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Ascending to Your Home Planet - Allison Coe

Ascending to Your Home Planet

Ascending to Your Home Planet. By Allison Coe.

This is a really cool session about the client that goes into the experience of returning to her home planet and she knows it right away.

She’s like… Whoa this is my my home world, this is my home planet it just feels like home.

It’s very cool, very different it seems like the ground seems the one you would find in New Mexico, the desert with buttes but the sky is like a faint shade of green, a beautiful green so definitely not here.

And there are two things in the sky she indicates, two two suns and she said… If you look at them they’re a little bit smaller than our sun.

There are two smaller suns and she said the ground is a little bit spongy to walk on, so when she’s walking it’s pretty spongy and so we’ve set the scene.

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Now we’re focusing on the body, this is where it gets really really weird.

She begins to describe like a pretty different body, it operates from a single leg and then the foot resembles a hand more than a foot, there are appendages that come out from this hand foot but it enables her to get around really easily.

She’s got a human-like torso but with three arms, two at the sides and one in the front and the head just goes ahead and sets right on her shoulders, there’s no neck.

Allison Coe

Allison Coe

Ascending to Your Home Planet

There’s a face she described as a mouthpiece thing, for ingestion of foodstuffs but not for communicating.

There are three eyes, the head the head doesn’t really have hair it has more what she described as thick pieces of spaghetti, they’re used as antennas, to get information from her surroundings.

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So very cool description, very different body and it’s a genderless body, not male not female.

She’s just feels so good to be back so even in this really interesting body she doesn’t care, this body is home, this planet is home and it feels amazing to be home.

So then I actually asked her to take me to wherever she lives on this planet and we arrived at the bottom of a canyon.

Her place is built into the side of the canyon and as she approaches a doorway opens up and she goes in.

No one else can enter but her, her home responds to her personal wavelength, her conscious wavelength, it’s not biometric so she doesn’t have to touch anything, it’s not getting any readings from her dna, it’s her consciousness.

Inside the home everything is dark and she says that it’s it’s a sign she hasn’t been there in a long time. It feels very empty but all she has to do is think of light and the light comes on.

And she just said she’s so happy to be home, she’s just thrilled this whole time and I’m asking her things like… Okay does it appear you’ve been gone for a long time, but how does the home looks, is there dust, is there an accumulation of stuff that indicates how much time you’ve been gone?

New Energies Coming

New Energies Coming

Ascending to Your Home Planet

She says no, the home didn’t go into disrepair, it stayed as if she never left the home.

It is one big room with areas assigned for different tasks, there’s a nourishment area, a resting area, although she doesn’t go to sleep she just rests, there’s an investigation and work area which is all done by touch with hands on a holographic window, like a computer screen, you do all your searching on the screen.

And I’m asking her… Do you wish to search for anything since we have access to this really cool high-tech computer? And she says yeah, I want to know where where all my friends are, and she says the entities from this planet, her buddies from her home planet.

So she’s searching right now on the screen and it appears that she’s not the only one who went to earth but she’s the first one who came back.

Others are coming and returning home soon so her planet is empty, because everybody answered the call to come to earth.

And she says I know these people on my homeworld but I don’t know them on earth, I don’t know where they are, where they were on earth.

And I said well what called you guys to earth? She says it’s our job to come to earth and be assistant for a lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime. So it becomes apparent that this being that she appears to be on her home planet had spent time on earth.

We were seeing the future, you’re seeing the future, what it’s like when she returns to her home planet.

So I’m asking her what happened on earth before? You are able to return home and she says there was an event that happened and after the event there was a time period during which people would be able to raise their vibration.

All because all the negativity on earth disappeared and as they raised their vibration whenever they wanted to, they could ascend, and so she ascended, and she ascended to the fifth dimension and after that she left the fifth dimension and went home. Her home planet is in the 8th dimension.

That’s kind of exciting, she ascended, there was an event, it erased negativity, people were allowed to raise their vibration and when they did they could ascend.

They ascended to the fifth dimension, she went along, she ascended to the fifth dimension and then she decided after a while… Hey I want to want to go home, I can go home to the eighth dimension.

So I’m asking this being, anything you would like to share about the event and what you experienced, like where you were when it happened?

She experienced the event, that’s why she came to earth, she wanted to experience it, and let’s see… Oh she’s a blogger, she’s a blogger and it says that her blogging is very important and that’s the way she was helping bust systems as this person.

The blogging is how she reached out into the world to influence and teach those with minds that were ready to be open.

She’s traveled so often for work, she raises the vibrations of those around her, but from her computer that’s where she does a lot of the system’s busting.

All right so we get back to the event. I’m asking her more about the event… She says there were tentacles of light that would come to the earth, on and off, on and off, on and off, they were building up to a rather big event that everybody saw, it was a huge deal.

And I say.. Did everybody see the same thing or did they see it in their own way? She says I would describe it as a tsunami of love and light.

This client was at home blogging when it happened, her husband was in the living area she could see the brightness in her room, it become brighter, it gets much brighter, makes her wonder what’s going on, her husband yells for her and she walks out and everything’s bright, bright, bright, outside.

And she says… It looks like the sky is rippling, rippling in different colors, it was bright, very bright, bright white light, to begin with a flat white and then it started rippling and it rippled in colors.

And she said… When I went outside and saw the brightness I felt it in me like an enormous burst of energy, like touching a live wire, but it wasn’t pain, it was bliss, almost orgasmic.

She says it was absolute joy and bliss and the whole saturation of energy took about a minute and after it subsides that leaves like a glowing ember in the body. She knew what it was and she felt amazing her husband was scared out of his mind.

She comforts him and tells tells him it’s alright, calm down, this is the event, and then he starts crying, she reassures him.

And I’m asking her, what are some of the things that changed after the event both well personally or globally?

She says it seems some people are missing from earth for about three days. At this time she’s super happy, she’s blissed out, she’s basking in joy and love peace and harmony.

She says people need to calm down, relax, it’s going to be okay, the earth continues on after the event and after the pleiadians land publicly all people’s minds are opened.

Those who are not ready to receive the vibrational light available during the event were taken off the earth on the ships because their bodies wouldn’t have been able to withstand the shock.

Once they’re on the ships they are kind of in a stasis on the ships, than they return to earth.

Those who are dark souls don’t return to earth, they’re recycled in the central sun but everyone else comes back to earth.



Ascending to Your Home Planet

When they get back, whenever they want, to have a negative thought or continue on like in 3d earth they can’t, there’s an energetic block, they want to lie but they can’t, they want to steal but they can’t, they want to do bad things but they can’t.

Those who try and persist, and persist in living a 3d life end up putting themselves in harm’s way because they can’t handle the higher vibration, they physically die, so humans who remain they undergo a training, they’re training them how to think positively.

And she says that she, as a human, has already shed her major layers of guilt and shame.

This client has shed many of the layers that stop her from holding the light and stops her from raising her vibration, and that’s what we all need to do, shed those layers of guilt and shame, but the majority of the population hasn’t done that.

So they are dropping these layers and instinctively want to do something negative to bring these layers back up, it’s like a blanket of negativity that we’re so used to, that it feels almost vulnerable, we are so new to have these off, and it feels very raw to have these off because people get to see us for who you really are, and we’re not used to that but it’s very powerful, very powerful.

So her role is going to be to help or reassure people, calm them down, help them, think about things a different way at a higher vibrational level and that’s certainly gonna be the rule for many, many, many people who are awakened and aware and healing themselves.

Let’s see how does her life change after this event, she becomes a teacher, she leaves her old job. She currently works in a medical environment and it says she leaves her old job as the whole medical system changes but she goes to work teaching, and it says blogging with the technologies that are invented at this time, or come about as a result of this event, allow her to blog no longer at the two-dimensional level but at the third dimensional level, using holographic imagery.

She can literally show up wherever she needs to be on earth to help this process of people learning how to think and be different. It’s also kind of neat because you can go wherever you want to go just by thinking about it.

On this earth, after the event, she goes and visits her twin flame and they travel around the world together to teach. Once the event happens her twin and her will be reunited and free to be together, explore, teach and be of service.

She wanted to know how religions change after the event, that was one of her questions that she arrived with, and it says religions are all based on power so power will be given back to the individual believer they have to drop the idea of whatever their religion is and in its place they have to learn whatever they are.

Individuals who can’t manage the new vibrations on earth after the event go someplace else, another 3d planet where they are comfortable living, the people who go to another 3d earth will be somewhere between 35 and 55% of the population.

She can ascend any time she wants to, but she doesn’t because her and her twin are there to teach others how to vibrate themselves into another dimension, that is very important, very important.

And it’s not the first time I’ve heard that, it’s maybe the first time I’ve ever published it but there’s work to be done here and so she decides to stay with her twin and help others.

That’s a very powerful and important work so I commend anybody who stays and helps others because you’re not going to be staying in a hellish environment, you’re gonna be staying in environment that’s so exciting, and new, and systems are breaking down, and you’re there to help, help people get to the next level, and this is so freakin cool! This is the most exciting time to be alive, why wouldn’t you want to stay?

Anyway, so, how soon can she teach others, after the event, to vibrate themselves in another dimension?

She says when she’s reunited with her twin, she must teach him and get him up to speed because he’s more kind of asleep.

After one month they start traveling the globe to teach others how to raise their vibration, they do that for a few years and then once they see that enough people on earth are growing vibrationally then they know that they can ascend to the fifth dimension.

So I’m asking… I think this is her question… What happens to all the old leaders, famous people, actors, after this event?

She says, well remember I said 35 between 35 and 55 percent won’t come back. A lot of them will leave, most of the politicians will even not come back. Their place has taken by people like this client and her twin who not only become teachers, but leaders on earth.

One more question… Was there a specific role that twin flames played that’s revealed after the event?

After the event they will be together perpetually, until they join together and as twins join together that’s when they go into that globe and return to the home world.

Questions… What should she be doing differently as this energy approaches?

She says… Nothing really, just honoring herself, honoring herself, she needs to be comfortable with herself and she needs to spend more time with creativity, she’s creative on the internet right now, and that’s good, but she needs to create.

Creativity, the very process of creation, is the beginning of something new and whenever something new has worked on consciously, it raises your vibrational rate, right there, the pointed purpose of creativity is to raise your vibration… So take note, do something, create something, draw, even if you’re not trained, paint, you don’t have to be a trained artist to use this stuff.

Look at a little kid, do anything, make a new landscape in your yard, create a new dish in your kitchen, do anything, do anything, create a new piece of music, and you become part of the solution by doing that.

So I’m asking… Raising her vibrations even more during this time, what are some of the things that will change that?

People will be more disoriented, confused, striking out, lashing out and the craziness will continue and escalate… Basically what we’re seeing now….

And I say… Is there any message that you would like her to share, that could possibly help more people between now and when the event occurs?

The more people can calm themselves now, the better they’ll be able to handle the vibrations of the event, if people are worried or what, they won’t be able to accommodate and assimilate these waves of vibration, the vibrational wave of the event.

And I love the term tsunami of love, this is what our higher self is saying because it’s much like a wave surges onto the beach and then gradually withdraws, people won’t be able to take the full vibrational intensity of the event if it were to last, but it’s going to be like a blast, and then it’ll kind of slowly fade away leaving a base rate, that’s a high vibrational rate.

She wanted to know about the Pleiadians, will there be Pleiadians landing and what’s our tie with Pleiadians?

And it says yeah, Pleiadians are going to land, that’s real, it’s true, it is real, this is what her higher self is saying…

Now, remember, take any information with a grain of salt, use your own discernment whenever you listen to stuff, you don’t have to believe a hundred percent of what somebody else is saying, this is my aside, you know that I try to say this all the time, please take everything with a grain of salt!

But this is what this client her session says… The Pleiadians are our closest vibrational link to where we were, where we used to be at the times of Atlantis and Lemuria and that’s why they’re kind of our big brother watching that earth encompasses the event.

The earth’s earth itself has already evolved 5d and now it’s humanity’s turn to catch up.

Let’s see… She had previous contact with pleiadians and she’s asking she wanted to know, was her contact with pleiadians for real?

It says it was very real. And she needs to get back in back in touch with the pleiadians, she needs to do it a bit more formally not quite so informal.

She needs to consciously plan and pick a time to do this and they will respond. It’s like setting a meeting of intention, it needs to be formalized because when she formalizes it in her own mind they receive that information, kind of like a meeting planning so they’ll be there.

Let’s see… And I’m asking what are they here today by any chance?

It says yes they are!

And I said… Well do they have any messages for her today or for anybody in particular on earth?

Stay tuned, we’re coming.



Ascending to Your Home Planet

They are happy and they are also more aware of what it’s like to be in 3D earth. The other galactic races that are out there are not as aware about what we’re going through, they see the earth and they know what the earth has to do they wonder why humanity can’t do it or hasn’t done it, but they don’t understand the process.

The dark has used to keep the souls on earth enslaved for as long as they have but this is the final dance of the dark in this galaxy.

Let’s see… She wanted she wanted to know is it worth it to keep smoking weed?

It says oh no, she can stay with it, there’s no issues, what happens when you smoke pot is you raise yourself vibrationally to the level of the plants itself.

Her question was… Can she influence the event by using the law of attraction?

The higher self says, not alone. She can’t influence the event alone, it has to be a collective thing, she can influence her reaction to the event.

And I say… Well can groups bring it here quicker?

Yep groups can, through mass meditation people can bring it here quicker.

And how will money change after the event?

This new technology, they can create whatever they want through the use of replicators, because this technology, some of it, already exists and some of it will come on board with this new energy. There will be money immediately after the event but I’d say some time post event it’s gone.

And I say… Any final messages today for my client?

Breathe, relax, create, create, create.

Ascending to Your Home Planet

With Allison Coe

Before During After The Event

With Allison Coe

Before During After The Event

With Allison Coe

Acending to new Earth

With Allison Coe

Acending to New Earth

With Allison Coe

Before During After The Event

With Allison Coe

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