Argorians Update 11 06 2022 - The Great Quantum Transition - Lev

Argorians Update 11 June 2022

The Great Quantum Transition

Argorians Update 11 June 2022 – By Lev

On June 10th, 2022, at 10:55 AM CET, Argorians’ space fleet transmitted another message about its work on the Earth’s Subtle Plane.

Against the general background of the white ASTEMO radiation, that forms the Intelligence plasma in Earthly space from the 5D info-energy, combines the entire spectrum and runs the work of the entire system, the sphere of green-brown energy FEARZIK is working.

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Argorians Update 11 06 2022 - Energies Work Scheme

Energies Work Scheme

Argorians Update 11 06 2022

It changes the magnetic fields that destroy spent structures. The orange-gold energy ERCADO (fanning lines above the sphere) emits from it, creating impulses of fields’ motor contractions, and generates temporary 5D information programs.

Argorians Update 11 06 2022 - ERCADO Energy


Argorians Update 11 06 2022

The energy reflector of the dark blue energy GRIKADO backs the Earth’s life support structures. The fields overlap each other.

1. The red energy ERMA field continues to build a five-dimensional Matrix, saturate it with 5D energy and matter.

2. The dark brown energy GLAMO field accumulates radiation from the elementales, mineral, vegetable and protein worlds of Nature.

In the center (horizontal sinuous line) there is a channel of wave quantum energy KAROS of dark purple color. It condenses the particles and clears the space for a five-dimensional fractal and its new formations.

Argorians Update 11 06 2022 - GRICADO Energy


Argorians Update 11 06 2022

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Argorians Update 11 06 2022 - KAROS Energy

KAROS Energy

Argorians Update 11 06 2022

According to the temporary atomic splitting programs, 5D energy accumulates in the form of plasma, concentrates, and cyclically fills the aura of Earth which passes into another Time.

Force fields, radiating thought, close and consolidate the achieved level of development. The inter-spatial impact on the climate renews biological matter.

By the energy storage devices and an ultrasonic transducer, vital matter is formed into a clot of Universe’s energy and transferred to the environment, where it materializes in the form of various structures.

Argorians Update 11 06 2022 - Universe's Energy Clots

Universe’s Energy Clots

Argorians Update 11 06 2022

​The radiations of thought are actively transforming the Earthly space. Planetary magnets continue to select and concentrate individuals by the frequencies they emit.

The SUTRA plane in the atmosphere accumulates radiation, changing the shell of the planet with the help of energy storage units. This plane splits atoms into elementary particles, condenses plasma, and changes the climate, accumulating energy in Earth’s power fields.

The incoming from space vertical streams of 5D plasma enter the atmosphere cyclically, are distributed over the equatorial zone, and shift the angle of the Earth’s rotation axis. This causes volcanic eruptions and the tectonics.

Argorians Update 11 06 2022 - Plasma Entering Earth

Plasma Entering Earth

Argorians Update 11 06 2022

The cosmic flows of Intelligence l-gamma particles are amplified. They terminate the current phase of Transition to a new vibes of the environment. Its radiations raised one octave higher.

Earth has been transferred to a new, accelerated Time mode. This directly affects the events and men’s consciousness, intensifying their selection according to its maturity.

Serious preparations are underway for new downloads of information into the earthlings’ subconscious, changing the cerebras’ work.

Argorians Update 11 06 2022 - Cerebras Loading

Cerebras Loading

Argorians Update 11 06 2022

Events will speed up in proportion to the increase in the vibrations of the planet. Acceleration requires a qualitative transition to a new level of human consciousness.

The current events confirm and supplement the Argorians’ info.

On June 10, there were 5 earthquakes of magnitude 5.0 and higher; 34 earthquakes of magnitude 4+; 110 earthquakes of magnitude 3+; 256 earthquakes of magnitude 2+; and 382 earthquakes of magnitude below 2.0.

The strongest were in Sichuan province (China) with a magnitude of 5.8-6.1, and in Cyprus with a magnitude of 4.8. Two days earlier, an earthquake reached 8.3 points on Lake Baikal (Russia).

Argorians Update 11 06 2022 - Sichuan Province (China) On The Map

Sichuan Province (China) On The Map

Argorians Update 11 06 2022

On June 9-11, in the northern part of the Atlantic Fault, the tremors were M6 and higher. The chain near the Azores Islands indicates the imminent possible activation of their volcanoes.

On the night of Monday to Tuesday, new intense quantum flows came to the Earth’s timeline.

For many, they caused dizziness, absent-mindedness, drowsiness, palpitations, and fever in the body and increased sweating.

Hypersensitive people felt anxiety, apathy, tearfulness or causeless laughter, a sense of loneliness and panic…

Thus, the egocentric personality is mentally separated in men, separating it from the Soul, their true nature.

These flows will be intense on June 12 as well, helping people to realize that everything is given for Good, clearing away negative energy, accumulated toxins and slags.

The intensity of incoming flows is run by an amber-colored protective dome over Earth, damping their turbulence and destructive force.

As a result, quantum energies become softer and more easily absorbed. Due to the work of that dome, sunsets become especially beautiful in many parts of the planet.

Argorians Update 11 06 2022 - Azores Islands Volcanoes

Azores Islands Volcanoes

Argorians Update 11 06 2022

Argorians Update 11 06 2022 - Amber-Colored Protective Dome

Amber-Colored Protective Dome

Argorians Update 11 06 2022

Each man from birth has the most powerful energy with the potential of the strongest laser. And what is a laser? This is an abbreviation of “the light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.”


The enhanced energy of the Spirit and Life Force is also a laser. With its help, these two separate human powers enter into resonance and form a kind of reactor.

Argorians Update 11 06 2022 - Our Laser

Amber-Colored Protective Dome

Argorians Update 11 06 2022

In this reactor, occurs a synthesis, an explosive fusion of two energies. They can be amplified millions and billions of times. So, in the reality field, colossal energy is released in terms of luminosity, vibrations and volume.

But it is so high-frequented that it’s impossible to use this energy for Evil. None of the Black egregores, by who is waging the Third World War today, can assimilate it. On this will be next Disclosure News posts.

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The Heat – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

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The War Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

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