Argorians Update 27 November 2021 - The Great Quantum Transition - Lev

Argorians Update 27 November 2021

The Great Quantum Transition

Argorians Update 27 November 2021 – Lev

A new message from the Argorians’ space fleet on November 27, 2021, along with their info in previous days, adds to the latest Galacom Update (see – DNI, November 26, 2021).

The design shows more details on how the Argorians’ squadron is now processing 3D Earth by quantum energies while it is transported into a 5D vibrational orbit in the Gerios Galaxy, closer to the Central Sun.

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Argorians Update 27 November 2021 - rocessing 3D Earth By Quantum Energies

Processing 3D Earth By Quantum Energies

Argorians Update 27 November 2021

The squadron is depicted in the design as two elements: a small pink sphere (top right) that pulls the entire 5D Earth energy structure with it, and a star (flagship of the flotilla) above a tiny crescent of the same color.

Against the general background of the white energy ASTEMO, that forms the Intelligence plasma of space from new information, the full spectrum of radiation is combined, which corrects the work of the entire Earth’s power system.

The energy field of the planet’s core (in the design – vertical hemisphere at the top right) receives Galactic energy through the Power Portals during passing through the Membrane filters between the dimensions.

This space is filled with SFARGO energy of yellow and lemon color, which cleanses matter from 3D substances and eases adaptation to the space filled with 5D wave impulses.

Portals of Earth core’s force field direct seven streams of quantum energy which form new 5D space on a planet.

FIRST STREAM of blue and silver energy BLISKO loads in the Hologram the program of intellectual development and thinking process of earthlings.

Argorians Update 27 November 2021 - Blisko Energy

Blisko Energy

Argorians Update 27 November 2021

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SECOND STREAM of red energy ERMA forms the 5D Matrix, its energy structures, and matter.

THIRD STREAM of dark purple KAROS condenses the 5D particles and clears space for new formations.

FOURTH STREAM of scarlet FERMO up-lines in the Matrix the new programs for the information fields and the new consciousness.

Argorians Update 27 November 2021 - Fermo Energy

Fermo Energy

Argorians Update 27 November 2021

FIFTH STREAM of yellow SFAS helps adapt to the 5D space with new quantum pulses.

SIXTH STREAM of dark green ARTREM carries programs of space’s sound processing. Affecting the matter by sound vibrations, this energy causes it to emit frequencies that form into clots the timeline’s distortions made by people, and their negative radiations. The clots are then destroyed.

SEVENTH STREAM of dark orange LECAS channeled to all 144,000 pyramids of the planet intensifies the temporal programs to create new 5D matter.

The force field of the 25D Argorians’ squadron flagship (a small star above the pink hemisphere) operates on dark lilac-colored GLEGES energy, which cleans the near-Earth space from negative impurities.

Argorians Update 27 November 2021 - Gleges Energy

Gleges Energy

Argorians Update 27 November 2021

Flagship radiates three streams of plasma fire-red energy EFGOFAR, which forms the Time programs and cycles of Matrix change.

Fire energy enters the planet’s Quasitron Portal (the circle in the center of the design) that is formed by the Bermuda Triangle, the Devil’s Sea, and the Mediterranean.

The Portal has quantum protection of dark blue GRIKADO energy, backing the work of Earth’s life support systems.

The Quasitron is enwrapped tightly by FIADO blue energy, stabilizing the mental development of earthlings.

In its center (marked by a dot) the red ERMA energy is emitting which, as noted above, forms the 5D Matrix, its energy structures, and new matter.

Argorians Update 27 November 2021 - Erma Energy

Erma Energy

Argorians Update 27 November 2021

Through the Quasitron, energy is delivered in stages to the four layers (platforms) of the Earth’s worlds.

FIRST PLATFORM – the cortical layer of the planet has a network of crimson and gold MIRO energy. It is directed to the upper atmosphere to condition, purify, extract and sort plasma.

MIRO helps to overcome and open up barriers between dimensions. In small doses, it stimulates plant growth and natural selection in the animal world. This energy is brought to the planet through Power Portals to strengthen the entire life support system.

SECOND PLATFORM forms the structure and development of 5D matter with the help of magnetic fields by the directional force action of the emerald-green KEGINO energy (wide down arrow).

Depicted as a background, the yellow-pink (light orange) energy FERMAGO cleanses Hologram, saturates it with a new DNA code for the development of human intellect, love, and aspiration for creation. Regulates reincarnation processes on the planet. Adjusts Earth to the new timeline’s programs by bringing in accumulated quantum energy. Transformations are accelerated by increased ultrasonic impacts.

Argorians Update 27 November 2021 - Kegino Energy

Kegino Energy

Argorians Update 27 November 2021

THIRD PLATFORM of blue and white energy BLISCORI develops people’s mental abilities and contains the full range of components necessary for it.

This platform also concentrates the blue FIADO energy. It is accumulated by cycles in the Time spin and is used for splitting atoms into constituent particles. Thus, the planet’s aura receives temporal programs for compacted plasma prepared for fission by the combined energy fields.

FOURTH PLATFORM of brown and yellow ERMIGO energy reformulates the energy clots that were used up and removed from the planet.

Argorians Update explains the changes in the workings of Earth’s core (Crystal).

Throughout the year, waves of plasma have been coming to the planet from the Source, carrying powerful energies of Light. The peak of this quantum tide falls in the last three months of 2021.

Argorians Update 27 November 2021 - Plasma


Argorians Update 27 November 2021

Under the influence of this powerful flux, the frequencies of Earth’s magnetic core and the resonance of Light, which is radiated by pulsing from the Crystal outward through the Earth’s crust, are dramatically increased. Plasma exits the heart of the planet in the form of an expanding Radiant spiral.

An electrical shift is activated in the magnetic core, creating new Portals and forming a series of new vortexes across the planet. This is not a new phenomenon. Such multidimensional structures have always existed on Earth, but lately, they have been working differently. They are resurrecting in people the consciousness of the Pure-Light freqs, arising on Earth in the last days, weeks, and months.

These structures take the form of sacred geometric patterns and Portals to restore our conscious connections to Source energies.

They interact within our Subtle Bodies, heart, and brain cells, which sometimes creates disorientation in our daily perception of reality.

By listening to our hearts in our conscious moments, it is easier for us to adjust physically, energetically, and emotionally to the multi-dimensional shift of Earth’s reality.

The Earth’s rotation accelerates and gains a more direct alignment and interaction with the Sun. It also creates additional disorientation and discomfort in us.

Argorians Update 27 November 2021 - Rotation Accelerates

Rotation Accelerates

Argorians Update 27 November 2021

Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchy, Galacom, and all friendly cosmic races actively help us throughout the whole process of Transition to 5D.

They work directly with the Earth’s magnetic core, creating a spiral flow of Light from it. It moves throughout the planet, expanding and deepening our multidimensional potential, as well as interacting with the cells of our heart.

These spirals are part of the “transmitter” that is in every cell of our heart.

The spiral-shaped Light particles are designed to launch us into accelerated transmutation.

By entering the “transmitter” within the heart cell, the Light particles give us direct access to the full potential of our Higher Self.

At the same time, they renew and realign our physical and Subtle Bodies into a higher and broader energy resonance with all the new power fields of the 5D Earth.

Co-Creators have designed this transformation process to best prepare us for the complete energetic reset that will occur on the planet as we go through the entire next year.

Argorians Update 27 November 2021 - Broader Energy Resonance

Broader Energy Resonance

Argorians Update 27 November 2021

How are we withstanding this Transition, these fluxes of transforming quantum currents, the raising of the planet of its frequencies? For many of us, it’s very hard.

Here is the woman’s testimony, which, in my opinion, best describes how one feels and thinks about it. For ease of reading, the retelling in the first person is kept.

I’m writing this post at the juncture of November 24 and 25, 2021. What have we got? I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m blown away. I am tired like a beaten dog because it all spirals more intensely with each turn.

No proper sleep for three days. There is simply nowhere to rest. Dizziness, feeling that I will fly out or faint at any moment, excessive hunger, or vice versa.

Pressure in the Corona (head) gives way to the jaw and teeth. Ears whistling, humming, tingling. Heart palpitations. Squeezing in the chest. Irritation in the bowels, gas, cramps.

Tremors or body vibrations, cold feet, and hands, blurred vision, or inability to concentrate. I want to scream or cry because don’t know where to put everything that comes into me, it all doesn’t fit inside me.

This anxiety is coming from nowhere and scares me. Whole days fall out somewhere. Sometimes it feels like days just disappeared, or it was already there. Feeling of living in 2nd, 3d, 4th realities.

Argorians Update 27 November 2021 - Anxiety Scares

Anxiety Scares

Argorians Update 27 November 2021

About us, girls… Something very strange is going on in our reproductive system. Spontaneous orgasms are caused by energy. Then like contractions/pulsations, light bleeding between periods, and lower back pain like it’s time to give birth. Burning, tingling. Pinpoint pains. The color of my period is sometimes frightening.

Often a chill or fever breaks out of the blue and I break out in a sweat. I sweat like a ferret, can’t get out of the shower. It dries the mouth very much.

After sleeping, my heart is beating fast. I want to take a horizontal position all the time. There is absolutely no desire for direct contact with the outside world. I want to crawl into my little corner/world and rest there.

Most esoteric bloggers say, “Don’t go to the doctors, there’s nothing wrong with you”. That would be ideal. But that’s only if a person’s consciousness is ready to accept.

If you find it very difficult, I still recommend not neglecting to ask for help. It’s the right thing to do! Listen to yourself. Act according to your heart.

I want to go back to the word Ascension. It’s interesting, isn’t it? We receive the New Consciousness. We are not developing anything on our own. It’s all nonsense. We take or not what we are given. We are given New Consciousness of the Higher Level.

Argorians Update 27 November 2021 - Ascension


Argorians Update 27 November 2021

This Awareness is about us stopping picturing/playing in life and being able to bring ourselves to life. There is no joy in this because the process is very painful.

It’s like going backstage after a performance and seeing all its drabness, the mechanisms that raise and lower the curtain, the ladders, the fake decorations, and props. Artificial fruits, flowers, the Prince in the smoking-room with the princess, the good fairy in her underpants and bra swearing like a trooper…

Ascension elevates us above the play we have been playing in. It teaches us to look beyond the human form and the material world. Not to become attached to that which is destined to crumble. Ascension inspires us to see beyond, beyond the edge of Earth. It reveals to us the Real Universe and awaits our decision: to remain in the Old or to move into the New.

Only no one knows what’s new. I can share one very important discovery of mine. Most people think that the New is some kind of ready-made paradise. And there we will all feel good and free.

That’s partly true. It is free and, most importantly, safe. There’s no need to survive, no need to be afraid, no need to worry. But there’s one “but”…

There is nothing! For those who are ripe for that nothing (and it’s not easy at all), it’s just a matter of opening the doors and going in. It’s zero, a blank slate. But so far none of us has entered. Because we are afraid to accept it.

No one’s waiting for us there to help us. They will hint, yes. But we will act and build our new reality on our own. That is why everyone has to create in his/her Soul that for which he/she is ready. “As you have believed, so will it be done for you.

More by Lev

Galacom Update 15-21 January 2022 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Galacom Update 15-21 January 2022 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Galacom and its ground teams continue to transform 3D Earth, considering this as the most important task today. On January 15-21, 2022, they conducted some new operations. The first of them took place in a mountainous area of one of the European countries (the name is not disclosed for security reasons).

Our Vibes Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Our Vibes Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

On January 16, 2022, new statistics were received on the Transition of Souls to the 4D that took place during the December Solstice. Recall: 50% of Souls from the total number of their carriers on Earth, or about 1.943 billion people, have been transferred to 4D. The same amount is left in the 3D. Such equilibrium is necessary to maintain the balance of the planet’s energy fields.

Our Vibes Part 1 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Our Vibes Part 1 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

2022 will complete the transformation begun in the last century on the Subtle Plane. Many of us will fill and some will see the meaning of change and our role in the new world. They will realize at last that this is now a different planet, and there will be no going back to the past.

Operation Dark Goddess – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation Dark Goddess – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The battle is going on. Dark Forces are still very strong, sleek, and shifty in using the Light for their survival. Especially, when they entered and gobbled men as possessors. Operation Dark Goddess, which was conducted by the Light Forces’ ground team, gives additional info about it.

Our Body – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Our Body – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Earth has reached a new level of change. There is a sense of radical transforming in the air. On the Subtle Plane, new energies demolish all Earthly ossified structures. The frameworks in which we lived, and which we had been building for a comfortable existence, seemed to us to reliably ensure stability, daily routine, relationships of a certain type with certain roles, lifestyle, habits, traditions, and rituals come apart.

Our Upgrading – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Our Upgrading – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

January 2022 is an ideal time for a deep revision and a thorough reset of our fundamental values, concepts, and mental attitudes. Of everything, we used to rely on when making decisions about our long-term goals and personal life.

Afterword – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Afterword – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

By January 5, 2022, many ground teams of Lightwarriors and Lightworkers disclosed a lot of new info on what happened during and after the mass meditation on December 21, 2021.

Our Inner Work Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Our Inner Work Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

On January 3, 2022, at 17:28 CET, the Galactic Committee transmitted another information about the Transition to 4D and a brief assessment of the current situation on Earth. Galacom focused its info on the topic that Co-Creators now consider the most important for earthlings – on the factors necessary for entering and staying in 4D.

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