidable and necessary to create the appearance, the illusion of an established World Order.

This is necessary to temporarily maintain the stability of the System. Otherwise, it would inevitably be complete chaos.

Imagine if the present World Order suddenly collapses in an instant, with all its though destructive, imperfect superstructures (financial, economic, political, social, etc.), but still providing certain stability.

Therefore, the New Matrix temporarily and partially supports the basic structures of the Old Matrix. In particular, in the egregors sphere.

The main egregors now exist in a virtual format.

That is, they are there, and at the same time, they are not. But that is not all the changes.

(To be continued).

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