Anxiety Pleiadian Defenses Creativity - Message from the Pleiadians

Anxiety Pleiadian Defenses Creativity

On the current anxiety in humanity. Pleiadian defenses. Increased creativity. C VID, and more.

Anxiety Pleiadian Defenses Creativity. ByNeva/Gabriel RL.

The Pleiadians report that there is an increase in anxiety in some humans.

This is because some are trying to understand the energies that have arrived, from the rational mind, and it cannot be this way.

These new frequencies that arrive need to be felt with the heart.

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They explain that, at this point, anxiety has occurred for the following reason: when the mind and/or the ego try to understand starting from what is happening at the most subtle levels, they simply cannot, and this causes some agitation.

In fact, it is a frequency mismatch.

The new energies that have arrived on the Planet are helping to unlock and remove denser layers, and it is only possible to understand these more crystalline blocks, when a connection with the interior is achieved through meditation, for example.

The Pleiadians emphasize the need for this connection whenever possible so that you can subtle your fields in order to perceive the energies more clearly, not from the mind/ego, but from your own hearts.

Anxiety Pleiadian Defenses Creativity - New Frequencies

New Frequencies

Anxiety Pleiadian Defenses Creativity

They also say that this is understandable considering that it has been ages and ages focusing completely on the mental and the rational, and now a new one is establishing itself, the connection with the heart, that is fundamental.

Be patient and loving with yourself in these times, as your bodies are trying to stabilize and welcome these new, more subtle frequencies.

If you are anxious and agitated with energetic frequencies passing through your bodies, consider walking in nature, doing some quiet meditation or, if you are unable to because of the agitation, look for something like pilates, running, yoga or some physical exercise that provides you with well-being.

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This will help to adjust these energies and free your minds from the immense need to linearize what is happening.

They also say that it is necessary to be very affectionate and welcoming with yourself, in these times, trying to understand each other without blaming yourself.

Too much is being removed.

There is also a lot of trauma information from incarnations you are now remembering, and this can also cause some confusion.

Anxiety Pleiadian Defenses Creativity - Time For Healing

Time For Healing

Anxiety Pleiadian Defenses Creativity

Perhaps you remember moments in that life when you went through something unpleasant, uncomfortable and that was sad for you!

In that case, keep the welcome and face it with wisdom and a lot of Love. It is the time for healing.

This is the time, and it can no longer be hidden in a box for “later to see more calmly”.

The time is now. This is the moment!

They report that they are influencing human beings on Earth in their creations.

They ask you to listen to your creative intuitions more. Create, perceive your creative thoughts and let your ideas emerge.

They are instructing each of us to meet our innate abilities, our creative abilities and even to resolve situations, from the simplest to the most delicate.

This is a lovely time, – they say.

With all this happening and with the layers of veils being removed, the Pleiadians also say that the frequency with which seers and clairvoyants see the extraphysical will increase, as well as those who are unlocking such faculties will begin to perceive more the spiritual presences and energies of the surroundings.

All of this can still bring some anxiety and agitation for the same reason already stated: the mind/ego trying to understand, linearize and have control of what is happening.

It is time, then, to welcome your mind/ego with great affection and take control now.

They say that this is the sacred moment when your SELF will take the helm, in a subtle and harmonious way.

In the meantime, your ego may become really agitated, but then your mastery comes in to harmonize it with the new frequencies that arrive from your Heart Chakra.

In addition, they report that the current situation on the planet naturally brings some anxiety, but that everyone needs to be calm, because, once again, they say they are working, and there will be no direct infiltration of certain “doses” to change human DNA again…

They say that now they do not want to speak clearly by putting the words well said, because there are still mechanisms of negative forces on the physical plane that are trying to disrupt the real information and, especially when it comes to C VID, they are deleting or trying to delete certain “keywords”.

So, they are avoiding talking with all the lyrics about it, but they ask everyone to be calm because the Pleiadian Medical Department is taking care of it personally and will not allow nanos and damages, or anything that will harm humans directly during the V4C process.

Finally, affectionately, they smile and say: “We announce to you, beloved human beings on Earth, that THE SUN WILL CONTINUE TO SHINE AND NOTHING WILL CHANGE IT.”

Anxiety Pleiadian Defenses Creativity - Hearth Chakra

Hearth Chakra

Anxiety Pleiadian Defenses Creativity

And they say more: “There is no human on the planet capable of changing/altering/damaging the Higher Plan already enacted for the whole of Humanity, therefore, do not wait for your liberation to come from someone occupying some high status position.

It will be a set of events, where the highest consciousness will be holding hands, and the waterfall of positive synchronicities will happen bringing liberation.

You will reach the highest vibrations like never before seen on the planet.

Those who are in tune with this Plan, – like you who read or hear us now, – are great collaborators and supporters for it to be realized.

To those who still believe that they can threaten us with their harmless warheads [to us], or in any other way, we have our compassion and respect.

But we will not hesitate, at any time, to use our wide technological capacity to neutralize any and all actions that may directly affect the Superior Plan.

Obviously we have a decree of respect for life and in no way are our defenses similar to yours on Earth.

However, we have technologies capable of neutralizing certain events, without any physical damage.

The Ashtarians also harmoniously govern your skies now and, with us, we continue to honor what has been entrusted to us and all of us, together – us here from space and you on the surface – will free the planet, as predicted.

And know that we have already heard your thoughts asking, “Why don’t you use these technologies now?” We answer: “We are already doing it. Maybe not exactly as you would like, but we are. It remains for us to ask you to trust the Plan, as we are following it to the letter, and under the coordination of Sananda.”

That is what the Pleiadians are asking me to convey. They smile and happy bless everyone, transmitting a beautiful energy of peace, confidence and harmony.

We are your Space Family,

We are the Pleiadians.

Neva: Thank you, beautiful guys!  🙂

Altro dai Pleiadiani

Color Light Channels – Pleiadians Message

Color Light Channels – Pleiadians Message

The Pleiadians asked to report that Blue and Violet Color Light Channels are being installed on all the planet at this very moment, in order to accelerate the process of “Karmic Liberation.” This will trigger situations, for some, a little agitated, because the karmic processes still “dormant” will immediately come to the fore. Naturally, soon after, you will strengthen your ties with those with whom you have more “complicated” Karmic Ties, in a lovingly and comprehensively way.

Message from the Pleiadians 23 May 2017

Message from the Pleiadians 23 May 2017

The Pleiadians inform us that there is a great projection of Light on the Planet at this time, and the clearing of previously obstructed areas. They are reporting that a number of negative consciousnesses are fleeing out of Planet Earth, in mass, right now.

Message From The Pleiadians April 2017

Message From The Pleiadians April 2017

In this month of April, there will be a dramatic shift and acceleration of these energies propelling those of you on the path into a new experience of alignment to Self. At the beginning of this month there has been a launching of a series of expanded dimensional settings that have begun to create a vibrant flow of light onto your earth plane. This flow is designed by nature to build in intensity to support humanity by creating adjustments within the human consciousness. These alignments will bring you into a greater awareness and enlightened understanding of your ultimate role as a human being on the planet.

Exhibition In Formation 7 Hello From Pleiadians

Exhibition In Formation 7 Hello From Pleiadians

It’s with great joy we wish such a lot of happiness, in this moment, and forever. You start seeing most frequently our presence in your skies, giving you signals that the expected times are in range. We always guarantee, by these exhibitions, we are here and ready for the contact with our surface Family. We are preparing a great exhibition in several regions of Earth to say you hello.
Also in this case, we want to give a signal, to people don’t want our presence, that it’s there and it will always be constant, especially now when the human collective consciousness is awakening at its higher level. People don’t want our presence, and try to suppress, as they can, the evidences we are here, but we’ll become more and more visible like a sort of testimony in front of you, beloved Family.

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