Argorians - Friendly Space Races.Part 2


Friendly Space Races.Part 2

The Great Quantum Transition

Argorians – Friendly Space Races.Part 2 – By Lev



Thanks for the message from the Argorians’ spaceship commander. It’s reassuring to know that everything is going according to Plan “at this time.”

Can you please interpret for us the statement: “YOU ARE IN ANOTHER REALITY”? Are we mostly in 5D frequency now?

I still feel like I have one foot in the density of 3D, but I am more and more uncomfortable with the mindset, behaviors, and actions of the lower dimension and feel more and more at ease with Nature, calmness, and inner peace.

Desert Flower

27/06/2021 at 5:24

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Obviously what is meant to happen will indeed happen during the process, according to Co-Creators’ and Source’s plan. My best regards to the squadron and the Commander of the 25D Argorians spaceship!


27/06/2021 at 1:50 am

It is true if the beings descended with a manual, use of rectification repair, and other tasks it would not have the opportunity to develop the intelligence of the human prototype.

26/06/2021 at 9:44 pm

This is how I understand and feel it, knowing the process generates violence by forcing it: the man who has a purpose generates identification and desire for manifestation … The feminine side of the Source knows the patience of the generation and that’s what we’re on. I have always felt that I have asked in this stay only to have the awareness of the events to the minimum and only a second before the others, to be able to guide.
Virginia Fernandez Prieto

26/06/2021 at 8:10 pm

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25D Argorians not only stood at the origins of life and civilization on our planet. Now they are the main curators of the Great Quantum Transition of the Earth and earthlings into the new, fifth dimension.

There are several main areas for Argorians’ work. They include moving the Earth into a 5D vibrational orbit, a complete replacement of the Hologram, the Matrix, and all structures on the Subtle and physical Planes using dozens of quantum energies coming from the Source. DNI narrates it in great detail on its website.

Argorians - 5D Vibes Orbit
5D Vibes Orbit


About two hundred Argorians incarnated on Earth in human bodies to monitor online the Transition. All of them underwent, and continue to undergo, in one form or another, the hardships described in previous Parts (see – Friendly Space Races. Par 1-1 and 1-2, DNI, June 24 and 26, 2021).

A word on the 25th dimension…In some ways, it is similar to our Solar System. The plasma protuberances emitted by Sun bind the energies of the planets that fulfill their tasks and purposes in this system.

In the same way, there is a world in the Greater Cosmos that supplies energy to those parts that need it, including the other Time spaces.

This world is 25D is linking all dimensions and correcting their environments. In the Greater Cosmos, Argorians are simultaneously sowers, caretakers, adjusters, healers, and rescuers.

They are eternal space wanderers who left their Galaxy long ago. They travel throughout the Universe, searching for inhabited planets to seed. Their crews are from many Constellations.

By cosmic standards, Argorians live more than a hundred years, but in earthly terms, one such year lasts ten thousand years.

Argorians - Sowers, Caretakers, Healers
Sowers, Caretakers, Healers


Argorians have 25D’s energy bodies. Thanks to the compensator suits, they, like other representatives of the higher dimensions, can materialize in any world, including Earth.

They have Soul, astral and other bodies, though with different frequencies.

Their Souls are very powerful, most pure, with a high concentration of white-pink with the blue energy of Love.

Their plasma bodies do not require nourishment as we understand it; they are fed through communication with each other.

Although Argorians do not give birth to children as humans do, they do have children.

They find them on different planets based on their energy potentials. It could be also Earthly kids with a special kind of mind and unique inner energy.

The primary mission of the Argorians’ squadron is to constantly monitor the development of Intelligence plasma on viable planets and provide emergency aid if necessary to both the planets themselves and the sentient beings on them.

Saving dying civilizations is the hardest work, associated with many dangers and hardships. But the Argorians cannot change their choice, because it is their deliberate destiny.

Their squadron includes eighty-five ships of various types and functions. One of them, the traueleventator, is now pulling Earth on an energy tug in form of a string bag into a new 5D vibrational orbit.

Argorians - Space Fleet
Space Fleet


In flotilla, there are also problemators. They equalize wave oscillations and distortions of space and create a powerful electromagnetic field that attracts Intelligence l-gamma particles that are out of control of the RIR energy.

By this black energy is made the partition- walls between dimensions, cosmic quantum energy accumulators, and other structures in the Local Universe.

There are transport ships to carry the plasma of plants, animals, and people to seed planets. The crew of such a craft usually consists of 7-10 Argorians and serves two or three Galaxies in one Star cluster.

Movement through the space labyrinth occurs through communication channels, so the flight time is reduced. Transporters serve only scheduled resettlement.

They receive the plasma through tracking stations located in interdimensional nodes. It’s mostly astral, generated by the planet.

The ships purify the plasma, re-sort it, and send it to new planets in another Galaxy or in deep space for re-forming, refining, and re-growing. It’s necessary, otherwise, the process of humanity’s development will be uneven.

Argorians monitored and accompanied all of the Five Races on Earth, and today are actively helping to the Sixth Race’s birth.

One of the Argorians was a Frenchman named Michel Nostradamus. Back in the 16th century, he predicted the beginning of the Great Transition for mankind.

Argorians - Michel Nostradamus
Michel Nostradamus


On a three-dimensional planet like Earth, the Argorians can’t be even in a compensator suit. They have to embed themselves in people’s bodies and live their lives according to the full Earth program.

They rarely have complete families, and are either single or raise their kids in a lone-parent family. Often children do not understand their parents and, as a consequence, often betray them.

The task of Argorian as earthmen is to monitor the Quantum Transition, and saturate the planet’s informational layer with new knowledge. The fleet solves larger tasks – it helps the Earth’s cosmic evolution.

Argorians were at the origins of the life seeding on our planet. It happened during dramatic events in the Greater Cosmos.

At the time, another war was going on in the Local Universe. The aggressive civilizations of the Orion constellation were trying to conquer the Canis Major’s space around Sirius.

The aggression caused a spontaneous release of Intelligence l-gamma particle energy. The plasma cloud, which grew to gigantic proportions and expanded, took the form of a cosmic disaster – a gravitational cyclone.

Argorians - Gravitational Cyclone
Gravitational Cyclone


When it gains strength, it sweeps away everything in its path, destroying the matter, and spreading with the speed of light.

The lower dimensions – the second, third, fifth, and seventh – are particularly vulnerable. They do not have the strength of resistance that the higher stages of developed consciousness have.

The seven-dimensional space of Sirius was destroyed. The higher races managed to escape. The lower ones, having raised the alarm, were doomed to wait for their fate.

A powerful squadron of Argorians’ spaceships was the first to come to the rescue.

They took aboriginal survivors of four Sirius civilizations on board. They were of different cultures and colors. Special ships were loaded with plant, animal, and human plasma.

In the Galaxy, the Argorians had in mind a planet where life already lived, or rather, glowed under a dense atmosphere, capable of accepting and supporting the development of the plasma that the spaceships were carrying.

It was the Earth. It did not yet have an axis of rotation and barely accumulated the energy coming from the Cosmos and forming core.

Argorians - Earth


Argorians had much experience seeding under such conditions. First, it was necessary to turn on the pole disks and create a primary magnetic field, otherwise, the planet could not retain the atmosphere. So far, the planet has held the atmospheric tangle only by feeding on within.

Subsequently, before seeding humanity, the Argorians created a double magnetic environment. The developed atmosphere was already held by the fields formed by orbital rotation but they were very weak. The atmosphere could quickly vanish, and then it was impossible to create a human incubator.

Having completed the necessary preparations, Argorians directed a stream of energy from the squadron’s lead ship into the Earth’s bowels. The planet shuddered. Even the naked eye could see it. It slowly, very slowly began to rotate, forming a rotation axis.

A central energy channel started up along it. A weak flow of l-gamma particles anchored at one end of the axis. The planet took its first breath. The near-pole disks were activated. The Earth’s axial rotation accelerated.

The energy materialization generators, the Stella receivers growing out of the ground, kicked in. Their facets were graphite black. Blue sparks of energy slid across the surface. The squadron ship’s beams directed at them acted as repeaters.

Through them, the Argorians’ ships, first, teleported plant plasma on the place. The teleporter boosters ignited. The charged energy flashed with lightning, reflecting green sparks on Stella.

The second lightning was with gray shades. This is how the reptilian plasma was seeded.

Argorians - Reptilian Plasma
Reptilian Plasma


Earth speeded up its rotation around the axis. It had to find the optimal mode of energy balance at which the plasma began to evolve intensively.

The plasma moved through the Stella spread over the entire surface of the planet. Water was the most favorable environment for life development in three-dimensional space.

And the first cells of the plant world already formed, and the germs of future animals had appeared. They had not yet definite forms but were already living.

The shapeless lumps were moving, breathing. The vibration of their bodies intensified, allowing them to evolve, to change their shapes.

The vegetation that originated near the Stella slowly and steadily spread out in a multicolored mass farther and farther across the soil. It was aided by the resulting movement of the primordial atmosphere.

The plant cells multiplied, the set program worked. Then, the animal plasma was seeded.

Argorians - Plant Cells
Plant Cells


What manifested itself had not yet gained the energy potential to develop, and it could not be called animals, it was half-plants, half-animals.

But they were already actively functioning, creating conditions for the human plasma accommodation, and later, – for the birth and development of the first civilizations.

Throughout the billions of Earth years in which this process gained momentum, and the emerging Races succeeded each other, the Argorians, along with other Light Forces, have controlled events on the planet.

Today they are the main curators of the Great Quantum Transition. They are actively transforming Earth on Subtle and physical planes, about which DNI continues to report much and in detail.

The new vibrational orbit 5D’s space, where Argorians are now transporting us, is very different from ours.

Argorians - 5D Orb Space
5D Orb Space


The planets of the blue star Oryx are not like the planets of the Solar System. There is a different energy density that creates special kinds of life on them.

Oryx emits more powerful plasma flows. This star is the heart of the planetary system.

Unlike ours, this system is not closed. Here, the energy of the protuberances ejected by the star is not going in one direction to be absorbed by some planet but is spread throughout the entire space.

What is more, the source of spreading is not the point of protuberance eruption but a certain place in the planetary system. Reaching it, the plasma fills the space uniformly, gradually reducing the speed of its particles.

5D vibrational orbit has a different density of space and Time. The energies are viscous. Evolutionary programs are in a tighter range.

We, along with planet Earth, arrive there through Time and space channel to which we are accustomed. It is impossible for us to instantly change the energy density of our 3D Matrix. We just can’t take it.

Argorians - Time And Space Channel
Time And Space Channel


This is why Argorians activated the consciousness expansion program as a mechanism to affect people and the gravitational fields of the planet.

A new space and new matter of the planet are being formed before our eyes. Those of us who manage to raise our vibrations will pass this stage safely. They will be able to perceive the power field of the 5D vibes orbit almost painlessly.

Argorians are currently terminating Earth’s preparation for a new vibrational orbit. The denser external environment is creating great pressure on the entire force space of the planet.

Energy with low-frequency vibes is squeezed out to the high-frequency level, changing the climate of the planet and all of its Thin-Material structures.

Cleanup of the Earth and us from low-frequency vibrations is imminent otherwise we simply will not be able to merge with Oryx planetary system. Its peculiarity is not a flat but a multilayered, vibrational, changing field.

Argorians - Earth's Clearup Termination
Earth’s Clearup Termination


Such a field promotes limitless development of all components of consciousness gravity. This boundlessness in us must be regulated by our consciousness, by a cognitive worldview.

Lifting the constraint on Intelligence development promises much. In the first stage, there may be problems not only for us but also for animal and plant worlds because the change in gravity will affect all parts of the Earth system.

Without stratification of its energy layers, it is impossible to realign the orbital force field for 5D. And without rebuilding this field it is impossible to change the energy and biology of man and the planet itself for life in the fifth dimension.

This is what all the efforts of the Argorians and other friendly races under the leadership of the Galactic Committee are now focused on.

The Latest Update Of Argorians Spaceship Commander

28 June 2021 at 09:11 am CET

“In the course of Earth relocation into a 5D vibrational orbit, we entered the new hard radiation of the third filter in the space of these cells.

We monitor the amplification of all filter parameters, tracking the frequency parameters laid down in the cell’s program.

Magnetic components of energy-sound pulses create whirls in space that affects the state of near-Earth fields.

Atmospheric pressure in areas of plasma outflow from the Earth will increase. Channels are actively working to remove excess energy.

These days of transition to new sound codes require adaptation. Your bodies are not changing as quickly as you would like, so you are protected from unnecessary stresses. Water will help cleanse and relieve tension, and it’s best to limit your exposure to the sun.

The near-pole disks start in energy-dump mode, the inclusion of Stella receivers is limited.

The planet is getting rid of accumulated plasma and old information.

It continues according to Earth energy renewal, its adaptation to the force fields of the Oryx Star.




At this point, 70% of humanity’s parameters already been updated. The decoding of elements that do not reference is continuing.

Changing programs to a new basic societal setting is beginning to produce results. You can observe it as a worsening of global chaos. It is just one sign of the changes’ acceleration.

The program implementers of social transformation ordered to swing into action.

It cannot be changed or controlled by outside influences. Everything is under our protection and control by the Higher Co-Creators in fulfilling their mission.

Dismantling of a sick society previews the complete cleanup of negative entities in all planet bodies.

Listen to your heart, observe the space and your life, and learn to filter all incoming information.

You have the knowledge that we give you and the understanding of Quantum Transition processes that take place. It helps you to assess all aspects of the construction of the New World consciously.

We wish you to be aware of everything, not to lose control of yourself, and to remain calm. It is the basis for the earliest possible transformation of your reality.

On our level, we see and track all the processes, and the results are already there. “

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