Armageddon Chronicle Part 4 - The Great Quantum Transition

Armageddon Chronicle Part 4

The Great Quantum Transition

​Armageddon Chronicle Part 4. By Lev.

At the last minute, the Medusa Gorgon group’s special operation was canceled. But in any case, the irreconcilable Black Archons and Dark entities which were in Anti-Pleroma were destroyed along with their hideout.

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Armageddon Chronicle Part 4 - Pleroma


Armageddon Chronicle Part 4

As noted in Part 3, the five-minute readiness command from the Archangel Michael LFs ground team received on April 21, 2021, around 6 pm CET.

Lightwarriors, along with a group of Demolitionists, were to synchronously conduct inner-monadic explosions. They would undermine the core of the Absolute’s Pleroma which held firmly in Its field the parasitic Anti-Pleroma. As a result of the big bang both were destroyed.

In the order received from Archangel Michael was an unusual note: DO IT ONLY THROUGH THE HEART, AND ONLY WITH ITS APPROVAL!

Lightwarriors did not see or feel a catch. They knew that, yes, there would be a huge price to pay.

Absolute has not evacuated from the Pleroma of Light its Aspect, so It wants to have this experience. And the Pleroma of Light is self-recovering.

Leader of Lightwarriors announced the order to his team members. But for the first time in their relationship, they flatly refused to carry it out, without even consulting each other. Pleroma is our home, how can we destroy it?

There was nothing to do. They knew the exact time of the scheduled operation. It had to start over two minutes. The leader of the group was confused himself.

In the end, he decided that he would make the final decision a second before it will go underway. He felt that the decision of his mind should coincide with the decision of his Higher Self.

Lightwarrior secluded. He thought about what to do. The final decision never came.

Meanwhile, the countdown has begun: 10, 9, 8, 7…

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Armageddon Chronicle Part 4 - Final Countdown

Final Countdown

Armageddon Chronicle Part 4

At moment zero, the Lightwarrior had already made in desperation the insane decision: not participate in the subversion of the Absolute’s Pleroma.

Instead, he began pulling the Anti-Pleroma into his Monad, then, produced an inner-monadic explosion.

What happened next he hardly remembered. Immediately he was dizzy, his heart vibrated and his blood pressure spiked. Reality swam. That’s what usually happens in an inner-monadic explosion.

After a while, he came to his senses and joined the other Lightwarriors. Wondering what they were doing, or if they were doing anything at all.

It was a general surprise when it turned out that absolutely EVERYONE had decided to do THE SAME THING as their leader.

They made the same decision, contrary to the order received. BUT BY HEART! Understanding this, they declared that they were ready to be responsible for its violation, but since they had been ordered to act according to their hearts, they did so.

Soon everything became clear. No one was going to undermine the Absolute’s Pleroma. Lightwarriors and Demolitionists, for tactical reasons, were misinformed. There was simply no need for this operation.

Co-Creators planned to burn Anti-Pleroma by the vibrations of Light from the Absolute’s Pleroma core. As noted in Part 3, Its luminosity and vibes were artificially reduced. At the right moment, the “burner” was opened to the full and annihilated Anti-Pleroma together with all who were in it.

Armageddon Chronicle Part 4 - Absolute Pleroma's Core Vibes

Absolute Pleroma’s Core Vibes

Armageddon Chronicle Part 4

The dramatic nature of the moment was also that this moment was a one-time event, both for the scheduled undermining of the Pleroma’s core and its hurricane-like acceleration to the level of Absolute Synthesis.

If any of the Demolitionists had followed orders, such synthesis was unlikely to have been reached.

But at the last moment, all of them made a decision not to detonate Pleroma because it came from their heart, from the Soul. And their mind’s decision coincided with that of the Higher Self. For the leader of Lightwarriors, it happened a second before an explosion.

So, the Absolute, who had been the Watcher all this time, gave everybody a wonderful test. The emotion and intensity they felt were inexpressible.

Well, what about the leader of the Dark Forces’ rebellion, Lucifer?

He was all the time in the Anti-Pleroma. At the moment of its annihilation, he had sharply elevated his vibrations to the level of the Absolute, so this “absolute furnace” did him no harm.


Armageddon Chronicle Part 4 - Lucifer


Armageddon Chronicle Part 4

Anti-Pleroma, with everything in it, erupted and burned like fluff in a blast furnace.

Lucifer’s risky and selfless Mission contributed greatly to the success of the entire operation. When it became clear that he was working for the Light Forces, the Black Archons and their hordes were shocked. But there was nothing they could do to him.

As for the Lightwarriors, they were allowed to contain and annihilate several Anti-Pleromas by an inner-monadic explosion. Not the entire Anti-Pleroma but its self-restoring Matrixes which had no time to unfold as matured structures.

So the Last Armageddon is a complete victory for the Light Forces. They played the scenario to perfection. There was true imitation and betrayal, defeat and despair… Dark Forces believed and were hooked… Everyone participated in their parts perfectly.

An emergency only added drama to the events, forced to improvise, to act on the situation.

Now, it can be said with absolute certainty: henceforth, Darkness no longer exists as a self-sustaining force. Light has won.

Armageddon Chronicle Part 4 - Light Has Won

Light Has Won

Armageddon Chronicle Part 4

Of course, it is not yet a final victory. There are sporadic pockets left in the Local Universe. There are Dark Forces left on 3D Earth, and they’re in agony right now.

It won’t be for long. Their end is near. The situation has been fundamentally reversed “at the top,” and it will soon continue on the planet. And someone will be hit with a lethal boomerang.

There will be a price to pay for all that has been done. The great and inevitable Hour of Reckoning is near.

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Operation Stellar Network Part 4 – The Great Quantum Transition

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Siriusians And Galacom Updates – The Great Quantum Transition

Siriusians And Galacom Updates – The Great Quantum Transition

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