Ascending to New Earth - Allison Coe

Ascending to New Earth – Allison Coe

Part One

Ascending to New Earth – Allison Coe. Part One.

Hi, I’m Allison Coe coming to you from Portland Oregon.
I’m a quantum healing hypnosis practitioner here in Portland.

I actually wanted to talk to you today about a couple of sessions where the clients went to the future in this life, having ascended beyond this earth, and what their experiences were.

They talk about what they went through and what the earth went through during the event and afterwards and and when they actually left the earth.

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The 5D New Earth

The 5D New Earth

Ascending to New Earth

These information are coming from two individuals separated by one month, separated by hundreds of miles going to someplace very similar.

The way they described it, the terms they used are so similar.

The way they describe their bodies, that version of them is so similar, it’s as if the same thing is happening to each of them.

The first person was a gentleman who came a couple months ago, when we go through these hypnosis sessions we drop down into a life whatever life the higher self decides to show, that person it’s not always a past life it’s not always an earth life so we always just try to figure it out.

We try to figure out what does a body actually look like, is that a human body, is it a non human body, are there animal, plant, mineral? we have no idea so we’re first figuring out the environment then the body and then if it is an individual that could possibly have a home or dwelling and describe it for us.

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The 5D New Earth Energy

The 5D New Earth Energy

Ascending to New Earth

Then we go through that life and then we we access the higher self and we get more information from a higher perspective, so this is that’s the general guideline for these sessions.

We have a gentleman who’s going into hypnosis, he drops down into a life and he’s describing it for me here, it’s really green, it’s warm, its tropical, there’s trees and bushes and all kind of vibrant colors everywhere, just absolutely green and he says it’s like I’m in paradise… And I said okay, well, let’s have a look at you…

He says actually it feels like I’m still in this body, I have bare feet, I actually feel like I want to be pretty bare here, I’m just wearing shorts, some sort of really nice soft material, it’s not like the cloth we wear here. I don’t have a shirt on and then when we get up the body and into the head and the face I actually I look the same except I look like what I work for in this life, muscular like, really muscular.

My face actually looks a little younger, my cheekbones are more refined, my hair is a little fuller and he says it’s just it’s it’s awesome to run my fingers through it, I’m just so enjoying this body.

So really good experience with who he is at this point in time. We’re moving through the scene and he’s describing his environment and eventually I asked… Do you think you have any control over your environment here? And he says yeah, absolutely!

Responding to The Energy

Responding to The Energy

Ascending to New Earth

He says everywhere you walk it responds to your energy, the trees around you will respond to your presence, kind of breeze or wind going through them and it acts like a breeze but it’s your energy.

And I said… Oh your energy is pretty large, are you consciously doing anything to push your energy out? He said no, if I was was conscious of it if I were to consciously do it I could go way beyond that.

So the potential is there for him to consciously do it but he’s just walking, he’s just normally walking through the beautiful paradise.

So I said well does it work both ways, does it feel like the environment is actually sending energy to you? He says yeah, we’re communicating, we’re showing each other appreciation, we’re coexisting and connected, it’s just different there’s no nothing that can cause me harm.

It’s just an energetic beautiful coexisting friendship and they’re communicating. So we’ve established the environment and we’ve established his body, now it’s time for him to take me to wherever he lives and so he says actually it feels like Swiss Family Robinson, he says it’s in the trees, it’s also kind of on the mountain, so it’s in these trees, in the canopy of these trees not down on the floor, no, it’s up in the trees and then he’s actually on a mountain.

He describes being on the mountain on these trees and looking out over a valley and he can see, from this vantage point, everywhere, and he says it feels like he’s on the top of a mountain but in this canopy of trees.

When he came in, he came right into the main area of his structure there, in the trees, and he says it glows from the inside out. There are no lights, it just has a glow that emanates light, it’s like part of our essence is in the home and it’s shining from the inside out. If people looked up from the valley below they would see it glowing like a beacon.

He says my partner, my twin flame and i, live here and the kids live in little bungalow trees or little bungalows around it, reachable through walkways, it just feels like home.

He said the valley is beautiful, because I asked him to go look over the valley, it’s ours, it’s in our charge, in our care, and he says all the life from, the animals, the plants, the water and air, they all look to us in a way to be a guide and to be light.

So there’s the valley, when he looks down below and then off to the right there is a large body of water and he says… We like to spend a lot of time in that large body of water.

Then I get back to the people… So you get this feeling that you’re kind of responsible for the people in this valley, what do you do? He says, I just bring love, I carry love… They carry love otherwise they wouldn’t be here, I carry a condensed love on a on a bigger scale.

He actually says… We like, him and his twin flame, them together, they carry, they hold this higher vibration and condensed version of love and it’s like… We tuned them to a frequency of love that’s higher. Just walking amongst them tunes their love frequency to a higher level, we’re raising them up and keeping them there.

So they have a big job to do, they’re actually responsible for tuning this area to this higher vibration and it’s just done through being in that area and connecting to everyone.

We just enjoy life, we help each other, we encourage other people. It’s not like we live in a desolate place and they need an encouragement for survival, it’s a new level of existing, we’re just encouraging them up to higher levels.

Now, we haven’t yet in the session established that he’s in the new earth or anything so he doesn’t know any of that, I’m sure he has an idea but he just hasn’t articulated it in the session yet so he’s just explaining his existence here and what they’re doing and is his role with his partner.

So I asked… Are there others like you two there at that place, or near there? He says it’s possible that hundreds or even thousands of miles away there are others doing something similar but they are the main two people in this area doing that.

The New Body Of Energy

The New Body Of Energy

Ascending to New Earth

I say… So that’s your purpose, that’s your responsibility. What are you doing your free time? That’s a fun step… He says he likes to swim and play in nature in ways that you can just can’t do here, that he couldn’t do before, we enjoy flying a lot.

And I say… Okay this flying is everybody able to do that? He says yeah, yeah!

And I said okay, well, can you send yourself to the water, that large body of water over there or do you just fly? He said we do what we want in that moment, you can fly, you can just send yourself there, it doesn’t matter.

He says when he’s in the water there seems to be bigger animals in the water that want to come up and say hi and get an energy tune up.

He says you can really change the atmosphere just by touching, just by being, and he says you can do that here now in this 3d world, that’s correct, but it’s just way more evident there that your energy is actually affecting the area around you, you can see it, you can feel it, you get evidence of it.

This energy that he’s sending out and tuning tuning tuning people up with and tuning the environment up, I said… Where did where do you see it coming from on your body? He said his chest, in his arms, it’s everywhere but he says he feels like coming out emanating from his chest.

At that time he says… My twin is on the beach, because he’s in the water at this point, his twin is on the beach and as she’s walking along the sand, she’s showing him that as she’s walking energy is emanating from her feet, and not going directly down but just spreading out, spreading out, spreading out. He says… There’s some reason why she’s showing me this and he doesn’t know why (it becomes evident later).

This individual is a musician, and a very talented musician and so we were talking about what role does music play in this life and he says… It’s actually everywhere, I don’t see electronic instruments, we also learn to do telepathic music where we can play with frequencies and we can put out and other people can hear, you can just send it out of your body, but that takes some skill, you want to learn how to do it.

He says we always have to learn and that makes things in exciting, we always have stuff to learn so it’s fun it’s not like you’re there and you’re stagnant, there’s so much to learn and that’s exciting. We don’t have stuff we’re trying to achieve by getting degrees, he makes that very clear, but we’re discovering things all the time, is all you hear that’s the fun part of living up where he lives.

In these sessions we also move ahead to an important day and so we’re moving ahead and he says it’s nighttime, him and his twin they’re just walking under the trees and he says, this sounds silly but, the trees are actually glowing and all the colors are emanating from the plants.

I asked him to look at himself in his twin, I asked, is there any colors coming from you? He says yeah! She’s glowing very white and he’s glowing like a bluish white and he said that they can send colors out from from their hands, it’s like fireworks, we work a lot with the earth and with nature and with tuning it up.

I asked, are you in contact with any offworld beings in this place is it just kind of isolated or is it universal galactic whatever? He says yeah, we’re in contact and we talk with them about this planet, we have fun with them too and hang out. We travel off planet also but we always come back because it’s part of our purpose to be here.

So they have a job to do and they don’t lose sight of that but they do go on trips.

Then we move forward one more time, we’re all outside with the family, the kids are grown at this point, they have their partners of their own.

Him and his twin they don’t look too much older so the kids have grown up but it becomes apparent that they can keep themselves at whatever age they want to, basically the aging is optional, the physical aging is optional.

Energy of The Universe

Energy of The Universe

Ascending to New Earth

Then I do something that I like to do in in these sessions if I think that we can get further information, I asked him to go ask his twin questions and so I say… I’d like you to ask to your partner some questions, ask her how you got there.

He says, she looks at me like… Why are you asking? You know it. So I explained to him, tell her that you’re in 2018 and that you’re asking this and she needs to explain it to you.

She says that we got together in the 3d, currently they’re not together physically, right now they know who each other but they aren’t able to have a relationship right now just because of their circumstances. We got together in 3d, we were able to power up so once they were together those two energies coming together powered them up to a hub, to a higher level, and and then we jumped to this new earth and he says we went to our destination on the hill, there was an event that happens, that was the catalyst and that’s when we started to see the colors of the this 5d world.

They started to see those colors and on earth on the 3d earth after that event, he said that they were already traveling, their frequencies were already traveling between those two worlds, the 3d and the 5d but they just weren’t so aware of it.

Once this event happened that’s when their natural eyes started noticing that they were moving back and forth into the next dimension…

So I thought that was super interesting, they’re already moving back and forth between dimensions almost too rapidly to see and they’re probably not super conscious of it but when this event comes they’ll actually be able to see when they’re in each one.

At this point in the session he affirms that he is in the new earth,i never like just blurt that out or anything so he actually affirmed it in the session, I’m in the new earth.

And I say, when you end up traveling there, because he’s still talking to his partner who’s lived through that. When you end up traveling there?

He says she says that we ended up going in 2019, at some point in 2019!

But please anytime you hear dates remember, take it with a grain of salt! Dates are always like fluctuating, that’s how it works because of so many different factors dates are fluctuating.

Allison Coe

Allison Coe

Ascending to New Earth

Plus this is a higher entity, that version of her says that they went in 2019 and that version of her, also at some point says that the event happens in 2018 and that they ended up staying for a while on this earth and then went to into this new earth and 2019, that doesn’t mean that’s actually gonna happen just so!

So, he says she says 2019 but it’s up to us the decisions, we can go sooner if we make decisions to go sooner, there’s something within those two of a decisions that they have to make together, something that actually helps them decide whether or not they want to go.

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Acending to New Earth

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