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Anka Message from a Reptilian of The Light

Anka Message from a Reptilian of The Light

Anka Message from a Reptilian of The Light. This message was from a channeling of Gabriel Raio Lunar, in a meeting with some members of his group PVSE. The content that follows is a transcript of the message. Anka is the name of Reptilian of the Light bearer of the message.

Anka: We have heard him (Gabriel) and you (PVSE team). I thought it would be a great opportunity to express myself, because here, I feel, there would be an understanding. Our fellow race, some of them, did what he should not (certain things within our race)! We want to thank you for the energy you reflect, for the love that you send, and the, not widespread, intelligence. We are a race but everyone of us is different. This is a very simple thought, but can be understood and assimilated by anyone.

We are very happy for the opportunity … we can, so to speak, work with you more closely. You are a very good human! You guys deliver a magic energy!

Papani Elves - Duati-Luki Gabriel Raio Lunar

Papani Elves – Duati-Luki Gabriel Raio Lunar

Anka Message from a Reptilian of The Light

Anka has made some comments about the interior of the house where he had come to meet us.

Anka: Nice to meet you! I’m looking a little bit. You have many useless things. Do you use a kitchen … ?! Don’t you use the power in your hands to cook?! Don’t tell me you cook the vegetables … Completely unnecessary, isn’t it? This object is called …? (Pointing to a refrigerator). What do you use it for? Don’t tell me you cool the water you drink! … I’m not surprised that some of you get sick! And some of you have a particular smell it, I feel it. 😀

I have been informed about you, there, about the Grouping, this is the name they give you, them, the Blue Consciousness (Pleiades 1). Ah! I couldn’t forget! We want to make it clear that we are not all carnivores. There is a very twisted idea about this. I have already said that we are a race, but we are all different.

For example, we, who have been allowed to come here now, we eat raw fruits and vegetables. And of course, when accessing certain dimensions, we feed ourselves with energy only. But some comrades, not of our group, but of our race, they eat meat, and have managed to introduce this very well on Earth. 😀

Kani Kanuu Silver Army - Silver Surfer

Kani Kanuu Silver Army – Silver Surfer

Anka Message from a Reptilian of The Light

The group has informed her that most of the Terran eat meat, because it is cultural, being a program that humankind has acquired, and Anka responded.

Anka: Oh! You have many programs! Some have been programmed while others occasions you self programmed yourself, because it is like if there are two of you. One of them is called Ego, the other is the Self. There is always a lot of confusion. But my intention here is not to judge you. It is the exchange of information! And also learn, do not get me wrong, learn what not to do. 😀

It’s the first time I talk to the Terrans this way, through a “potential energy receiver” (the name given to the channeler). I’ve never had a chance, at least on your Planet, no! We are rarely coming in the Solar System, very rarely.

Recently, however, you have heard about us. We tried to avoid that some units moving the wrong way, and we got accreditation for that. Can I use this term, accreditation? It is right in your language? And we are very happy! Most of our army composed by females, but we do have some male polarity attendance. I think, in terms of numbers, we are about 170 million.

Izushs The Glacials

Izushs The Glacials

Anka Message from a Reptilian of The Light

PVSE: It’s about the population of Brazil. A lot of people! Did you came now answering to a call? The entire Universe, indeed, received the call, you have come as a result of that call?

Anka: Honestly, we did not want to come here and take part in all this. We follow order and discipline with the heart, and we have an understanding of Love. We take care of each other, and one thing that we do not admit is violence, under any circumstances!

Therefore, we saw a group who had plans to move in a way that we don’t approve and we tried to prevent them, but they have crossed a certain portal, which is not admissible.

But they never expected that there would not be such a powerful consciousness beyond that portal, and we were invited and encouraged to participate in to intervene. And we unanimously said: why not!

Adamantinos Pleiades 1 Gabriel Raio Lunar Sementes Das Estrelas

Adamantinos Pleiades 1 Gabriel Raio Lunar Sementes Das Estrelas

Anka Message from a Reptilian of The Light

Anka revealed that he felt uncomfortable because of the medium’s body was too small for her, especially the upper back area. In this place, they have something like a bulge, and apologizes to disturb Gabriel, he also felt the physical discomfort in that area of ​​the body. One of those present asked her whether his army would, from now on, interact more with the Terrans, with the Kanii, the Izushs, and others. She responded.

Anka: We are still beginning to act in those portals and we want to become the guardians! 😀

Sector 66Stil Negative Reptilian

Sector 66Stil Negative Reptilian

Anka Message from a Reptilian of The Light

PVSE: We know that you are not so common as a Terrestrial expression. I imagine that when we find ourselves in another expression is easier to understand that we are a family and we can interact with certainty. But in the Earth expression, with such a limited consciousness, there may be bias or a number of misrepresented ideas. This is part of the limited terrestrial consciousness, that seems starting to rise now. Can you can in humanity a kind of “growing” strategy, a transition toward a single family, in any form, can it be?

Anka: Universal!!! … Do you think that we have no knowledge of the Primeval Source? You think we don’t know who the Messiah is? The Archangels, or Mary, we know it!

After that, he let us known that he was losing part of his ability to stay there, because even he (Gabriel) got a huge vibration. And “just as his body is not used to my field, even I’m not used to her field”.

In the end, we all have expressed mutual gratitude. Anka hugged us all, and she was gone.

On our side, we let out our feelings of gratitude for sending Anka and its important information, to help breaking the prejudices, and gratitude for them to join the Lightworkers; Gratitude for the participation in this journey in favor of the consciousness evolution of the worlds.

Gabriel Note: As I mentioned in many of my conferences, there are not only negative Reptilians, there are also positive ones, and many are already working with the Ashtar Command as Guardians.

Victory Of The Light!

Anka Message from a Reptilian of The Light

Liberation is Near!!


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