Ashtar Urgent Announcement

Ashtar Urgent Announcement

Ashtar Urgent Announcement. By Neva/Gabriel RL.

Greetings, Family! It’s good to be here again.

I know that many of you are still concerned, you are still afraid of the whole situation right now on Earth.


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I ask you to reassure your hearts, to harmonize your minds. Everything will be fine! September… October… They are great energetic markers, and you will begin to feel relief from many pressures right at these points.

I want you to know, yes, of our presence, of our support, but I want you to also assume, each day, your inner strength. I want you to recognize yourself as the Great Masters, as the Great Galactics in the same way as we see you.

Many of you look at the sky, waiting for our presence and landing. Family, you are also as important as you think we are. Start looking at yourself this way too. Do not underestimate yourself. Don’t think to be so small and insignificant.

Ashtar Urgent Announcement - Great Galactics

Great Galactics

Ashtar Urgent Announcement

DNit Telegram Channel

You have a great responsibility on the planet and this responsibility obviously does not need to be seen or felt as a demand, but as something that will empower you, give you more strength, give you more courage, give you more determination because many will look for you. Many will still look at you.

And as I have said so many times: your gaze will reassure them, and this is such an appropriate time, while the world, while so many souls are looking for this tranquility. While so many souls are looking for peace, for balance, for harmony, I want you to be this beacon.

Ashtar Urgent Announcement - Wave


Ashtar Urgent Announcement

In fact, I want you to recognize yourself and see yourself in this way, because, in fact, you are already like that. In fact, you are already this beacon. Look yourself in the mirror. Empower yourself and do not fear.

Do not fear this to be related to vanity because your soul, your spirit, the purity of your spirit will not allow you to connect with the low frequencies of vanity and arrogance. I am talking about something that is above all that in a crystalline way.

These are important times, and know that we are as active as we need to be.

Do not forget that you represent us on the physical plane as we represent you up here, across the Galaxy.

See and continue to see us as your brothers and sisters, not as your saviors, but as partners, collaborators and brothers who are here to help out.

And that’s what we’ve been doing. Although often your linear senses, your human limitations, your emotions, your sadness, your fears, your uncertainties and insecurities together make you, sometimes, look up and question: why don’t you give us help?

We are here and we are doing our part in the best way that we can. And we count on you doing the same on the physical plane.

I, Ashtar, have already given my word that this world, that this planet will not go through a *third nuclear war. That this civilization will not be extinguished and that those who, for eons, wished for this are under my responsibility. Let me handle this.

And so it is!


His brother,



* There was factional warfare in etheric and physical, but only World War II reverberated directly on the surface. Most people are unaware that there were nuclear explosions in the etheric plane, both in the first and in the second world war, and they were held back, as much as possible, for not to hit the surface, but there was a “splashing” of the second in the attack of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Even in the first war, there were nuclear explosions in the etheric of the planet. Ashtar quotes it this way because, in a way, it was nuclear wars, and that was one of the main reasons he came personally to help resolve this. And a third (nuclear) war was the dark plans to bring, in the end, all nuclear destruction power to the surface, which we know, clearly, that this is completely out of question.


Ashtar Urgent Announcement

Ashtar December 2018 – Potential For The Year 2019

Ashtar December 2018 – Potential For The Year 2019

Greetings, Family! It’s good to be here one more time. Here we are,, my dear ones closing another cycle. Walking towards more endings and, of course, openings. We have few things to deal with here, direct and objective things. As always, on every year end there is an infinity of energies circling the Earth and this both in your calendar or in any other calendar on the Planet. In this message I will be addressing more directly to you, reading now, while other channels on the Planet also deliver my message corresponding to the year end of those calendars, but here I speak to you, Gregorians.

Massive Sightings – Pleiadians and Ashtar Command

Massive Sightings – Pleiadians and Ashtar Command

A wave of Pleiadian and Ashtar Command ships are being seen all over the country (Brazil) and around the world. This is the result of the breaking of barriers and the removal of many non-confederated forces from the High, Middle, and Lower Earth Orbits.

Guidlines For Now Ashtar – September 2018

Guidlines For Now Ashtar – September 2018

Greetings! We are the Ashtar Command! We have seen how you have asked several particular questions about some movements both on the physical plane in which you reside, and in the spiritual areas. Of course, you also know that we, at all times, ensure that the greatest amount of information/answers come to you through via various means, and regardless of how you react or not to those answers, whether or not they resonate with your particular truth, we send them because we know and feel that your deepest Self is prepared to receive them.

Three Important Points To Know – Ashtar

Three Important Points To Know – Ashtar

Greetings, Family! It’s good to be here one more time. How are you? Are you noticing how you are dealing with the new frequencies that come to you every day? I just want to tell you briefly about it. Lets see, all these high frequencies that have come to you, you have worked on three basic points

Sleeping Patterns Food Biological Adjustment – Ashtar

Sleeping Patterns Food Biological Adjustment – Ashtar

Greetings, Family! It’s good to be here one more time. As always, very happy to receive from Cosmos the opportunity of a more direct energy exchange with you, my beloved Earth Family. I always wonder if you have any idea of ​​the luminosity that you manifest simply with a smile, a loving, empowered, determined gesture. Yes, dear ones, you light up this Planet with your presences; you make us smile with every gesture, even those harder gestures, when you lose your patience with life, and even with us 😀

Message from Ashtar – June 12 2018

Message from Ashtar – June 12 2018

This is an official transmission from your galactic federation of light, your 5D Commander Ashtar. Dear ones, we are sending out this notice with much gratitude for the work that you have done in reporting the progress of the Ascension Event. We are very pleased to say that the tide is turning. We are almost to the level of Christ Consciousness needed to lift the veil, remove the barrier that has been holding the galactic family back. At this current moment we have reached and gotten to the farthest of our mission in liberating Gaia and eliminating the illusion that has been holding all humans from fully awakening.

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