Attacks and Blocked IP Top 6 Ukraine US 17-24 April

Attacks and Blocked IP Top 6 Ukraine US 17-24 April

Attacks and Blocked IP Top 6 Ukraine US 17-24 April.

This is to give you the sense of what is being attacked from a website point of view, this is our. The table above shows the data for the last week.

The day before the massive meditation on February 26th, failing to succed with Brute Force attacks, thanks to the arrangements we took, they have tried to load the server with an incredible amount traffic, and have been able to put the server down for few minutes.

Thanks to donations and some advertising revenue we have increased the power available for processor and the RAM to make it even more complicated, for those who hate us so badly (we can assume the Cabal and the Trollers), to be able to close our mouth.

The number of attacks that the table shows is impressive, in just one week more than 4,000 from a single Ukrainian IP … clearly there is no will by anyone to block this IP, it would be very simple, it would probably take 15 minutes or maybe even less.

Thanks again for your support, donations, and ads clicks!

P.S. Needless to say, the first 3 Ukrainian IPs have been permanently blocked and will no longer be able to access the server … they will surely find others IPs.

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