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Ascension Timeline Rebellion - Lisa Renee

Ascension Timeline Rebellion

Ascension Timeline Rebellion – By Lisa Renee

We are living through a great transition and ascension process, from a dark aeon to a new aeon.

Many of the themes that were seeded by dark forces tens of thousands of years ago, of human subjugation and enslavement are being reasserted in an attempt to maintain control.

Yet, most of humanity is unable to connect the dots or consciously participate in collapsing this timeline, as we move toward a collective awakening.

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With the return of Solar Dragon level consciousness and the restoration of many of the Aeonic Couples in our system, our ground crew is strengthened in collaboration with Guardian Host.

Ascension Timeline Rebellion - Collective Awakening

Collective Awakening

Ascension Timeline Rebellion

A tipping point has been reached and through a recent sequence of gridwork projects more detail is being uncovered about humanities true history, design and purpose, as well as those who have tried to harness, desecrate and enslave the various tribes within the angelic human race.

With the return of the 11th Tribe Atlantian Dragon Queen Merida, the Triple Solar Reisha that embodies the original Emerald Founder Records for the Celtic Arthurian Grail Lines, the timeline wars, clearings and spiritual body retrievals have been focused upon the cluster of timeline trigger events that were set into motion during the Ascension Timeline Rebellion approximately 22,000 years ago.

As humanity is completing the timeline trigger events of the Ascension Timeline Rebellion which manifested as the consciousness enslavement of human beings by those intruders that invaded our planet, the shackles of mental bondage connected to mind control transmissions suppressing the Atlantian records are beginning to dissolve.

Awakening humans are at the crossroads in the organic ascension timeline in which they are facing the next stage of the consciousness evolution cycle that includes a newly discovered personal freedom to information that they did not have access to before.

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Ascension Timeline Rebellion - Awakening


Ascension Timeline Rebellion

Thus, the current ‘dark night of the soul’ themes for the collective consciousness are about awakening to the reality of having been enslaved in a consciousness suppression system, throughout the many years of mind control broadcasts of mental bondage and fear based materialistic thoughtforms that are relentlessly propagated in the controllers manufactured death culture and slavery system.

The hidden history of nonhuman entity invasion of the planet during the Ascension Timeline Rebellion that caused the Atlantian Cataclysm and global human slavery, begins to sprout seeds that opens up into the minds of the masses.

As the cellular memories of an advanced human civilization and contact with other galactic faring species start to be seen or experienced in ways that can no longer be ignored, more of the collective fears dissolve.

The inner desire to consciously participate with extracting ourselves away from the master-slave narratives manufactured and run by the death culture is expanding so that choosing love and unity with life and desiring to live in greater harmony with the natural world and others, starts to becomes a much more important value system.

These inner realizations suddenly give us an interest in exploring more deeply the causal events behind what is happening in our world today, inquiring upon the historical events that have led us to co-create civilizations filled with such immense global human suffering and slavery.

When we shift our mental attitudes to make room for prioritizing humanitarian value systems, knowing we are all in this consciousness transition together, we get an effortless boost forward in manifesting our divine purpose, as the universal keys to personally experience true mental, emotional and spiritual freedom are being graciously gifted to us.

The disastrous hidden histories of the Ascension Timeline Rebellion recorded in the planetary matrix from this time period, contain the causal seed event of the Great Thothian Betrayal and subsequent stages of NAA invasion.

When angelic humanity and Earth’s resources first became transactional commodities to be used by the intruder groups, in their well-established galactic slave trading and bartering system.

Yet, because this tragic event began 22,000 years ago and reached its pinnacle during the Atlantian Cataclysm, many humans are totally unaware that we are considered tradeable commodities, both on and off planet.

We have been repeatedly mind wiped, brainwashed and ritually abused to forget who we are from the many cataclysmic resets, DNA unplugging and erroneously absurd historical accounts given to explain away our advanced angelic human culture that existed before we became slaves, after the Ice Age floods.

Thus, the Ascension Timeline Rebellion is a significant marker in the hidden historical timelines of planetary invasion, as it is when assorted NAA factions began to exchange treaties on and off planet, which included the systematic hunting down of Maji Grail line angelic humans for extermination, especially those that were from lineages of the Blue Flame Melchizedek templars protecting the planetary network.

Ascension Timeline Rebellion - Melchizedek


Ascension Timeline Rebellion

There was no warning to hide or prepare, when the Great Thothian Betrayal gave our enemies all they needed to take us over, as the full-scale planetary invasion was launched from the interdimensional planes and space which rained down electromagnetic destruction in the form of fires, explosions, earthquakes and floods.

Directing technological weapons designed for the maximum impact of grid damage and destabilization, unleashed the mass destruction of the holographic structures of the sun star networks connected to the sacred portals, stargates, ley lines, sun dials, temples and cathedrals across the planet.

The invaders decided upon who would manage the conquered territories, carving up our world and human beings as commodities to be traded and bartered, while assigning angelic human diamond sun genetics for consciousness enslavement.

This also ushered in the design of trauma-based mind control programs that were customized to manipulate tribal shield genetic key coding, to be used for controlling the stargates and manipulating the global grid system.

The NAA decided which of the native Essene Tribes would be assigned to each of the intruding NAA factions for serving their anti-Christ alien agendas that included; ongoing abductions and human trafficking for genetic modification experiments, developing Secret Space Programs and specialized slave work forces, alien hybridization and breeding programs, as well as identifying Maji Grail lineages from each Essene Tribe that were specifically targeted for ongoing extermination and/or red cube cloning based upon their historical DNA records.

Ascension Timeline Rebellion - Negative Alien Agenda

Negative Alien Agenda

Ascension Timeline Rebellion

Through the management of human DNA and hybridization breeding programs, along with the intentional destruction of actual historical records, the NAA inserted false holographic timelines and false holographic identities for divide and conquer in order to hijack the collective co-creative consciousness for controlling the timelines, to ultimately thwart planetary ascension.

This is why this period 22,000 years ago is called the Ascension Timeline Rebellion, as the invaders began to work feverishly negotiating on and off planet treaties and cultivating strategic alliances in order to terraform the planetary grid, gain control over human DNA and manipulate the internal templar system, gaining access into the Albion Lightbody.

Thus, their long-term strategy was thwarting every option imaginable for attaining consciousness freedom with AI systems copying and cloning the instruction sets into reversal networks and phantom matrices, in order to destroy the possibility of the planetary ascension cycle that was destined to begin when the Universal Gateways opened in 2012.

Their long-term goals were continuing with NAA colonization strategies for enforcing reptilian ownership over human bloodlines for carrying out their prison planet objectives, in which the intruders use human genetics as the currency exchange for on and off planet human trafficking, sexual slavery and as products created for consumption.

Earth became the most valuable real estate investment portfolio in the local solar system, filled with big business conglomerates mining genetic resources and extending into other planetary systems, for bartering and trade that serve the interests of the invading races.

The NAA has failed in their objectives to prevent the planetary ascension that is currently underway.

However, Guardian Host and ground crew are in the process of clearing out the miasmatic heaps of dead energy, archontic parasite nests, superimposed karmic loads, repairing grid networks damaged by AI machinery, evictions of assorted alien factions, and related cleanup crew spiritual work connected to this string of tragic events when humanity was turned into a slave race 22,000 years ago.

More by Lisa Renee

Ending The Death Culture – Lisa Renee

Ending The Death Culture – Lisa Renee

This stage of planetary shifting signifies the end of the belief systems that formed into the anti-human death culture by systematically removing those alien hybrid bloodlines in power who have been enforcing human slavery and refuse to further adapt, evolve or change.

Examining Beliefs – Lisa Renee

Examining Beliefs – Lisa Renee

As more of humanity awakens, the range of societal problems that are purposely generating devastating harm and destruction connected to authoritarian power abuses and monstrous crimes against humanity have become increasingly evident.

Abraham Lincoln, Magna Carta, Defender Amethyst And Ruby Dragons – Lisa Renee

Abraham Lincoln, Magna Carta, Defender Amethyst And Ruby Dragons – Lisa Renee

During the first onset of the winter solstice Cathedral Activations (Dec 2021), the planetary wings were upgraded to the solar rod template and dragon wings of which the Chartres Cathedral, Lincoln Cathedral, Rosslyn Chapel and the Washington DC Lincoln Memorial were chosen by Guardian Host to anchor restorations for the planet’s Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon architecture.

8D and 12D Unplugged – Lisa Renee

8D and 12D Unplugged – Lisa Renee

The Planetary Stargates act to step down the higher energies being transmitting from the God Source field into the Sun, which is then directed into the many stargates and portal systems.

Uranus Grual Gate Collapses 9D AI Kronos – Lisa Renee

Uranus Grual Gate Collapses 9D AI Kronos – Lisa Renee

During the Uranus alignment in late January, the rotational axis shifted in the Uranus planetary core and when it was being moved into another position in the timeline, this functioned like an aperture opening through which a massive beam of solar light passed through, and this event activated several dormant organic interdimensional rainbow arc portals connecting directly into the Uranus planetary core.

Guardian Yeshua And Mary As 8D Realmkeepers

Guardian Yeshua And Mary As 8D Realmkeepers

The Khem Codes hold the esoteric knowledge of alchemical manifestation secrets of the Cosmic Father’s Temple of Solomon and Ruby Templar Zephyr Shield bass tones, which are also being transmitted through the King Arthur emerald-ruby capstone of Ar-Tha-Ur-Hum rainbow rounds.

The Supreme Grand Master Returns

The Supreme Grand Master Returns

The ancient Essene Christos Templar tradition of passing down spiritual knowledge of the ascension through the anointing of the Inner Christos within human beings in order to achieve eternal life and connect directly with God, were ancient teachings recorded in the Gothic Cathedrals.

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Nikola Tesla

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