Armageddon Chronicle Part 2 - The Great Quantum Transition

Armageddon Chronicle Part 2

The Great Quantum Transition

Armageddon Chronicle Part 2 – By Lev

By the morning of April 22, 2021, Cosmic Armageddon had ended with the crushing defeat of the Archons and Dark Forces in their attempt to seize Pleroma, and with it to restore the lost positions in the Local Universe and on Earth.

Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchs, and the LFs’ ground teams thwarted these attempts with a complete victory.

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Armageddon Chronicle Part 2 - Light Forces Victory

Light Forces Victory

Armageddon Chronicle Part 2

The details of how things went down can now be disclosed.

A few months ago, Higher Light Hierarchy spotted increased activity from numerous groups of Dark Forces who remained intransigent and refused to side with Light.

Not only did they manage to unite. They could activate one of the remaining Anti-Pleroma self-resurrection Matrices in the Local Universe.

When the former Black Co-Creator was building his eons, he simultaneously developed a huge number of such Matrices.

Light Forces could not eliminate them all as they had no way to find or calculate them all. The Supreme Black Hierarch carefully hid and disguised them in many places of the Local Universe.

His return to the Higher Light Hierarchy was described in DNI earlier. But by transforming into Light, he lost his former dark memory and large layers of information embedded in it.

This included the location of all the Matrixes he had once hidden. By engaging in a war against his former brood on the Light Side, he spotted and eliminated many Matrixes, but not all.

It also emerged that members of his Black Hierarchy created the same latent Anti-Pleroma Matrices without his knowledge. He was not even aware of them.

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Armageddon Chronicle Part 2 - Dark Matrix

Dark Matrix

Armageddon Chronicle Part 2

A few months ago one of such Matrixes self-activated. Of course, for the Higher Light Forces, it was not difficult to destroy it. But in the Local Universe another, very serious problem suddenly surfaced.

Given the choice to either be transformed completely or be annihilated, many of the Black Entities among the irreconcilable have gone deep into hiding. They pretended to cross over to the Light Side, and it was impossible to track them all down.

Higher Light Hierarchy understood perfectly well that they can bring a lot of harm. And that without a global mopping up of the Local Universe, its complete cleansing from energies and Dark entities of the old 3D Matrix, cannot be avoided.

Absolute has promulgated a new Equation, a New Formula of Its next Local Universe which consists ONLY of Light.

Darkness, as an opposition to the Light, as a state, hypostasis, which is a critical distortion of the Light, simply can’t exist in it. No conditions are left for Archons. Darks are not prescribed in the new Equation of the Absolute.

All Intelligence forms will have to implement it by their labor. It will not change by itself. At least, it would be very long.

So, the Light Forces were tasked with detecting and eliminating all remaining irreconcilable Darks (active and disguised, lurking), as well as all potential pockets of Black eons, demonic worlds, and Anti-Pleroma revival.

Armageddon Chronicle Part 2 - Black Eon Pocket

Black Eon Pocket

Armageddon Chronicle Part 2

Unfortunately, there were no real opportunities for this.

And suddenly, unheard-of luck: the unification of the remaining Dark Forces and the Anti-Pleroma Matrix activation by them.

A Plan was born almost immediately. It was risky, ingenious, daring, and, as it turned out, very effective. It was implemented immediately in the strictest secrecy.

Higher Light Forces and the Hierarchy of the Absolute decided not to prevent the Darks from uniting, but to allow them to take possession of the growing Anti-Pleroma, to nurture it to full scale, to make it their main abode.

That is, to gather everyone in one place and eliminate all at once – both the remnants of the Dark Forces and their Anti-Pleroma.

To carry out the Plan, Light Forces had to do more than just feign weakness. They did not just surrender their positions. There were real battles, real losses, and on both sides.

Black underdogs have been given the ability to completely take over certain eons from 5D to 12D.

At the same time, the Archons were actively and rapidly building Anti-Pleroma in 13D. Light Forces did not hinder it.

Forming a full-fledged Anti-Pleroma required colossal sources of energy, including life energy. Dark Forces were siphoning it from everywhere.

The world parasitic system, including on our Earth, was working in full swing. Recent developments in politics and geopolitics, the financial world and social sphere, racial and interethnic clashes focused only on this task.

Armageddon Chronicle Part 2 - Racial Clashes

Racial Clashes

Armageddon Chronicle Part 2

The former Luciferians have activated all of their resources, all of their possessors, all of their caches on Earth and beyond… Of course, they were immediately marked as targets for the Light Forces.

The purpose of these astral possessors is one – to penetrate the field of people and siphon off their vital energy.

Slogans like Stronger Together, or Forward, or Yes We Can were used as All For Anti-Pleroma.

Light Forces performed with clockwork precision … And the Darks swallowed a gudgeon. In the end, they showed the real power, they felt their power!

In some ways, there was an analogy with the ISIS that they created. At a certain point, they lost their sense of proportion and went for broke.

They had nothing to lose. They decided to prove to the Absolute their right to exist. To show and prove with their strength that they could defeat the Light Forces, take over Pleroma, and lay hands upon Absolute.

Any army must have a Leader, someone who is fully trusted.

And that’s where… Lucifer appeared before the footlights.

Armageddon Chronicle Part 2 - Lucifer


Armageddon Chronicle Part 2

After his repentance and transformation, he once again became a Supreme Light Being and was engaged in the arrangement of some distant Galaxy.

The head of the Light Forces’ covert SpecOps, Chief Hierarch of the Absolute, Archangel Michael, personally offered him one of the leading roles in it.

According to this role, Lucifer was to lead the rebellion, the revolt, the revenge of the Dark Forces. He agreed and played this role brilliantly.

He returned to the scene and declared his ambitions to become the Darks’ leader, to eliminate Pleroma, and be the new Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe. Once, he had already betrayed the Source and defected to the Dark Side. And now he wants to help it win.

And they believed him.

He became commander in chief of all the Black Forces. From then on, Lucifer simply led them, controlled the process of unification, and the restoration of Anti-Pleroma. And steadily, he led them into a trap, into a snare.

But then the Plan was almost ruined by the Light Forces’ ground team leader. As DNI had already described, Lightwarrior decided to appeal personally to Lucifer to stop all his thugs.

The group leader’s associates in the Higher Light Hierarchy and Galactic Committee helped find and put him in contact with Lucifer. They were not aware of the special operation and his role in it because of the top-secret regime.

The Lightwarrior was surprised by the reaction of Lucifer, who wouldn’t even talk to him even though he owed him his life. He merely conveyed through an intermediary that he could do nothing to help.

Now, amid a covert op, everything became clear.

The ground crew had their role in it. At the appointed time they had to make a lightning ride by car to one of the secret hiding places of Anti-Pleroma Matrix in the clandestine planetary Hell’s Portals.

However, it was only a distraction, part of Archangel Michael’s strategy.

Armageddon Chronicle Part 2 - Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael

Armageddon Chronicle Part 2

Without going into detail, the need for this maneuver disappeared after an unexpected turn of events in the SpecOps.

Before this, the information was transmitted to the ground group via an open telepathic channel. It was done deliberately, knowing that the info would be intercepted by the Luciferians hunting for the Lightwarriors.

The Light Forces were executing a multi-pronged plan to plant disinformation. The members of the ground group were marked as targets for the Darkies’ strikes, and the Lightwarriors had to hold the blows the whole time. They had to.

As noted in the first part of the post (see DNI, April 22, 2021), another theater of operations has become the battle for our Earth.

The goal of the Black Archons was to form the Anti-Pleroma in the fullest sense of the term. It was not Anti-Pleroma 13D, but a semblance of the Gaia’s Multiverse.

Their foci in the captured eons 5D-12D were forming as a unified field of the new Black Local Universe, which was to merge into the Anti-Pleroma 13D.

What were they missing for the whole plan? A 3D stronghold, and a better beachhead. And there is simply no better place to do that than our 3D Earth.

So they sent their main forces to capture our planet. All last days there was unprecedented fighting between the Light and Dark Forces.

Armageddon Chronicle Part 2 - Battle For Earth

Battle For Earth

Armageddon Chronicle Part 2

It was no longer a giveaway game. The planet was not to be given up under any circumstances. That is why the battle was fought to the death.

All Earth’s Light Forces, all the Light helpers took part in it in April 2021, some consciously, some at the level of their Higher Self. Everyone rose to the defense of Earth…


To be continued

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Friendly Space Races Part 1-2 – The Great Quantum Transition

Friendly Space Races Part 1-2 – The Great Quantum Transition

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