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Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022 - The Great Quantum Transition - Lev

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022

The Great Quantum Transition

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022 – By Lev

On May 27-28, 2022, at 7:06 AM CET, the Argorians’ space fleet reported the next 3D Earth monitoring data.

Against the general background of the white energy ASTEMO which forms the 4D/5D Intelligence plasma in Earth’s space, the planet is enveloped by a wave orb of light blue and silver color BLISKO energy (in the diagram – the sphere on the left). It accelerates the transformation of the brain and the thinking process of earthlings.

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Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022 - Energies Scheme

Energies Scheme

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022

The BLISKO sphere, in turn, is placed in a quantum cocoon of golden LOBE energy, which supports temporary programs and the planet’s signal system, as well as soft for removal of unnecessary energy.

The vector of the blue energy FIADO is indicated by arrows emanating from the sphere. It enters the Quasitron (formed by the Bermuda Triangle, the Mediterranean and the Devil’s Sea), batters down the 2D space, and enters the 1D of the planet.

In all three dimensions, FIADO impulses form three planes that, with powerful prominences, remove the info-energy of these dimensions and the mental dirt still radiated by people.

Earth, surrounded by BLISKO and LOBE energies, is now in the center of six pairs of compressive force fields (indicated by narrow rings on the right in the diagram), combined into a single structure similar to a layer cake.

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022 - LOBE Energy

LOBE Energy

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022

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Intense pulsations of these fields create powerful energy waves. With their blows, they damp and knock out 3D vibrations from Earth and replace them with 4D/5D freqs.

The fields are held together by a beam of SLAMO white energy which combines their spectrum and corrects the work of the entire “cake”.

What energies do the fields consist of, and how do they affect the planet?

As shown in the diagram, each of the six fields is filled with paired energies that hold the contour of each layer. Namely (from left to right)


First Pair:

The dark blue GRIKADO forms 4D/5D life support systems on Earth;

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022 - GRIKADO Energy


Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022

The blue and gold ERMO changes the environment, and supports temporary programs for the development of five-dimensional matter.


The Second Pair:

The yellow SFIRO neutralizes the negative effects of increased pressure, coronary and planetary;

The light blue with a violet shade of BLICADO filters and separates 3D and 5D Intelligence energy.

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022 - SFIRO Energy

SFIRO Energy

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022

The Third Pair:

The orange LEKAS strengthens temporary programs for the formation of 5D matter;

The brown GLAMO runs the energies radiated by the worlds of Nature.

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022 - GLAMO Energy

GLAMO Energy

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022

The Fourth Pair:

The lilac GLEZIS condenses Intelligence l-gamma particles in the Earth’s space, and condenses them in 5D structures;

The red ERMA builds a 5D Matrix, its power field and matter.

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022 - ERMA Energy

ERMA Energy

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022

The Fifth Pair:

The green ERGINO stimulates the awakening and development of the vital energy of 5D matter; regulates the magnetic fields fluctuations, equalizes the energy of the planet, affects the climate and the work of the fifth dimension Hologram;

BLICADO energy – see above.

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022 - ERGINO Energy


Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022

The Sixth Pair:

The gray-ashy BIGS transforms the Subtle Bodies of earthlings and opens Portals to the inner worlds of the planet. Entering a man, this energy gauges the level of his Spirituality and physical condition, changes the polarity and structure of his biomaterial. So the selection of Souls continues.

The orange FERMAGO cleanses the Hologram, saturates it with a new DNA code that accelerates the development of human Intelligence, Love and desire for creativity; regulates reincarnation on the planet.

The whole system operates on dark red BAROUR energy which forms the 5D information field and controls plasma process in the atmosphere.

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022 - BAROUR Energy


Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022

By periodically opening the ozone layer, the atmosphere and the surface are cleared of negativity and accumulate the finished plasma in the form of spontaneous clots.

With its radiations from the upper layer of the atmosphere and the annular vacuum above the equator, BAROUR cyclically splits plasma atoms into constituent elements and with the generated energy saturates the aura of Earth and man through the junction point of consciousness with the subconscious.

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022 - Plasma Clot

Plasma Clot

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022

The energy of split atoms renews biological matter and accumulates in its Subtle fields.

The entire Earth is being rebuilt now for the new, 5D, soft which has already loaded into the planet’s info-energy hard disk with the parameters of the fourth and fifth dimensions.

4D works on the quantum waves of pink, green lilac and blue colors.

They throw out the swamp color GEARD energy (of lies and deception) outside the planet. The 3D plasma is annihilated.

The cortical layer is changing. By compressing Light waves, Argorians affect Earth’s aura. Structural upgrading of the planet’s core has significantly increased its 5D radiation coming into it from Galactic Center via the Sun.

The information of the Argorians explains why the life of a 3D person is now more and more complicated. This is especially noticeable by the absolute inadequacy of the ruling elite and its entire policy.

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022 - GEARD Energy

GEARD Energy

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022

Today, in supersevere conditions are the people with three-dimensional consciousness. The Solar and magnetic storms, enhanced by quantum flows, not only accelerate the transformation and transition of Earth to 5D, but mercilessly cull everyone who does not want to alter, and who would rather die than change.

Solar storms are getting stronger and more frequent. On May 27-28, 2022, Class C and M outbreaks resumed. The Earth’s magnetosphere was hit by new blows, with a force of 2 to 4 points. Their dynamics resemble a rollercoaster.

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022 - Sun M-Class Flares Resumed

Sun M-Class Flares Resumed

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022

For two days, many people felt the same way.

A sharp deterioration in well-being, headaches, jumps in blood pressure, irritability, weakness, fatigue, nervous tension, exacerbation of chronic diseases were suddenly replaced by relief.

Then it all happened again.

Seismic activity also remains high.

On May 27, occurred 3 earthquakes of magnitude 6.0 and higher; 4 earthquakes of magnitude 5+; 42 earthquakes of magnitude 4+; 111 earthquakes of magnitude 3+; 265 earthquakes of magnitude 2+; and 530 earthquakes of magnitude less than 2.0.

The strongest, magnitude 6.4, was recorded in New Caledonia, South Pacific Ocean.

Constantly accumulated imperil (astral and mental dirt) is actively removed from the planet not only by Solar storms and earthquakes but by natural disasters, which are also becoming more frequent.

On May 27, a super tornado with a speed of 70 mph hit North Texas.

The epicenter fell on Morton.

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022 - Super Tornado In North Texas

Super Tornado In North Texas

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022 - Landslide In The Northern Province Of Vietnam

Landslide In The Northern Province Of Vietnam

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022

In the northern provinces of Vietnam, people died as a result of severe floods and landslides after several days of torrential rains.

In three days, more than 900 mm of precipitation fell in some areas.

317 houses and 19,000 hectares of crops were damaged.

Heavy rains hit Accra (Ghana), causing massive flooding which affected low-lying areas of the city.

Houses were flooded, property was destroyed.

Roofs and walls were damaged, that led to the collapse of buildings.

Schools, hospitals and businesses have stopped working.

Streets and markets were covered with mountains of debris as floodwaters receded. In rural areas, the rain caused landslides, which led to even more damage.

A similar was observed in the northeast of Brazil.

Over the past few days there have been floods in Olinda and Recife, where the Tejipio River overflowed its banks, and landslides in the states of Pernambuco, Alagoas and Paraiba.

At least one person was killed, several were injured, and hundreds were forced to leave their homes.

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022 - Penedo In Alagoas, Brazil

Penedo In Alagoas, Brazil

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022

Recently, in many parts of the planet, people see a cloud formation in the form of a torus and a green fog. This is a Portal. The green mist is the gateway to another dimension.

Currently, the Portal is working to cleanse from negativity Earth and people. That causes epidemics, mental illness, deep depression, suicide, violence and disasters.

In many countries and megacities there is a very heavy aura of dirty brown color. These are the energies of GLASSO, collecting the remnants of the knowledge of the current Fifth Race, and GASIG which destroys the 3D structures and beings, and clears space for 5D.

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022 - GLASSO Energy


Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022

Adaptation to the new environment is already in full swing on the planet. The more actively a person changes his views and habits, the faster his body adapts to new conditions. It is for them that Portals to four- and five-dimensional worlds are opened.

As narrated by DNI, recurrent transition took place in March 2022, and the latest occurred on May 14-15, that is, just a couple of months after the previous one. Events are definitely accelerating.

There will be twelve such steps in 3D (according to the number of the vibes sub-levels), when the next group will finally move their bodies to the required frequency and will be settled on the 4D floor definitively and irrevocably.

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022 - To Settle Definitively And Irrevocably

To Settle Definitively And Irrevocably

Argorians Update 27-28 May 2022

When the first groups of crystal-bodied earthlings, the pioneers of the fifth dimension, will open the entrance to these higher worlds, at this moment the evolutionary leap for humanity as a whole will start. It will break the deadlock of many processes that are waiting for their manifestation in the territories of the high-frequency light.

The launch of the new reality will take place fractally, in certain regions. Where the space is most purified, where people have made a choice towards only Good, where lies and falsehoods cause collective rejection as unworthy for the development of their society. Where they do not enter into any negotiations with Dark Forces about a joint future, but go their own way of Spiritual development, to the Light, the Stars, to the worlds of the fifth dimension and higher.

And in conclusion, the info conveyed on May 29, 2022, at 05:14 AM CET by the Light Forces’ ground team head.

Currently, Co-Creators and Galacom use the entire group to the maximum, at the limit (sometimes even beyond it) of human strength. Through them, among other things, the loading of higher, systemic energies and programs of 5D Matrix is carried out. They will suppress and replace the energies of the old one, with the help of which the Darks now try to run the events in the world.

The download has been active since April 26, and occurs in waves every day. The main energies are brought to Earth through the heart chakras. The physical body feels them as an incredible, heavy burden, a vibrational load on the heart.

And on it goes, almost every day, for 6-8 hours. Lightwarriors can only lie down without getting up. At the slightest load, they begin to suffocate from an overabundance of energy and vibrations.

Some of the new Matrix programs are installed through the head chakras, causing wild dizziness and severe headaches.

Ops in this state are almost impossible. Lightwarriors have to cancel or postpone some of them.

After the latest Galacom’s warnings, transmitted through the group, about the transfer of the newest weapons to Light Forces (see – Argorians Update, Disclosure News, 16 May 2022), the entire ground team was hit by most severe energy strikes. But they stood their ground this time as well.

More by Lev

Pummeling – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Pummeling – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

The first days of October are accompanied by increased activity of the Sun. Solar storms with strength of 6-7 points (on a 9-point scale) resume every 10-12 hours. They are accompanied by powerful cataclysms all over the planet: volcanic eruptions, the strongest hurricanes and floods with great casualties and earthquakes.

Operation 4th Universe Part 10-2 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation 4th Universe Part 10-2 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The operation of the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs to create an Absolute-like human Monad to populate the future, 4th Local Universe turned out to be extremely difficult. The main obstacle was that this op directly depended on the results of many other works, tests and experiments that were conducted in parallel with energy flows, matter, the structure of the Universe, the Pleroma and its inhabitants, etc. (see Parts 1-10-1).

Operation 4th Universe Part 10 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation 4th Universe Part 10 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

In Operation 4th Universe, one of the most difficult problems was the Monads. Partially, DNI already covered this topic (see – Operation in Germany, Part 2; and Our Monad, Parts 1, 2 and 3). In this sphere, the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe has left a terrible legacy. What was it? Why it was so difficult for removing?

Operation 4th Universe Part 9 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation 4th Universe Part 9 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

With the advent of the Cosmic Day in 2023-2024, the manifestation of the Absolute in the Local Universe will increase. Its goal is to help all existing Intelligence forms become Absolute-like. So that they can hold Its undistorted smallest particle and assimilate Absolute Light, that is, the environment in which It reigns supreme.

Operation 4th Universe Part 8-2 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation 4th Universe Part 8-2 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Any awakening is the decision exclusively of the Monad (Soul), which has materialized its manifestation body here, in 3D, and depends on a huge amount of factors. According to the circumstances, for gaining experience, the Monad can take advantage of external favorable conditions for awakening, or it can continue to receive what she needs through the subconscious of the embodied “sleeping” person.

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