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Acceleration Catharsis Anger March - Ashtar

Acceleration Catharsis Anger March – Ashtar

Acceleration Catharsis Anger March – Ashtar. By Gabriel RL.

Greetings Family!

It’s good to be here one more time. I have been observing your daily lives and noticed how surprised you have been, at various levels, of yourselves, how your perceptions of the energy flows coming from the Galactic Commands are, and the deeper nature of your own emotions.

You are in a really intense process, and these galactic energies are helping you out, be sure, my dear ones.

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Your emotions, catharsis [Purification of Emotions] and even your most unexpected outbursts of anger are within the programmed. Believe me. What I can say is: LET IT OUT! You will read this a lot in my message today. Know it!

Regardless of what is happening, as much as you may feel to be alone, you are not! We honor you for this walk!

Beloved Ones, I have spoken to you for months and announced so many of these profound changes that have taken place in your lives, I have announced and shown the nature and importance of all the deeper processes you have gone through.



Acceleration Catharsis Anger March – Ashtar

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Now is the time for you to embrace yourselves deeply and release the burden you have borne for so long, my dear ones! LET IT OUT! I am here to help you understand the nature of some of these processes and where they will take you.

You, as excellent remodelers, are remodeling everything, rebuilding, rebuilding, and to make this to happen needs, first of all, a deep cleansing to make space for a new structure.

Etheric DNA Upgrade

Etheric DNA Upgrade

Acceleration Catharsis Anger March – Ashtar

Your DNA… Oh, your DNA! How do you think you would receive a tremendous upgrade if you did not go through a deep cleaning?

And this is right there; happens in your DNA. A restructuring that radiates to all your fields, my dear ones. For ages, you have borne the influence of a whole history of war and horror, sadness, sorrows, fears, despair… They have loaded all this on you, to the point of hampering your own self-expression.

Your DNA has somehow atrophied because of so much ill-qualified burden placed on you, on everything that you are. Now, with all that I have been saying, cleanliness is accelerating, deep, and much needed. LET IT OUT! Accelerated anyway, LET IT OUT! Toward all that you are.

Now, with all that I have been saying, cleanliness is accelerating, deep, and much needed. LET IT OUT! Accelerated anyway, LET IT OUT! In all that you are.

The Acceleration

I know that some of you wonder about why some things need to be so accelerated and why they do not follow a natural flow. Because the acceleration is a natural flow, my dear ones! That’s what you chose! And we, as I have said so often, supported you when you made your choice; we applauded and said: “Count on us! It will be hard, but count on us! We will not step backward. As dark as the bottom of the pit may look, we’ll be right there with you,” and we’ve done it.

I want to explain more about the acceleration. Why the need for some processes to be “accelerated” if everything is in the Eternal Now? Well, do you really want to talk about the Eternal Now? Dear ones, you must assimilate first some other things. Let me explain in a comprehensible way its linearity. If everything is in the Eternal Now, if everything is Eternal, “if there is time” for everything, why rush?

The point, my beloved ones, is not to rush things but to bring them as quickly as possible into an awareness where who you already are. If you get to know that someone who is very dear needs your help and is far away, what will you do? You will search the fastest way to get to this person.



Acceleration Catharsis Anger March – Ashtar

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Certainly you will be focused on your destiny, on what you want, which is to reach your destination and you will not care about the obstacles or dangers. You will run, if needed, and you will feel nothing. You want to get to your destination because you know someone needs you.

That’s what you asked us to do! You asked us to “hasten” you and to blow in your ears: “Hey, do not stop! Run! Quick!” You asked us not to let you get distracted on the way, because you had a goal and wanted to get there soon.

And that goal is to reach your fuller, more capable, clearer, more efficient consciousness and without the old bundles.

Now tell me, if you know of a dear one who waits for you and he’s far, would you will sit down and say, “Well, there is time for everything. I’m not going. Is someone else going?” Certainly not! You go!

This someone so dear that waits for you, as I said, is yourself! Your expressions, without those burdens!

10 Years in 10 Months


Acceleration Catharsis Anger March

Now, my beloved, let me say one last thing of this topic: Know that there will be despair of your old self, there will be confusion, there will be cries, ask for mercy, everything you can imagine your ego will do for not letting you go to “help that person who awaits so far”, because he knows.

He knows this will be too difficult. But here, now, you comfort him and thank him to have brought you here. You will not kill the ego. You will make it a conscious tool used by your higher consciousness. Thus it will be in good hands, not in the hands of the collective unconscious standard of moment.

Are you too accelerated? LET’S GO OUT! The more you keep up, the faster you will be. You are being drawn to the center, to your center centripetally. ACCEPT WHAT’S HAPPENING, DO NOT PULL YOUR HANDS OFF THE STEERING WHEEL!

The Catharsis

Catharsis (from Greek κάθαρσις katharsis meaning “purification” or “cleansing”) is the purification and purgation of emotions, particularly pity and fear, through art or any extreme change in emotion that results in renewal and restoration. It is a metaphor originally used by Aristotle in the Poetics, comparing the effects of tragedy on the mind of a spectator to the effect of a cathartic on the body.



Acceleration Catharsis Anger March – Ashtar

Well, you already know that. It’s inevitable. Collecting is also critical. The recollection in yourselves, in your own processes and at times, let be lovingly supported by those who truly love you.

There are many around you who are willing to help you in the best way and also know that we will be inspiring people who are willing to such aids, those shoulders where sometimes you can weep and ease your burdens. LET IT OUT!

Let It Out

Let It Out

Acceleration Catharsis Anger March – Ashtar

In these deep moments, you naturally will have more dreams, memories of this and other lives, you will be involved in fights, conflicts and wars. You will wake up sweaty, scared and fearful. This is part of the cleanup of everything that needs to come out! LET IT OUT!

You are releasing old traumas, fears, uncertainties, insecurities. Releasing the fear of being who you are. Freeing up to run! Not to run from anything or anyone but to run free! Freed from all that bound you for ages! LET IT OUT!

In the midst of this intense process you will see some lights. They will bring some deep relief, and these reliefs will increase, increase and increase as you release, returning to your centers through the centripetal force of active Love, dragging you to your center, to your own connection to yourself.

And in that personal connection you will perceive you even more. You will also perceive more love around you and you will be even more open to Love. Do you understand why the “hurry”? You want Love! And you are running, hurried, determinedly hurried, undoubtedly rushed to it. So, cry! Release! LET IT OUT! Enjoy the crying. It is liberating!

Outbreaks Of Anger

Oh, yes… I know… I know that! Anger is often a way that you choose, according to your own personal processes, to release the burden. Some people cry, others scream, others numb themselves with whatever else, others have a surge of anger and a willingness to break everything around them, sometimes break even themselves and, of course, this is not advisable.

The point here is that you understand each other, forgive each other, love each other, embrace each other, and that is also important: know that these outbursts and anger in these deep moments are not diminishing the greatness of every process, in no way diminishes your merits.

Now, my beloved, do not allow yourself to spend too much time in these outbreaks, as it is a loss for yourselves, we are here to assist you in those moments! When you see that you are over the limit of the bearable and that can harm you or someone, call us! Really!

With this truth of your heart, call for us!



Acceleration Catharsis Anger March – Ashtar

The Seven Pleiads - Greek Mythology

The Seven Pleiads – Greek Mythology

Acceleration Catharsis Anger March – Ashtar

Another detail is that you need to realize, after the call, that we have sent you the help! You ask for help, help knocks on your door, enters your home, and sometimes you do not see it and still waiting for the “miracle of the heavens”.

The miracle can be a piece of paper found on the floor, it is a hug from someone who loves you, a smile, a joyful song or the simple knowing that it will pass. As much anger as you may feel, and sometimes I fear your most exaggerated reactions… Trust it, it will pass! It is a movement that will pass.

And after that what will happen? MASTERY.

March Is Now

Before I go I want to remind you of my previous message. I said, “In March you will close a great cycle. The great cycle. Will it end there? Well… NO! 😀 I also said in that message you would enter 2019 with SOMETHING DIFFERENT… And yes, you are coming in! It is not obvious?

Who does what you did? It had to be you! You have changed drastically and positively the timelines! You jumped that and the Great Councils were really astonished! “How did they do it ?!” Well … I go with that smile of mine, and they already know what I’m thinking … “Because they are …” (“… THEM”). 😀

Potential For The Year 2019

Ashtar December 2018

Acceleration Catharsis Anger March

And here you are, and you were not crushed by the compressor roll of the necessary purges, but you are even wiser, more understanding, more determined; I see the process accelerates, the more you go through what you are going through, the more determined you are because you know that it will echo through eternity.

Your strength will echo, your mastery will echo, your determination will echo and many, many thousands, hundreds of thousands, billions, hundreds of billions of souls will benefit of that experience from the “BOOKS”.

Believe me, there is already a line to “get them”! You were chosen for this process. You have made yourself available for this and not by any means in any way allow yourself to think that Your Higher Self or some of your mentors would play with you.

NEVER! YOU ARE YOU, and that is why you are where you are, doing what you are doing and transforming what you are transforming. That, by itself, already sums up, and says a lot.

And So It Is

And So It Is

Acceleration Catharsis Anger March – Ashtar

March is arriving, and you will have three major peaks of important releases and finalizations: March 3, 8, and 9. And over the course of the month what will happen? Well… Get ready for New Cycles. “Oh, Ashtar, will it be only that!?” Will it? I do not think so. Whu? Well… You have expanded.

My loved ones, that’s enough for now. Breathe some more. Look to the side, who is next to you, be it physically or spiritually speaking, and say: “We are almost there” 😀 Stay calm, your hands on the wheel, understanding the accelerations that will take you faster to Love, to your self-expression, to access to all your transcendental baggage that is “popping up”, asking for passage, and for that, things need to be released, as I have already said – and they are being.

It’s you who are the celebrities, not us. This task is not for anyone… And you… YOU ARE YOU, AND THAT’S ENOUGH.

And so it is.
Your brother Ashtar.

Gabriel: Very grateful, beloved Ashtar.



Acceleration Catharsis Anger March – Ashtar

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