Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst!

Angels In Our Midst! By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Among the world’s many sacred texts is the HOLY BIBLE in which the chapter “Hebrews 13:2” states:

“Do not forget to show kindness to strangers, for by doing so, some people have entertained angels unaware.”

However, when it comes to understanding what angels truly are, many, if not most of humanity, cannot explain them but can only share their experiences with them.

Yet, angels can indeed be understood in their spiritual depth.

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Angels In Our Midst - Speed Of Light

Speed Of Light

Angels In Our Midst!

In ancient Kemet (Egypt), they were the “Neteru” which translates as “Divine Forces of Nature”.

They were the winds, the rains, the floods, the birds, the lions, etc. In ancient Bharata (India), they were/and are the “Devas” (male) and Devis” (female) which translates as “Shining Ones— often named by modern humanity as “gods” and “goddesses”.

The word “angel” is from the Sanskrit language term “anjali” which translates as both “offering” and as “to pray”.

Kabbalah teaches that we can literally create angels via our prayers, and then they arrive to heal, protect, and to guide us.

Ancient civilizations depicted them in statues and drawings as various natural creations such as human beings or even as animals for purposes of Divine focus, but these people were accused of polytheism or the worship of many “gods” or “goddesses” which was considered as being sacrilege by invaders who did not understand the enormous spiritual depth of these civilizations.

This has occurred, for example, over thousands of years when people outside of these cultures invaded certain places and judged the people whom they encountered and either totally destroyed the cultures or subjugated them.

The polytheism these cultures were accused of practicing was untrue. These ancient people understood that SOURCE, who had many Divine names and forms, was one sole sacred force who had numerous characteristics or attributes. Their holy books speak of this, and these books are far older than other books which came many thousands of years later. Let us explore angels.

As mentioned above, angels are considered as being entities of LIGHT.

In scientific terms, LIGHT ranges from 400 to 700 “nanometers” between the visible infrared and the ultraviolet spectrums which are vibrational wavelengths that can be perceived by human eyesight. Infrared has longer wavelengths than ultraviolet (which has the shortest wavelength in the visible spectrum).

A “nanometer” is one billionth of a “meter”, and a “meter” is the length of the path that LIGHT travels in a vacuum.

The “speed of LIGHT” is taught to be 186, 282 miles per second.

Angels In Our Midst - Cosmic Energetic Phenomena

Cosmic Energetic Phenomena

Angels In Our Midst

A “refraction” is the bending of LIGHT rays when they pass through a surface which creates changes in wavelengths.

There are many sources of LIGHT such as the Sun, flames of a fire, incandescent light bulbs, etc. LIGHT, like all things in creation, is comprised of “atoms” which are the smallest units of matter that form chemical elements, and protons and neutrons reside at the center of them. They are infinitesimal in size.

If “angels”, as described since ancient times, are beings of LIGHT, then they must be comprised of “spiritual atoms”, a term once used by Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda in his teachings.

“Spiritual atoms” are incalculable, and thus, too great to be estimated in their powerful vastness of energy or life force.

However, they can take-on the appearance of “material atoms” when necessary, thus becoming the LIGHT that we can see in all of its “meters”, “nanometers”, “atoms”, and “infrared” to ultraviolet” manifestations.

They can become the “angels”, and they can manifest as whomever of any race or can become even an animal when we are in need of some sort of comfort or assistance.

Angels can merely direct our attention to a sign while we are walking or driving which has a word or a phrase on it that is indicative of an angelic presence such as “You are loved” or “Have faith” or perhaps there is a street whose name is, for example, “Raphael” which in the Hebrew language translates as “God Heals”.

Angels In Our Midst - Neteru


Angels In Our Midst

Their signs are also the many instances of seeing double and triple numbers on a clock (such as time registering as “11:11″ or 4:44”, etc.) or a sales receipt (such as a price being “$33.22”) or an address on a home or office building (such as “555” or “3366”).

Sometimes people endeavor to analyze these numbers from a system such as Pythagorean Numerical Science (where numbers have certain meanings and where double numbers are “Master” numbers with specialized powers) or from Kabbalah Geomatria (the science of Hebrew glyphs or letters and their numerical values and meanings).

When we are knowledgeable about a particular numerical school of thought or framework, we can definitely receive messages from them; however, just the appearance of these double and triple numbers even without analysis of them can provide comfort for many persons who have not studied various methods of numerical interpretation.

Often angels become our “muses” when we are writers, painters, or musicians, and by so doing, they inspire us to achieve great ideas and to manifest them in our artistic creations.

Angels In Our Midst Archangel Michael and Pegasus

They Arrive In Emergencies To Assist Us

Angels In Our Midst

They can be anyone whom we need at a particular moment in the space/time continuum of earthly existence.

They arrive in emergencies to assist us, and they come just to be with us as companions. What has been taught since ancient times, however, is that they must be asked to help us. They do not merely show-up when not consciously summoned.

Angels In Our Midst - Source Light

Source Is Sending Light

Angels In Our Midst

This is because we have free will. We can believe in powers beyond the physical realm or we can be only engulfed in what we can attempt to control on our own. Thus, we are free to negate the existence of angels or to believe in them.

Regardless of human free will, however, Source Is Sending Light throughout all galaxies and universes, and it comes, for instance, as the solar flares which science describes as photons, electrons, and carbon dioxide gases from the Sun of our galaxy and as the coronal mass ejections of irradiated plasma particles and as the exploding super novas and as the chemically-filled tails of comets, and there are many more examples.

All of this cosmic energetic phenomena is elevating collective consciousness. Everything in material creation that comes to LIGHT, or to our senses begins in the vast womb of spiritual reality and surges forth into form like the darkness before dawn or the darkness within an oyster where the precious pearl resides or the darkness in a Mother’s womb where the baby lives for approximately nine months or in our super-conscious mind where Divine revelation is received.

The word “Guru” translates as “Bringing LIGHT from darkness” which is bringing knowledge and understanding from ignorance of particular intellectual or spiritual principles. It is wise to beckon to the angels for planetary peace, healing, love, and abundance.

They come faster than the scientifically calculated “Speed Of Light”. The following can summon them when necessary. The blank line represents where a special petition can be inserted:


If a person is at home and wishes to do so, he or she can light a candle and incense prior to reciting the above, and then can engage for a few minutes in meditation. The light from the flame of the candle symbolizes DIVINE LIGHT, and the incense symbolizes DIVINE BREATH.

Sometimes people also employ particular crystals while they are engaged in meditation whose vibrational frequency is actually a type of “consciousness” or “life force” embedded by SOURCE within their beautiful forms.

Angels In Our Midst - Raw Angelite Crystal

Raw Angelite Crystal

Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst - Apophyllite Crystal

Apophyllite Crystal

Angels In Our Midst

The crystals with the most prominent “angelic frequencies” which serve like “spiritual cell phones” are ANGELITE, APOPHYLLITE, CELESTITE, DANBURITE, and KUNZITE.

These crystals are soothing and comforting to hold or to wear and prevent panic attacks, heal nervousness, and heal all aspects of the nervous system and the chakras.

They are highly vibrating. Also wearing the sweet fragrances of Amber, Frankincense, Holy Basil, Jasmine, Rose, Sandalwood, or Ylang-Ylang are calming and healing. Angels like sweet fragrances.

Many people have reported smelling sweet fragrances when they were not wearing any or when no one else was around who may have been wearing perfume.

This ,too, is a sign of angels. Yet another sign is hearing gentle soft music when none is playing from a radio or when a high ringing tone is heard in the ears which is a sign of tapping-into a different dimension. There are many, many signs.

The modern dense carbon human is gradually changing into a luminous being, but the process will take time as is always advised. There is an ancient teaching which says that SOURCE created humanity to be a little lower than the angels.

Therefore, let us honor and respect them because in doing so, we will be honoring and respecting the INFINITE PRESENCE, the SHEKINAH, the DIVINE ABSOLUTE—SOURCE!

More by Dr. Schavi M. Ali 

New World Cycle And Galactic Celebration!

New World Cycle And Galactic Celebration!

Although the year of 2020 still has a ways to go, and there will continue to be swings and shifts in the frequency and amplitude of Earth/Gaia as “She” receives cosmic energetics driven by necessary planetary cleansings as well as the reception of greater Source Light pulsations, on January 12, 2021, Jupiter and Saturn will “dance” together in close embrace at zero degrees of Aquarius announcing a New World Cycle.

The Six Selves – Physical Mental Emotional Spiritual Transcendental Cosmic

The Six Selves – Physical Mental Emotional Spiritual Transcendental Cosmic

SOURCE then sends loving, healing, repairing LIGHT to soothe and transform Earth/Gaia and “Her” inhabitants. Thus, a type of fertilization, gestation, and finally a “re-birth” occurs, and we soar into a “New Golden Age”—the “Sattva Yuga” (“Age of Peace”) of the ancient teachings such as those of the Vedic revelations. This is why many ancient cultures referred to SOURCE as a “Divine Mother”. In fact, in the study of Linguistics, we find that there are more feminine names for SOURCE than there are masculine names.

Vital Cosmic Update: Major Upgrades In Process!

Vital Cosmic Update: Major Upgrades In Process!

The New Moon in Libra (Balance) in the Tropical Zodiac and in Virgo (Health, Work, Community Service) in the Sidereal Zodiac which arrives at approximately 3:31 PM (EST) on Friday, October 16, 2020 (as usual, according to individual time zones) will square Saturn (Discipline, Lessons, Organizational Structure), Chiron (Healing), and Pluto (Transformation). The portal of it will not close until October 19th. Similar to a Full Moon, human emotions will be heightened, especially since Mercury and Mars are retrograde.

Blessings Of The Light! The Seemingly Impossible Is Reality!

Blessings Of The Light! The Seemingly Impossible Is Reality!

When we perform particular spiritual rituals such as prayer and meditation and also when we send healing currents of energy to others such as is done in Reiki, we not only send vibrational frequencies into the ethereal realm, but we also receive multiplied blessings from SOURCE. In fact, just studying spiritual material grants us blessings. In the BHAGAVAD GITA, Sri Bhagavan Krishna teaches that reading scripture is also worshiping the Divine.

Remaining Calm In Cosmic Intensity: Review Your Energy Tools!

Remaining Calm In Cosmic Intensity: Review Your Energy Tools!

Think of the “Spiritual Three Rs” at this time: Regeneration, Revitalization, Renewal. These words are the theme for this time of heightened cosmic LIGHT. Now, take a deep breath, and move into loving, peaceful, relaxing, healing, retreat mode. Allow SOURCE LIGHT to bathe you more profoundly.

Appreciating And Understanding Pluto

Appreciating And Understanding Pluto

On the day that a planet moves into retrograde motion or into direct motion, we Cosmic Scientists (also known as “Astrologers” which means “Study of the Stars” from the Greek language), tend to use the terms “will station”, stationing”, or “stationed” which indicates that a specific planet will arrive, is arriving, or has arrived at a certain location in its orbit relative to Earth/Gaia’s orbit and seems to either be closer to our planet or further away.

The Dimensions! Ancient Teachings Revealed In The Current Reality!

The Dimensions! Ancient Teachings Revealed In The Current Reality!

The ancient Vedic scriptures, the oldest in the space/time continuum of Earth/Gaia, speak of there being 64 dimensions in just the universe that houses our galaxy (known in modern history as the “Milky Way”), and there are billions of universes! The collection of holy books known as the PURANAS, of which there are 18 in number, teach about the history of our planet relative to the entire cosmos.

Mars Eris And The Moon – The Meet-Up!

Mars Eris And The Moon – The Meet-Up!

The planet Mars retrograded in the sign of Aries in the Tropical Zodiac on September 9, 2020 and will move direct on November 14, 2020. Mars governs aggressive actions and warfare, but also leadership which can be either excellent leadership with compassion for others and establishing regulations for the common good, or it can be bad leadership where an individual or a group is only self-oriented.

Higher Light And Faster Frequencies

Higher Light And Faster Frequencies

As the lunar orb of our galaxy moves thru an electro-magnetic field in space opening a portal for the next FULL MOON on October 1st , Earth/Gaia has been experiencing a faster “spin” and increased frequencies of LIGHT in recent days.. Accordingly, the magnetic and geo-magnetic fields of the planet are affected by this increased vibration and brighter LIGHT.

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