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The Great Quantum Transition - April Gifts - From D To 4d And 5d - Lev

The Great Quantum Transition

April Gifts

From 3D To 4D And 5D

The Great Quantum Transition – April Gifts – From 3D To 4D And 5D – By Lev

The second month of spring is a relatively positive period with good energy and the state of the Earth’s biosphere. It allows solving many problems left after 2023. Although in the first decade our planet will be in the zone of negative space and terrestrial frequency resonance, the following weeks are generally a favorable time and bring a lot of Spiritual gifts.

April Gifts - From D To 4d And 5d - April Gifts

April Gifts

April Gifts – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Among the many factors, on the energy weather in April would impact the following stelliums’ major aspects: Retrograde Mercury, Venus conjunct Neptune, Venus sextile Pluto, New Moon and Solar Eclipse, Mars conjunct Saturn, Sun conjunct Mercury, Mercury conjunct Venus, Mars sextile Jupiter, Mars sextile Uranus, Jupiter conjunct Uranus, Sun square Pluto, Full Moon, Direct Mercury, and Mars conjunct Neptune.

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Retrograde Mercury

April 01, the reverse motion of Mercury in Aries radiates knotty and unfavorable energies that will test the inner strength of many people. Since the beginning of the retro movement will occur in the middle of the eclipse corridor, its influence will increase, but, depending on own frequencies, everyone will react differently. During this period, inharmonious people become uncommunicative, inhibited and forgetful, disrupt deadlines and agreements, bring chaos and confusion to affairs and plans, and sow fuss and anxiety.

For positive men, retrograde Mercury, on the contrary, is a period of insights, helps to focus on Spiritual development and self-improvement. They feel a real drive. Their cases are argued and lay the foundation for the future. On this day, they successfully complete abandoned projects that consume a lot of energy, quickly clear up old rubble, and are more attentive and concentrated on the most important things. Unexpected opportunities could restore contacts from the past that were interrupted or lost.

Venus Conjunct Neptune

April 03, Venus in Pisces conjunction Neptune in Pisces saturates the environment with harmonious energies. Their vibrations in the water sign carry a strong social and Spiritual charge. They give inspiration and empathy, enhance intuition and the ability to instantly perceive the emotional state of others and their needs, the desire for harmony and beauty in all spheres of life, and widely reveal creative potential.

In unstable characters, stellium’s radiation leads to unjustified expectations, disappointments and an inability to sober self-esteem. False ideas encourage to constantly look for something more and be eternally dissatisfied with got results. Isolation from reality, unhealthy fantasy, empty reverie, utopianism, self-deception, illusions, weak will, self-indulgence, unwillingness not to change anything in personal life and continue to obediently go with the flow will increase. And it depends only on the person himself whether he will continue to be a dogmatic and capricious slave to own ego.

April Gifts - From D To 4d And 5d - Biosphere's Energies

Biosphere’s Energies

April Gifts – From 3D To 4D And 5D

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Venus Sextile Pluto

April 06, Venus in Aries sextile Pluto in Aquarius carries strong transformational energies that are very important for untying karmic knots. High-frequency Souls will refine their Spirit and character through harsh blows, fateful events and tough relationships and shocks. To forge a new self, many will have to give up a quiet life and sacrifice a cozy “comfort zone” for the sake of full awareness and fulfillment of their mission on this planet. In this case, the vibrations of the stellium will help to melt the lower manifestations into high aspirations, fill self with the energy of optimism and harmony, burning karmic debts.

That sextile will be harder for negative people. They will try to avoid karmic cleansing and the sacrifices associated with it, trying to delay them as much as possible or shift to other people over whom they have power and can be fueled by their vital energy, exploiting shortcomings. But such games always end badly. Inevitably, the most severe forced cleansing follows in the form of severe injuries, diseases and other blows of fate.

The vibrations of the planets in the fire and air sign will offer a person several options for sacrifice, helping to understand what he needs to change in order to survive in a new high-frequency environment. The unprocessed karma in the sextile Venus-Pluto causes particularly harsh backfires, reminding of what a person voluntarily refused in the past.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse

April 08, the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Aries create a tense aspect. For the entire previous month, the MSM presented this cosmic event in an eschatological way. NAA and their minions, indeed, dream about another Holocaust or mass murder in the name of the Death cult, destroying 90% of humanity. But unfortunately for them, Co-Creators will not allow this, including using that day’s stelliums’ highest energies and our readiness to take them.

In the upper range, Aries’ freqs amplify all planets’ positive radiations. Sun’s vibes in this fire sign and its ruler Mars increases fighting spirit and leadership skills, makes us courageous and decisive in most situations in life. Do any work with enthusiasm and confidence in our abilities, though sometimes lack deliberation and patience. New Moon backs those who selflessly serve others, take care of things that need changes and improvements, accomplish constructive ideas and achieve results. Mercury discloses into what depth we have to study selves and things, gives ability to analyze and reproduce. Venus adds passion to our social activities.

April Gifts - From D To 4d And 5d - New Moon

New Moon

April Gifts – From 3D To 4D And 5D

North Node in Aries enforces the balance between the need for self-development and the pursuit of harmony, between giving and receiving. This aspect pushes to step out of old habits and create the right relationship with Higher Self, to do what we think is right, to concentrate on developing our independence and self-confidence. Chiron forces us to be proactive and assertive.

On that day, other stelliums’ high freqs also are very beneficial. Mars in Pisces helps to show the best in our work. Jupiter in Taurus supports growth, expansion, faith and ethics that guide it. Saturn in Pisces acts like a strict teacher who ruthlessly examines our maturity. It’s not a despot, but a sage who uses hardships as means to get our attention on what we should focus on and what should continue to upgrade. Uranus in Taurus awakens us, compelling to do things in a new way and face the truth about the current Earth’s and space events.

Neptune in Pisces reminds of our life’s and own multidimensionality that cannot be felt by five senses, but understood and perceived only by the upgraded consciousness. Pluto in Aquarius accelerates the 3D System death and Earth’s rebirth. It is the end of all things, Judgment Days. Yes, on the lowest end of its spectrum, Darks can cause obsessions or convictions that manifest as “succumbing to the urge”. But on highest, it gives us ability to get to the core of issues, destroy negativity and bring on transformation, ours and of planet. Lilith in Virgo backs rebellion against order, as we have witnessed in Europe in recent weeks.

Mars Conjunct Saturn

April 10, Mars in Pisces conjunction Saturn in Pisces forms an extremely tense aspect due to the collision of opposite and very strong vibrations. On this day, their low spectrum will increase anger, hatred, rudeness, cruelty, vulgarity, pugnacity and loutish behavior. In negative people, deep and long-concealed aggression, personal and social, will explode like a volcano with bouts of thirst for destruction, power, tyranny and dictatorship.

April Gifts - From D To 4d And 5d - Saturn And Mars

Saturn And Mars

April Gifts – From 3D To 4D And 5D

The energies of stellium will harshly highlight other karmic aspects of the character and behavior of toxic people. The habit of demanding a specific payment for even minor assistance or sympathy. Excessive stubbornness for the sake of stubbornness on the principle: “there has never been a person who would have crushed me under himself.” Rational thinking is lost. They perceive any ordinary requests as an attempt to force them to do something, as an attempt to seize their personal space. And, accordingly, behave aggressively, and believe that this is not them, but such is life.

In a completely different way, the conjunct Mars-Saturn radiation affects high-frequency people. It increases endurance, resourcefulness and courage, acting quickly and decisively in dangerous situations, the ability to work long and hard. The stellium’s energies strengthen character, reason and logical mindset, help to overcome obstacles and maintain self-discipline, dynamism and striving for supreme objectives, facing any challenges.

Sun Conjunct Mercury

April 12, Sun in Aries conjunct Mercury in Aries also act in two ways. If we are harmonious, their vibrations increase our intuition, speed and sharpness of mind, activity and mobility, contact and enterprise, help to assimilate information well and strengthen memory. The will becomes a tool for Spiritual aspirations, expands intellectual capacities, especially in connection with the fiery sign. If a man is overwhelmed by negativity, stellium will fully expose his selfish character, the desire to devour someone else’s energy, leaving the victim literally exhausted. Inflated self-esteem and subjectivism, stubbornness in defending own views and overestimating personal mental capabilities, unbalance and aggressiveness are maximally manifested during such periods.

April Gifts - From D To 4d And 5d - Sun Conjunct Mercury

Sun Conjunct Mercury

April Gifts – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Stellium offers to break away from that mentality, to hear not only self, but also others. The vibrations of Mercury energize consciousness, and the Suns unlock its multidimensionality. In the negative case, our thoughts and words are chaotic and run ahead of the mind, and we inevitably do something first and then think. In a positive way, awareness helps to grasp information on the fly, quickly understand and structure it in order to use better. This is a good day for such training.

Mercury Conjunct Venus

April 19, Mercury in Aries conjunction Venus in Aries 32′ is generally a positive aspect because the energies of both planets in the fiery sign have a lot in common and do not conflict with each other. They stimulate to constantly be in search of new knowledge and impressions, meet interesting people and share positive skills and experience. The activity becomes very fruitful, since any idea is perceived with interest and willingness to implement it until it brings real benefits. At the same time, helping to weigh the pros and cons and make thoughtful and correct decisions.

In an inharmonious personality, the low vibrations of the stellium manifest as an excessive craving for pleasure and entertainment, an unwillingness to overcome difficult situations and a tendency to walk away from problems. Such a person thinks only in black and white categories. There is so much calculation, selfishness and consumerism in his relationships with others that it quickly kills any commune. As a rule, such a mindset is created by stamps of the public consciousness and subconscious, which strongly influence people’s behavior. Here, the transforming is especially difficult, since it requires a restructuring of thinking, abandoning deeply ingrained negative patterns and switching to higher and more flexible thinking, the ability to adequately see self and interact with others.

Mars Sextile Jupiter

April 19, Mars in Pisces sextile Jupiter in Taurus form an aspect in which vibrations positively combine and interact with each other, giving strong Spiritual and physical support. The stellium’s energies fill us with enthusiasm, motivation and strength, contributing to success in various spheres of life – from career to relationships, maintaining the balance between our individual and social selves. We radiate openness, nobility and love of freedom, justice, enterprise and constructiveness, confidence, determination and broad views. Thanks to our swivel and optimistic outlook on life, we easily overcome difficulties and help others with all our capabilities.

April Gifts - From D To 4d And 5d - Mars And Jupiter

Mars And Jupiter

April Gifts – From 3D To 4D And 5D

In inharmonious people, on the contrary, low sextile’s vibrations enhance distorted self-image, lead to rash actions and erroneous decisions. Impulsivity and impatience, striving to achieve goals quickly and effortlessly turn into failures and deep depression. Inability to control emotions, curb outbursts of anger and irritation destroy relationships with others. The sextile Mars-Jupiter provides an excellent opportunity to take a sober look at self, increase own energy to raise consciousness up to the supreme messages of this stellium.

Mars Sextile Uranus

April 20, Mars in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus is a positive aspect. The vibrations of the Red Planet in water sign enhance the energy of action and passion, and the Uranus’ freqs in earth sign stimulate intuition and innovativeness. Combining, these radiations bring new ideas, unexpected opportunities and non-standard solutions to our lives, help overcome fears and doubts, set and achieve goals, not afraid to take risks and go against the flow.

If we are harmonious, then stellium backs our optimism and creativity, ingenuity and diligence, hard work and practicality, determination and enthusiasm, support the creativity and efficiency of others. We, like a rocket, rush upwards without seeing obstacles, boldly abandon old methods and come up with new, faster and more effective ones, gain access to the secrets of astrology and esotericism, run consciousness and the power of thought.

April Gifts - From D To 4d And 5d - Supreme Touch

Supreme Touch

April Gifts – From 3D To 4D And 5D

If a person is negative, the low energies of the sextile Mars-Uranus will draw him into constant troubles, thoughtless actions, conflicts and disputes with everyone, increased irritability and nervousness due to a mismatch of expectations with reality, inconstancy of interests and will in actions. Such people reveal themselves most vividly in the team they lead. They can’t withstand nervous tension, and cover their weak character by malicious and sarcastic behavior, especially during the deadline, when it is urgently necessary to give a result. And they suffer setbacks very painfully and cannot get out of bad mood for a long time. Stellium eases working out destructive traits, convert low energies into highest ones and direct them in a constructive direction.

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus

April 21, Jupiter in Taurus conjunction Uranus in Taurus, by their strong energies, is laying the foundation for many important world events in the next two months. The vibrations of the first planet expand the scale of social phenomena and actions, and of the second – accelerate the movement towards the future and the rejection of the past. The mix of their radiations in the earth sign will most strongly affect the economy and finances of many countries.

On a personal level, we will feel the desire to create for the benefit of others, widen our personal horizons and generously share our Spirituality, rich knowledge and experience. To harmonious people, the aspect gives the ability of foresight, reaching clairvoyance, prophetic gift, broad and intuitive mind, generosity and a sense of justice.

At a low level, the conjunct Jupiter-Uranus inflates own importance, the belief that it is extremely meaningful for everyone, and each should help and selflessly serve such a person. The tendency to perceive it only this way and not otherwise quickly turns a man into a parasite. And at the same time, he will subconsciously believe that any of his actions is impeccable and brings good in its purest form.

April Gifts - From D To 4d And 5d - Inflating Self

Inflating Self

April Gifts – From 3D To 4D And 5D

One can work through this only with a sober awareness of personal responsibility for any gifts of life and opportunities as group values, and learn how to share them effectively and creatively. Only then, do high energy and Spiritual channels open. This is not an easy aspect, because in the spheres controlled by the conjunct Jupiter-Uranus, whether we like it or not, we are guinea pigs of Absolutes whose ways are inscrutable. Therefore, it is important to learn to read or at least pay attention to Their signs in order to protect self (and others) from many mistakes and troubles, to finally gain a multidimensional vision of self and the world, and realize all its possibilities.

Sun Square Pluto

April 21, Sun in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius is one of the toughest and conflicting aspects. At the public level, it exacerbates the struggle for power and influence, manifests as a harsh dictatorship and authoritarianism, the search for enemies and an extremely aggressive policy. In personal life, the low energies of stellium provoke the desire to bend others, believing that might is right. Such person doesn’t consider his views and behavior negative, and doesn’t notice own rudeness, cruelty and incompetence, but reacts very sensitively to the same attitude to him of others, perceiving them as enemies.

But at high frequencies, this aspect is very favorable and promising, as it helps to gain true power over self and move on to serving supreme ideals, to a creative and internally free life, to self-improvement and the ability to achieve goals by winning self. The influence of the square Sun-Pluto can manifest as necessary sacrifices that fate will demand. At least, that’s how it will seem to a person. Very often, these sacrifices will be required at the most inopportune moment and can lead to unpleasant and seemingly completely undeserved consequences. But such is this karmic program, which, fortunately, doesn’t last for long.

But as a result, person clearly realizes why he is not satisfied anymore with self and the world around him, and what to do putting things in order. But first, it will have to curb the own lower instincts, regardless of whether they are subconscious or conscious, derived from the best or wrong motives. Stellium, like a magnifying glass, will show in great detail all the flaws and weaknesses, and will give a good impetus to inner development and self-purification.

Full Moon

April 23, Full Moon in Scorpio will be another cosmic catalyst of our profound transforming for transition into 5D. Lunar vibes in the water sign unlock innate psychic abilities and connect to the source of intuition. The powerful energy of stellium offers a unique opportunity for introspection and self-discovery, to realize the most intimate desires, to overcome all fears and vulnerabilities.

April Gifts - From D To 4d And 5d - Full Moon In Scorpio

Full Moon In Scorpio

April Gifts – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Due to its energies, Scorpio is one of the strongest reformers. On a Full Moon, it creates prerequisites for revelations, changes and Spiritual breakthroughs that we need here and now. Low vibrations of the stellium can worsen well-being, activate negative desires. But turn of the tide, which is created by the high frequencies of stellium, ultimately reveal the best sides and potential of our Soul. This is the perfect moment to let go of everything that we no longer want to keep or do. It’s a wonderful day to review the past and remove all obstacles on our way to fulfill the mission, for which we came to this planet.

Direct Mercury

April 25, Mercury in Aries returns into direct motion that will saturate the day by the planet’s powerful positive energies in a fiery sign. When they merge, we become more resolute and dynamic. Stellium’s vibes give quickness and clarity of thought, helping make swift decisions and act in real time, be constantly on the move and instantly adapt to new situations. We can do a lot of work in a short time, process huge amounts of information, and deeply comprehend it. This makes us effective leaders in team projects, good motivators and initiators.

But in inharmonious people, these same vibrations suppress the mind and subordinate to instincts. In the lowest range, the freqs increase impulsivity and inability to weight all the consequences of own deeds, stubbornness and unwillingness to listen to anyone, provoking conflicts, disagreements and a breakup of relationships. Thought energy doesn’t last long, then, comes apathy, loss of interest in everything. The slightest failure plunges into the deepest despondency. Inconsistency, chaotic outbursts of activity, attempts to take everything by storm and jerk, aversion to systematic work, a tendency to see everything only in black and white and extreme resentment are significantly aggravated during this period. And they remind to get, at last, back on the right track.

Mars Conjunct Neptune

April 29, Mars in Pisces conjunction Neptune in Pisces make a dual and contradictory aspect. In negative people, it generates obsession, fanaticism, spiritual blindness, forcing to act on distorted perception of reality, inability or unwillingness to take into account circumstances. Manic states, neuroses, a tendency to deceit and self-deception, deforcement and parasitism are especially aggravated on such days. The lower the vibration of such person, the more destructive his energy is, most often ejected as aggression, hatred and destruction. It’s very hard to get rid of these traits if the toxicity penetrated deeply into the Soul.

April Gifts - From D To 4d And 5d - Spiritual Energy

Spiritual Energy

April Gifts – From 3D To 4D And 5D

On the contrary, at a high level, stellium’s rays bestows the energy of Spirituality, which broadly reveals creative possibilities and inspiration. A person is ready to fight for his ideals and strives to involve others in this struggle. His strength is backed by faith and unconditioned sincerity. They give the ability to truly understand the Absolutes’ plans and the Co-Creators’ ops, and to realize from where, why and for what we are here, on Earth, at these dramatic times.

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