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Ascending to New Earth - Allison Coe - Part Two

Ascending to New Earth – Allison Coe

Part Two

Ascending to New Earth – Allison Coe – Part Two.

Then we finally get to the Higher Self I’m asking to speak to the Higher Self and always the first question when we get to the higher is: why did you show that client that life, you could have showed them anything, why did you show them that life?

And and so the Higher Self says the current lifetime is the most important lifetime, we don’t need to show him the past anymore, we don’t need to show him anything about that.

Right now is the most important lifetime and he needs to see what he’s going through.

And I said okay, well, what else would you like to tell him about that lifetime that you haven’t already showed him? And they said that that life is all about him, finally becoming what he’s meant to be.

He’s going to be very very peaceful with his body, his soul and his spirit, all parts of him with this energy, his connection with this twin and how they merge.

He should just really be looking forward to that and takes some time each day to just live in that connection in that place, in that higher energy and he needs to take that and consciously pull up his roots from this earth.

This is specific to him but then later they give guidelines for other people so, pull up his connection to the earth and ground to the New Earth.

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Grounding in this current earth is not something that we want this client to do anymore and same for his twin, it’s like the description, if this is a Higher Self, of the feet walking along the beach when you’re connecting to the planet and communicating to the planet.

That’s what they want to envision him and her doing, trying to connect to this New Earth so that’s kind of why she showed him that, just sending out energy, energy from her feat was branching out from her, it wasn’t rooting down, it was just bland branching out.

Allison Coe

Allison Coe

Ascending to New Earth – Part Two

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Higher Self

Higher Self

Ascending to New Earth – Part Two

And so I said, what would you like to tell him about his life over the next few months, six months?

And the Higher Self proceeds to give this specific client instructions about how to start transitioning out of his current kind of 3D job.

He has a purpose and his purpose is one is of a healer and they want him to start doing that work and so they give him specific instructions about moving into energetic and healing work.

They said that that moving into that work will allow him the freedom that he needs.

When he’s ready for it, when this event happens, start moving along with his twin and start doing this around the world, start helping people transition.

That’s part of what they’re supposed to do together on this earth, help people transition to this New Earth and get prepared for it.

The more people that they help, they’re actually creating their tribe, those are the people that are gonna come. They’re going to be building their community, him and his twin, so we want him to be able to do that, to have the freedom to be able to do that.

And I say why they’re staying until 2019 instead of just going when this event happens, because that’s what they say, there will be a about a year between when they go and and when the event happens.

The Higher Self says, in this timeline they are staying until 2019 because it just seemed longer for them to move but they also would want to stay if they don’t feel that they have things built over there the way that they want them built.

But remember, these timelines and everything is moving so quickly! We’re talking about so many people involved and so many different timelines for each person so a lot of factors here going on.

Keep that in mind, remember that, and this is the Higher Self, time is not what we think it is, it’s not just linear, and most of you guys know that, but it’s also not what we think it is, there are so many different things weaving in and out and affecting it, so staying a year it’s not that much to them.

They had mentioned that they want a certain percentage of him living on the New Earth before he actually goes, they want him to keep a percentage of him on there and so I’m asking about that what what percentage of him needs to be on there.

They said they need to have him and his twin, they need to have a part of them there at all times with their daily meditations and taking time to be on New Earth, imagining it and connecting through their feet to the ground or connecting to the environment as they showed with the plants and everything.

We want them to imagine that, visualize it and meditate on that, and then we want them to leave that piece of them there when they’re done with their meditation or imaginings.

Vesica Piscis

Vesica Piscis

Ascending to New Earth – Part Two

Best to leave 25% of themselves there, when you do that you’re grounded to the New Earth. That’s where you are and when the older and the New Earth continued to separate like the Vesica Piscis, two interlocking circles, your feet are over the New Earth and your body, the rest of you, is over here.

As they move apart the New Earth will just absolutely keep pulling you because you’re grounded in this New Earth so it’ll pull you with it as it separates from from the old earth, that’s what they’re trying to say here.

I say okay, would you like to tell him anything about the event and that he will be very soon? He’ll be at home and his twin will be in her city.

I said well, what do you see specifically happening to him during the event? It says he’s going to specifically feel waves going through him, he’s going to see the next version of himself, that updated version of himself, the client 2.0 version of himself.

At this point and after he’s going to be able to contact this next version of himself very easily and move into that to live in that, as well so many others.

It will be commonplace to see the New Earth, he’s already dreaming the New Earth and he’s already imagining it but it will get more and more vibrant.

There will be day visions, not just him dreaming of it which he has a lot. This client in particular has a lot of New Earth dreams so he’ll actually start to have visions of it during the day.

The Event - Finally Free!

The Event – Finally Free!

Ascending to New Earth – Part Two

I said… Will he be out of it for a while when these waves hit him? He said I wouldn’t call it out of it but there will be some people who will be out of it, some people will be able to enjoy it though, but if it’s so far off of your current frequency then it will make you very very dazed, but if it’s more of a match to your frequency it will be more of a blanket of happy blissful waves going through your body.

Now that’s what I want to experience so I’m going to actually get myself prepared, and a lot of you have been as well, so I said… What would you give to the general public for becoming aware, becoming more of a match to this energy? So what do we need to do to be more of a match to this energy when it hits, so that we’re not totally out of it?

It says grounding to the New Earth, they need to begin to ground to the New Earth and lift up the meditations so that they’re no longer grounding to the current earth and that will match them to these waves that are coming.

I would describe their feet touching the earth and feeling as they are a tree pulling the energy through, as a plant feeding from the New Earth and also putting the energy back, just like the oxygen cycle of a plant, taking energy that way and from the New Earth and back to the New Earth a continual cycle.

As you do that the body becomes more and more aligned to the New Earth as you feed her and you get fed from her, you become more and more aligned to her.

Then as a wave comes, it will hit people’s bodies and they will become much more aligned with that, it’s very soon, this a Higher Self, says it’s very soon, so hopefully they’ve already started preparing themselves.

So I say any further advice for preparation for this gentleman or or anybody else? Yeah of course, there’s always meditation but lifting up and making sure they’re not grounding to the earth during that meditation, connecting to source.

Many people at this point either know that the wave is coming or they don’t, so hopefully they’re doing something. Some are already feeling the effects that are coming in, they’re already feeling dazed and confused in so many areas. Kids will be fine.

So basically that’s his session, the rest was more personal stuff that we don’t need to share but great information about kind of how to prepare yourself and kind of this person what this person was going through and what brought him there and what he’ll be doing on the New Earth.

Ascending to Your Home Planet

With Allison Coe

Before During After The Event

With Allison Coe

Before During After The Event

With Allison Coe

Acending to new Earth

With Allison Coe

Acending to New Earth

With Allison Coe

Before During After The Event

With Allison Coe

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