Attack of Lemurian Black Magicians

Attack of Lemurian Black Magicians

Attack of Lemurian Black Magicians. By Gabriel RL.

Update June 27th – Attack of Lemurian Black Magicians – FINAL

As a result of the great efforts of the Lightworkers finally all of the old Lemurian was 100% transmuted! This old line was represented by, especially, seven mages remnants of the old Lemuria. Magi who, by personal choice, fell into darkness and were acting on the planet, in the last days, in order to recruit as much as they could for their movements.

They were involved in the Light and, at the moment, being sent to the spaces of Healing and Regeneration. Only one of them will go straight to the galactic Central Sun. For the others, there is a great chance of regeneration, completely.

As a result of their actions, many Lightworkers were heavily bombarded with their influences.

Three of the main negative spokes were:

  1. This is not worth it; I’m just getting tired
  2. None of this is true.
  3. Everyone just wants to take advantage of me.


Some resisted these onslaughts, others, unfortunately, failed. Anyway, there was a great learning and expansion. And speaking of expansion, other Lightworkers were called to internalize and leave the scene temporarily, to recover from the bombardments and to return more expanded in consciousness and Light. Everything always has a great purpose.

I am reporting all this, not to scare, but simply to show the power we have in transmuting strong heavy currents which, as we know, are coming to the surface to be transmuted into the purest Light.

I thank all those who have dedicated themselves to this elevation. Most important of all is that those who have resisted and have become stronger and expanded, and even more headlights for “those who are coming“. Those who, at the moment, have not resisted, and have chosen to listen to the onslaughts, will also come back stronger at some point, remembering their Inner Light and ability to transform everything that is not Light, into Light. All this, with the “passing of this wave“, will begin to fall in itself and to review certain attitudes. Those who chose to internalize will be graced with inner sweetness, and also a greater fortification for the tasks ahead.

Update June 27th – Attack of Lemurian Black Magicians Trasmutation Almost Completed

The Pleiadians asked to inform that about 65% of those of the old Lemurian track have already been completely transmuted.

The first positive signs are that those severely affected will begin to feel great relief and empowerment. Those who let themselves get carried away by these waves, will begin to return to themselves and to review some attitudes.

All this is a result of the positive movements of all Lightworkers who saw my first message and intensified their meditations and positive intentions so that these old forces would be completely dissolved in the Light.

More update to follow.

Update June 26th – Attack of Lemurian Black Magicians Rejected

The siege is closing with the Forces of Light advancing lovingly over the old Lemurian priests

There was, until the end of yesterday, an intensive action that drained several Lightworkers to the point that they could not get out of bed. In this pahse, the Forces of Light intensified their projections and made them drastically retreat.

A Crystalline Grid was formed thanks to the intensity of the Lightworkers who saw my post yesterday and by the end of the day, most likely this negative force will have been transmuted completely.

Thank you, always! Gabriel RL

Posted on June 25th

There is a Dark Forces attack on the PVSE Group. A group of former Lemurian Priests who collapsed to the invading forces of darkness, which at that time came from outside the galaxy, returned. Of course, everything follows a higher plane.

They, then, influenced by outer darkness became black magicians. They are now acting on the surface of the Planet, and especially those who have been incarnated with them in ancient Lemuria.

Of course, not everyone will be affected. Keeping oneself in the Light and centered in your hearts will ensure the transmutation of that energy.

Don’t be scared! This is part of a higher plane. I call in Love all the Phalanges of the PVSE Groups and the like to gather in powerful meditation to aid in the elevation of these forces. Information has been passed on to me by the Pleiadians.

Gabriel RL

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