Ashtar June 6 2018


June 2 2018

Ashtar June 2 2018.

Members have been cloned, the clones are being set up to divide the groups that are working to free Gaia.

You will not understand or know the difference between a clone and a human, you will start to get impressions in your mind that make you feel like this these missions are not real.

You will start questioning your leader between the groups, when you feel this know that one of the team members that you’re working with is a clone.

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Clones cannot accept the Orb, do frequent calls and have everyone accept the Orb, if your team members cannot connect with Command Center and the Galactics your are being infiltrated.

You must ensure that you are doing your proper affirmations, refer back to the Universal Mother, she has been named, there is no more question who the 3D Universal Mother is, you must connect to the the 5D Command Center and accept your mission.

Many alternate media outlet have been compromised or are under review at this time, brothers and sisters do not question what we have done so far, the fail-safes are out there and they’re searching for low vibrations within the 144.

We are doing our best to protect you, but we can’t do more if you are not doing your affirmations at least three times a day.

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Each and every one of you are dear to us, we cannot afford to lose any more, you must spread compassion and love and forgiveness that is why you came here.

Shed your 3D attachments, there are many that have been following you that understand your pain and your suffering.

Mother Divinity cries out for the pain she feels inside of each one of you but she knows that you are all warriors and you are trained.

We are starting to do major upgrades to all of your avatars but if you do not accept your Orb then there is not a lot more than we can do.

“I Accept the Energy Placed Over My Head”


Mother Divinity, Universal Mother Divinity has put articles for you to be able to clean out the blocks that you have, her team has been hit hard, like yours, but they are fighting, none of us will give up.

The waves are coming, relief will be here but you must band together, brothers and sisters, there are more of you than you know.

The Galactics thank you for your service and your undying loyalty to the cause but we are losing people because we cannot shed the 3D attachments.

You’re not human, you are part of an elite group of warriors that chose to come here to liberate Gaia and her people.

You know what you must do, the Universal Mother Divinity waits for you all, your brothers and sisters wait for you as well, we will be victorious!


Victory of the Light!


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God does not play dice with the universe.

Albert Einstein

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