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Ashtar Command News! - January 2 2022

Ashtar Command News!

January 2 2022

Ashtar Command News! – January 2 2022 – By Neva (Gabriel RL)

We speak from Alpha Jerusalem (Mother Ship). We communicate directly, at this time, through Neva (Gabriel RL).

We are grateful for such a transmission.

We have been in intense activity for the past few months especially on all the moons of your Solar System.

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We are doing an intense sweeping and dismantling of any and all bases and/or remnants of them, of those who still want to violently remove them from your bodies (kill).

All of our activities throughout the Solar System will cause an intense movement of Special Forces.

There is a large mass of special energy being directed from the Central Sun of your galaxy into your Solar System, and our recent activities will make this mass more easily perceived and felt.

Ashtar Command News! - Special Energy From The Central Sun

Special Energy From The Central Sun

Ashtar Command News!

Certainly, you will notice signs in your skies, especially at dusk or at night, when traces of different luminosities will be perceived by many of you.

These are the Portals that are being opened thanks to this injection of forces from the Galactic Center into your system, in order to open communication channels and high frequency data transmissions to your physical bodies, giving you even more resistance to toxins. present in their environment.

You will also feel some things in your bodies, such as pressure in the head and slight dizziness.

We have been constantly talking to the transmitting channel of the need for special care with your head region – your brain – which, in recent times, has been in great activity and reception of waves from the Cosmic Center.

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Ashtar Command News! - Light Activation Symptoms

Light Activation Symptoms

Ashtar Command News!

Another important issue is that there are still some of those who want you out of the body trying to escape through portals that are trying to open at your poles.

Obviously, there is a Special Guard on board of our Fleets in these regions which will prevent any attempt to escape.

While they try on the one hand, on the other, they try to distract you with media dramas.

Pay attention and don’t fall into its traps.

Ashtar will speak to you more through Raphael (Neva/Gabriel RL) in the coming days about the potentials of your Gregorian Year 2022.

We are excited and happy with yet another advancement of the Human Species as a race into the higher frequencies!

Your planet’s journey continues through the Cosmos and, of course, all of you need to enjoy this moment!

We are in plain sight, and it’s a pleasure to communicate so directly as well!

For those who suspect that this message may really be ours, we invite you to close your eyes and invite us to your presence at the end of the reading or listening…

We are finishing our transmission hoping to have collaborated a little more with our information.

We want you to be free, free from your own fears.

Free from your pain. Free!

We are your Space Family communicating directly with all who truly want to hear from us.

We are the Ashtar Command, through the transmission channel Rafael (Neva/Gabriel RL).

Ashtar Command News! - Higher Frequencies

Higher Frequencies

Ashtar Command News!

Ashtar Command News! – January 2 2022

More by Ashtar

The Spy Bubble – Ashtar Command – Neva

The Spy Bubble – Ashtar Command – Neva

It is important to emphasize once again the intentions of the dark forces that still act on your planet, in order to try to keep you under a condition of oppression and chaos.

2023 Day 1 – Ashtar Command – Neva

2023 Day 1 – Ashtar Command – Neva

Greetings from the Command! We are the transition team. We have been sent to make more direct contact with all of you on the surface of the earth. We come in peace and joy. We are the group in charge of bringing serenity to everyone in this very important moment in your history.

Enhanced DNA Update – Ashtar

Enhanced DNA Update – Ashtar

The Earth continues its journey towards the encounter with its original luminosity and you continue in this carriage of so many learnings, carrying the energy of renewal in your hearts, because this is what has happened, powerfully, in recent times.

2022 And Its Potentials – Ashtar

2022 And Its Potentials – Ashtar

It’s good to be here again. We’re on a new big marker. You have once again managed to pass through a large door. So many times, they who try, have desired your annihilation. They have tried, but without success, to undo their progress so many times, and with no good results for them! At most, some delays that ended up helping us in our dynamics.

Intensified DNA – Phase 1: Observing Dust – Ashtar

Intensified DNA – Phase 1: Observing Dust – Ashtar

Your DNA is being updated in an accelerated way. This is pretty obvious, I know. Much has been going on in the meantime, you know! This was scheduled. This is for you a time of rebirth. Many things are being released from your akashic: Memories, feelings, visions, emotions… everything must come for you to look. You need to look. You won’t be able to keep it in you anymore. I have warned you about this in my most recent messages. It is your time to look deeply at yourself. Nothing else will be hidden in your unconscious.

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