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At The Multidimensional Door

At The Multidimensional Door

At The Multidimensional Door – Q&A with Lev.

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Q  You mention 40 days after death/burial, ok maybe it was Pacal thing you were referring to, but there is this thing with 40 days in some cultures, I’m not sure what it means though… indeed what does happen to our soul after passing?

At The Multidimensional Door

Q  On what day does a person’s Soul go to the worlds dropping all bodies? …Does this mean that the Soul does not sit at the grave in the cemetery for tens of years… Is it bad if a person was cremated or is it important to be instilled – for the Soul?
Star Soul

At The Multidimensional Door

Q  Why people who become parents hate their children all their lives curse them and then constantly say why I gave birth to you and I repent that you were born to me. And the child, even becoming an adult, becomes unhappy with these parents and also thinks why I was born with these. It turns out that they do not give a choice to be born to someone else, but on the contrary, they want a lot of negativity and suffering in this incarnation of this child and parents?
Star Soul

At The Multidimensional Door

Q  Is the cremation of the body good to free the soul? What is the best way to discharge the ashes of the deceased loved one?

At The Multidimensional Door

Q  And I go out of the darkened soul and a lot of karma in life. And I’m stuck in the grave… what a mess.
Star Soul

At The Multidimensional Door

At The Multidimensional Door - Chakras Earth Space
Chakras – Earth – Space

At The Multidimensional Door


We are not only a physical body. We are the energy for our bodies. Thoughts, memory, consciousness, soul, spirit, all this is us.

What happens to us when the heart stops and the flesh dies?

The flesh is connected with all our energy bodies, soul, and spirit by a “silver” or energy thread. As soon as the thread breaks (but does not tear to the end), the heart stops and the body dies.

At this moment, our perception of the surrounding space moves to the first Subtle Plan layer – the Etheric one.

At The Multidimensional Door - Muladhara

At The Multidimensional Door

Root Chakra

The etheric body corresponds to the first energy center – Root Chakra (Muladhara). It is connected with the work and perception of the body, the feeling of pain and pleasure. It is located in the coccyx.

The open and properly functioning root chakra increases the will to live, gives a sense of confidence, reliability and stability of position. From here, life energy comes, and the love of life awakens. It is a source of strength for active action and inner stability. A person with an open root chakra always has an inner rest, lives an intense creative life, has a desire to act, is successful in business.

If the chakra is damaged or blocked, the we become insecure and painful. The closed root chakra does not let energy pass into our body and locks it energetically. The consequences are unhealthy nutrition, i.e. excess weight. Propensity to compulsive purchases. Closeness in sex. Until complete rejection or frigidity.

Energy deficiency leads to health problems, especially musculoskeletal disorders. To the diseases associated with blood, with a lack of immunity. We constantly feel psychological dissatisfaction, which does not allow us feel happy.

The etheric body belongs to the world of atoms and electrons. It is an exact copy of a physical body, only 6-12 cm larger and weighs about nine grams. Therefore, after cardiac arrest, the physical body becomes lighter.

Etheric, astral, and mental bodies leave the physical through the top of the head and remain on the etheric Plan for three days.

A torn but still, binding “silver” thread allows us to feel everything that happens to the physical body. If it is damaged, embalmed, or cremated before three days, we feel real pain.

The purpose of our stay on this Plan in the etheric body is as follows. While we are here, it is possible as a spectator of a three-dimensional film to view in the smallest details of a picture of lived life. From the moment we die to the moment we are born in an accelerated mode.
These pictures are perceived without worry. What is seen settles in the information core of the soul, which then moves to other bodies and their corresponding spaces.

All this is necessary so that the experience for which we lived this life is not lost. After all, this is the main purpose of our incarnation on Earth.
On the third day after death, the thread that connects the physical, etheric, and astral bodies is finally torn. The etheric body remains close to the physical body at a distance of about two meters.

On a ninth day, it completely decomposes, becoming food for the beings of the etheric Plan, and ceases to exist. In cemeteries, in places of recent burial, in the twilight, one can observe a weak phosphorescent glow. This is a decomposing etheric bodies.

At The Multidimensional Door - Swadhisthana

At The Multidimensional Door

Umbilical Chakra

The second stage of the journey to the Subtle Plan is the processing of dependencies.

Our perception focuses on the emotional body and its space. It is the body of the lower astral. The Umbilical Chakra (Swadhisthana) is set on it.

If this Sacral Chakra is open and works harmoniously, it is reflected in the satisfaction and charisma of the individual.

A person feels true feelings, behaves calmly, truthfully and naturally, is passionate about his business, successful in sexual life, liberated, full of strength and trusts his instincts.

Blocking the sacral chakra most often occurs in childhood, due to deep psychological trauma. In adulthood, the sexual chakra is closed when there is no physical proximity, which in turn leads to a blockage of natural emotionality.

Especially deep closes the sacral chakra is a rough suppression of sexuality in the transitional age. As a result, a person may become impulsive and later sexually unhealthy, lose joy in life, plunge into endless depression, often feeling hatred, obsessed with jealousy or even sadism.

But this is not all. The sacral chakra is responsible for the creative flow. Its blockage leads to the impossibility to manifest their creative potential. It is difficult to realize and find your destiny.

And most importantly, blocking the Sacred Chakra leads to a lack of self-acceptance, a lack of awareness of its value. No love for oneself.

By switching to this Plan, the soul begins to process the addictions acquired in life. For example, alcoholism, gluttony, drugs, sexual addiction, and others.

All of them on this Plan cause great suffering. Because of the lack of a dense body that quenches the feeling in the physical world, emotions are exacerbated dozens of times.

Here one can easily reproduce the taste of alcohol and food. Try a drug drive. Move to the field of sexual vibrations with a huge number of lustful creatures, but without the possibility to be sated.

This is a vicious circle, where passions born of dependencies are endlessly intensified, and the saturation does not occur.

As long as the soul feels earthly desires, it will get stuck on this Plan and suffer emotionally again and again.

All this is study and experience. All these torments are invested in soul so that in the next life will manifest in us as knowledge or wisdom.
The suicides, getting on this Plan, feel even more horror. First, they discover that they continue to exist and that their suffering has not ended, but on the contrary, has increased. Second, the space in the energy body where the flesh was supposed to be is empty.

The prototype of the earthly body in the mental twin continues to exist as a hollow form. The soul experiences agony for as long as the physical body should have lived.

Suicides do not rise up after receiving a dose of suffering measured by them to higher Plans but are thrown from it to Earth, receiving ugly bodies, a bad family. Or they incarnate themselves in the body of animals for the learning to appreciate life and understand: all the suffering and troubles that happen to them, they create themselves. With their stupidity.

Our physical body is a Source’s tool to know Itself. We have no right to kill it. It is not ours.

Mistakes made in life give us the opportunity to learn, to understand in practice our wrong. We have to be honest with ourselves. Be able to recognize the wrong of our actions. Take responsibility for the acts committed. To change after sincere repentance.

As long as the soul clings to earthly dependencies, it will be stuck on this Plan. Only after purification it will be able to rise to the next level.

At The Multidimensional Door - Manipura

At The Multidimensional Door

Third Chakra

Emotions are processed on this astral floor. The Third Chakra (Manipura) is set on its space. It is located in the spine, above the navel, approximately at the level of solar plexus.

In life, this center manages our earthly desires, feelings of hunger, fear, laziness. Here is the place of our ego, which thinks only about personal gain. His emotions are dictated by a consumerist, captivating instinct. Many people think and live only by these desires.

If the chakra works harmoniously, a person is distinguished by courage, great self-esteem, sociability, openness, the ability to manage other people and take responsibility. 

If the 3rd chakra is balanced, then the person is active, assertive, has a strong character, quickly finds his place in life, knows how to properly combine intelligence with emotions, accepts and forgives other people’s weaknesses.

When the 3rd chakra is blocked, it is reflected in the form of weakness, constant discontent, a feeling of unreasonable anxiety, insomnia, jealousy and anger. Violations of the solar plexus chakra almost always lead to anger and low self-esteem. A person is extremely dissatisfied and constantly thinks about success, depending on his weaknesses.

Three days after death, on this Plan, we again see a holographic film from death to birth. But now we perceive it with our emotions.

Every episode where we humiliated, insulted, deceived someone, and caused pain… We acutely feel what all those people who suffered from our dishonesty, cruelty, intolerance, greed, rapacity, daring, humiliation, and insults felt.

However, our feelings are ten times more painful due to the lack of a dense physical body that quenches the acuteness of emotions.

Time in this Plan flows faster. Therefore, the soul perceives its disgraceful deeds more tragic, and this further enhances its experience.

All these sufferings are also put off in the soul and remain there forever. It is thanks to them that the experienced soul, which has gone through the torments, learning from its mistakes, is filled with wisdom. In subsequent lives, it manifests itself as intuitive knowledge and understanding of how to do the right thing.

In no case should we confuse the agony of conscience and the state of false guilt, born of pride, the desire to arouse pity or increased attention to others.

If a person consciously goes against conscience and justice to achieve selfish goals, he will certainly be punished in life because his heart will not be able to generate and receive vibrations of pure joy and Love.

After the physical death, the torments on the lower astral Plane will be intensified hundreds of times, if in life a person does not repent and will not change. This is the Law of the Universe.

In the Local Universe, our Planet is viewed as a training base for the most elite unit of Warriors carrying Love and Light.

Earth is one of the few places in space where extreme methods of education are applied. It is very difficult to get here. Many souls want to be born on this planet, but very few are selected.

Therefore, life is a school where the soul, gaining practical experience, develops such qualities as wisdom, will, and Love.

Depending on the results of earthly affairs, the soul may not rise from this plan to higher astral Plans but will be sent back to Earth for further education, to stay here the time allotted to her, and be able to then rise higher.

The pure soul, who has worked out its lessons, passes the lower worlds and immediately rises into the layers of higher astral.

This Plan is an intermediate one. It contains the absolute majority of people who led an ordinary life.

These are not aggressive people. They do not abuse alcohol, are not drug addicts, and are not gluttonous. They can be educated, cultural, sports enthusiasts. They are good workers and moderate careerists. Have moral principles.

Their life goals are simple and clear to many people: to create a family, raise children, buy a house, a car, and dress well. To be no worse than others.

They do not ask questions: Who are we? Where are we from? Where are we going? What have we come to this world for?

They often look arrogantly at those who do not follow their way of life. But behind the mask of arrogance is uncertainty and panic fear of change. It is easier for them to die than to change.

Their souls, after death, are caught on the intermediate layer, gray and sad in feelings. Here begins the agony of monotony. Their usual way of life is completely scattered.

The goals they are used to on Earth are absent here. It is not necessary to support a family, to go to work because there is no money and no need. There is no need to take care of the house, garden, run around shopping. There is nothing to occupy their usual feelings and desires.

Hopelessness, sadness, and monotony are all that surrounds them. This torture lasts endlessly until the soul changes so much that in the next incarnation it pushes them to know themselves and their spiritual development.

Atheists and materialists who expected nothing after death and their consciousness will be destroyed, suddenly discover that they continue to be. Hopes that everything is about to end do not help.

If there is no understanding of the cause of suffering, the souls do not rise into the layers of higher astral. When the time of stay in the intermediate layer ends, they are given a new destiny on Earth. They are born in heavier conditions, sicker or uglier bodies.

New life atheists often get in the bodies of pets, as because of their hardness they have a broken connection between spirit and soul. Suffering, received in this state, pushes them to spiritual development, understanding of the Divine.

At The Multidimensional Door - Anahata

At The Multidimensional Door

Hearth Chakra

The next stage of ascent is the sphere of the fourth energy center – the heart (Anahata).

It generates vibrations of gratuitous unconditional Love. Its middle astral body is also transitional.

If the heart chakra is open and works harmoniously, then a person at this level can already feel unconditional Divine Love.

It means to love for love and not to wait for anything. We become open, sensual, socially responsible, proactive, strive to transform the world for the better, believe in ourselves, perceive Creation as part of Divine Love.

The active Heart Chakra helps to perceive the beauty of works of art and other creations as brightly and fully as possible, gives the deepest feeling of joy of life and sympathy to those who suffer, frees them from conditionality and vain expectations, gives openness and cordial affection to others.

When the heart chakra is blocked, the person loses the sense of justice. His feelings and participation are superficial, because the emotional wounds prevent him from finding love in himself. Such people can’t give love and can’t accept it, because they are subconsciously sure and don’t deserve love.

Because of the wrong work of the heart chakra, we become indifferent, withdrawn, painfully jealous, obsessed with the fear of losing a loved one. On the spiritual level, the blockage of the heart chakra is expressed in the form of constant problems in relationships, in a sense of loneliness, intolerance and heartlessness.

On the border of the Planes of the Lower and Higher Astral, the influence of the most powerful predator on Earth – the egregore of suffering – ends. Overcoming it is not an easy task. It is within the control of a man with a pure, loving heart and unbending will.

Further there are the layers of higher astral. If the lower one is purgatory, the higher one is a prototype of the biblical paradise.

At The Multidimensional Door - Vishuddha

At The Multidimensional Door

Fifth Chakra

The vibrations of the Fifth Chakra (Vishuddha) correspond to the first layer of the higher astral. It is located in the lower part of the neck, in the jugular fossa. This center controls the will, abstract thinking, power of the word.

The open and harmoniously functioning throat chakra allows person to feel full satisfaction with himself and the world, to be completely open and sincere. The man is incredibly harmonious in his life and, thanks to his virtuoso ability to communicate, he can afford to be himself. He fearlessly expresses his thoughts and feelings. At the same time, he does not forget to accept others as they are. He argues with pleasure, but only to find the truth. Knows how to listen.

If the throat chakra is blocked, there is constriction, pathological insecurity, decline of spirit and even stammering. A person doubts his feelings, does not trust intuition, and therefore loses the most important connection with his subconscious.

A heavy state manifests itself in the form of an unfounded sense of guilt, in groundless fears – it completely disrupts normal communication, reduces activity and leads to complete isolation. We become extremely self-centered, lose touch with our true nature, are terribly afraid of any criticism, carefully hide our true feelings, compensating it with a good game in public.

On this Plane our soul is once again shown the scenes of a lived life. But their content is different. We are shown the events when we unselfishly helped other people, were fair, acted in conscience, gave unconditional Love.

Here a person is in the state of the highest spiritual pleasure. His feelings are joined by the feelings of people who felt gratitude for good deeds. So everything we do for others, we do for ourselves.

In this space, pure aspirations and searches for the soul are fully realized. It is a place of rest, where there are no sickness, sorrow, pain, suffering. With our thoughts, we can build houses, paint pictures, compose music…

Here everything is harmonious and absolutely real. Everything is the same as on the Physical Plan, but only colors, sounds, emotions, and sensations are much brighter, sharper, much wider.

The soul gains new knowledge here and freely realizes its creative potential. It is filled with the joy and happiness of this world. Their quintessence is transformed into wisdom and Love.

In subsequent lives, wisdom keeps from wrong actions, vindictiveness, tightness, greed, meanness, hatred, as the result of such actions brings pain and suffering. Wisdom is manifested through conscience, empathy, decency. These are the beacons of our stay on Earth.

On the fortieth day dies the astral body. This applies only to those who have become spiritually advanced and there is no need for them to stay for a long time on the lowest plans for further study.

The empty shells of the left astral bodies disintegrate. Their atoms go to build Thin bodies of other people at the time of birth. Forty days is called the second death.

At The Multidimensional Door - Ajna

At The Multidimensional Door

Brow Chakra

After it, the soul goes up to the second floor of the highest astral. The vibrations of the sixth – mental center Brow Chakra (Ajna) are set on it. This chakra is located in the pineal gland area.

If the Brow Chakra is open, all spiritual energies circulate freely. This creates the ability to soberly assess the situation and intuitively understand what is happening. This is the center of Truth. There is an emotional understanding, the ability to bring to life creative ideas. A person with developed imaginative thinking in his consciousness goes far beyond the material world. He easily cognizes the world around him with all its complexities.


The energy used by clairvoyants and psychics is concentrated in this center.

The active work of the inter-brow chakra reveals to us information about the existence of higher realities. It allows us the life-affirming meaning to others. We can easily concentrate on tasks and are quickly released for everything new.

When the brow chakra is blocked, then we lose the ability to emotional and intuitive thinking – intellect and reason prevail. Such inferiority does not allow us perceiving the world in its entirety – everything is measured and comprehended only by means of precise measurement and analysis. People with such circumcised thinking are usually called narrow and impenetrable.

The developed mental center helps to radiate the highest Love and to be in this state. It is responsible for telepathy, clairvoyance, receiving information from the Higher Self.

The soul goes to this level in complete peace, without fear. A great silence without beginning and without end. All is one. There is no observer or observed. No Higher Self. There is a presence in everything and now.

This is not the limit of climbing, but only one of the stages of self-discovery. A place of peace and rest.

On this Plane, the soul continues learning under the guidance of teachers and mentors. It learns to create physical bodies, animals, and people. It learns the structure of plants, minerals, planets.

Here the soul creates its own physical body for a new birth on Earth. Gets the experience of the Creator.

For the souls that are just beginning to gain experience on our planet, their physical bodies are created by the Light Beings. That is why newborn babies are beautiful, strong, and healthy. Otherwise, it will be difficult for them to survive, because their practical experience on Earth is insignificant or completely absent. Such young souls do not have accumulated wisdom. There is no developed channel with the Higher Self.

It often turns out that in the adult life they have nothing but appearance. Or ignorance, primitivism, a pronounced instinct of predator and consumer. As soon as they begin to accumulate negative karma, their bodies, and health collapse. This is also done for educating.

Therefore, only we are responsible for everything that happens to us. There is no point in blaming parents, fate, time, and place of birth. We always get only what we deserve.

At The Multidimensional Door - Sahasrara

At The Multidimensional Door

Seventh Chakra

Having passed the necessary enlightenment on this Plan, the soul goes to the next – third layer of higher astral. It is tuned to the seventh (crown) chakra above the top of the head (Sahasrara). It is open upwards and connects us with the Universe. Transmits Universal knowledge and wisdom.

It does not belong to any material element. It influences the work of the brain and pituitary gland, binds us to our destiny. The crown center works like a personal compass, guiding us along the life path.

The 7th chakra emits energy that attracts or repels people depending on their life destiny.

The coronation center connects us with Higher Self, reveals our spiritual potential, saturates the creative energy.

It is the center of all-embracing understanding. Here meet the intellectual, emotional and intuitive, the boundary between the Earthly and cosmic spirit is blurred.

If the crown chakra is completely open, we feel the fullness of existence. But very few people manage to reach this level. In this case, all the chakras should be open. A person in this state feels indescribable joy and strength. All who have achieved this, believe that they have received an invaluable Divine gift. This is the highest stage of enlightenment, the deepest level of Love for everything that exists in the universe.

The crown chakra cannot be consciously managed. To activate it, full dedication, including the change of habitual lifestyle, is necessary.

In addition to the material world, we begin to see and understand the Divine plan, get the ability to include it in our life path.

The crown chakra cannot be blocked in principle. It may be undeveloped or underdeveloped. As a rule, a person is prevented from reaching this level by undeveloped lower chakras, self-control and self-limitation – there is a lack of true faith, selflessness, purity and nobility of soul. A person with pure conscience and pure soul can almost always develop the crown chakra.

At The Multidimensional Door - Chakras and Universe

Chakras and Universe

At The Multidimensional Door

On the physical level undeveloped 7th chakra is expressed in weak immunity, in sleep disturbance. A person is often nervous, has chronic diseases. Spiritually – arrogant, unceremonious, abusing the power, losing the meaning of life and going to fictional worlds.

The crown chakra includes us into the energy of the Earth and Local Universe, controls our thoughts and actions.

This Subtle Plane’s floor is also transitional. Here we rest in full harmony and gain strength for the next ascent in other dimensions or birth on Earth. Before the incarnation on the planet, we are shown the events through which we have to pass for further development.

We still have free will, decision freedom how to behave in this or that situation, and, consequently, the corresponding scenario of life. This is the only way we can learn to take responsibility for our actions. Only practical experience can teach us something. And only it can eventually transform into wisdom, which is the quality of the soul.

This is the only way we can learn from the past, change the present and build our future.

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