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Accelerants - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Lev


From 3D To 4D And 5D

The Great Quantum Transition

Accelerants – By Lev


A lot presupposes that we have weapons at our disposal as part of a huge humane army. We don’t. That’s where we are distinct from the AI. It sees everything to do with adamantine race soul energetic substance as the “enemy”; if you don’t move, everything returns to it in time.

The metallic punch, the square-toed kick, the silly observation, the inane self-correction (how to correct inanity?), the deliberate mistake, and the ill-timed, incorrect assumption, etc. In fact, it’s a wonder that anyone can even supposes that the AI could still be standing, under that barrage of massive intent – the intent to inflict self-harm. It’s the only ill that anyone (or anything) can fall prey too. No other kind is possible.


01/11/2022 at 15:49, Accelerants

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The DF’s way of thinking is purely parasitic and as such, it is bound to destroy itself. Just like cancer cells either get destroyed or destroy the host and destroy themselves anyways … this is same with current parasitic systems on Earth. It’s a spiral of death for them, and they cannot avoid it, except to awakening selves, and shift their allegiance. But everyone persisting on such parasitic path has pretty much sealed their fate.

Yeah, there is more betrayal, backstabbing and utterly desperate attempts from their side. This is why many countries and governments are now in process of total collapse. And not just governments – whole fake “cultures” (or maybe we could call them “fake cultural and national egregores”) created behind in many countries.

It also collapses many false “prophets and profiteers”. Not only the religious ones – plenty, plenty of those spreading lies in so called “new ageish” circles, making profits through lies. It’s already happening as more and more realize on their own, that they cannot give time and energy to such false “prophets” anymore.

Many people have already overgrown many things. Some still pretend to play by old rules. Some claim they don’t have choice. Some truly would suffer immensely and they’re forced to play by old rules through subjugation and fear. But also we have plenty of those enjoying spreading fear and misery upon the others. They’re also parasites.

There won’t be external “saviour” coming to resolve our situations. Every single one of us is unique, and has unique situations and conundrums in our lives. It’s impossible for external factors and individuals to resolve our situations and conundrums fully, and in many cases, they only make problems bigger for us. The only resolution must always come from an individual self-realization.

I would say, absolutely let the intuitive part take your hand in many situations now. I have witnessed it myself, how many times it went to the point where I would get “unexpected resolution”, if I would listen to my intuition more, and less to mind calculations and doubts.

Yes… we all calculate in our minds non-stop. Noone is able to avoid that fully, yet. Yet, some larger, darker agendas are simply not having an effect and impact on many of us anymore.
I think we will see collectively lots of panic between the lesser awakened and those still deep in slumber as things go forward. But it will give a short window of opportunity for everyone to keep with their original plan of awakening fully here on Earth. As said above, parasites are on path of their own extinction, so its just a matter of time for them, if they don’t change something.


03/11/2022 at 01:39, Accelerants


In November 2022, the main cosmic events will be the parade of planets on the of the Antares-Aldebaran’s Catastrophes Axis; A Total Lunar Eclipse; the quadrature of Saturn and Uranus; the reversal of Jupiter into direct motion; Mars square to Jupiter and Neptune; the conjunction of Mercury-Venus-the Sun; Mercury-Venus-the Sun in a tau-square with Uranus and Saturn; Mercury-Venus-the Sun in bisextile with Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto; the New Moon in Sagittarius, and the Earth’s entering a temporary chaos.

Co-Creators and Galactic Committee will make maximum use of the powerful energies of these events and the strengthening of quantum flows from the Center of the Milky Way as accelerants of the transformation of Earth and earthlings on the Subtle and physical plane. Up to the passage of the dead zone of the bifurcation point, forecasted on December 22, 2022, for the leap to 4D/5D.

Dark Forces, as always, make the main bet on the low-frequency part of the planetary spectrum’s energies for their destructive, defensive counter-offensive purposes.

DNit Telegram Channel


1. Total Lunar Eclipse

The “warming up” of these events will be the Lunar Eclipse on November 8, especially tempestuous, since it will be close to the ascending Lunar Node in the arduous tau-square with Saturn and Uranus.

Accelerants - Lunar Nodes

Lunar Nodes


The transformation of Earth and ours, accelerated during the Solar eclipses of April 30 and October 25, 2022, will reach another peak when the Moon in the eclipse will connect with Uranus and will resist the Sun’s vibes.

It will maximally aggravate all global, as well as our personal long-playing smoldering conflicts and contradictions, but will give the renewal additional dynamics. How exactly?

The radiation of Uranus and Saturn has great destructive power.

Galacom effectively uses it to reset, clear and reformat 3D space and us, to remove the slagging of negative energies, erroneous and outdated ideas, goals and behaviors that hinder the Transition into fourth and fifth dimensions.

The energy of Taurus sign (through which the transit Uranus is moving, and where the Total Lunar Eclipse will be on November 8), fuels our comfort zone, the familiar and cozy material bubble, and relationships with other people.

If we, like the authorities, who are off the beam, stubbornly cling to the illusion of stability and immutability, then the energies of Uranus, superimposed on the vibrations of the Lunar Eclipse, can arrange a strong shake, cleaning, zeroing everything, that slows down changes.

In the same direction, Galacom will use the fierce confrontation of the Uranus and Saturn’s energies. With them, Light Forces will continue to create insurmountable, blocking obstacles for the Darks, remove the 3D foundation from under them, which prevents the entering 4D/5D.

2. Quadrature Of Saturn And Uranus

The quadrature of Saturn and Uranus will remain highly active throughout November. This will help the Galactic restructuring of the Earth’s space with high-frequency vibrations of the Aquarian era.

In November, we will observe (and many of us will become direct participants) the continuation of the fight between Dark and Light Forces. The former rely on the negative energies of Saturn to preserve their ossified totalitarian system. The latter use the Uranus radiation, which has a powerful transformational force.

In addition, it is important to take into account that since the end of October, Saturn is moving straight. Its negative quadrature with Uranus is gradually disintegrating, that helps Galacom to constructively impact on Earthly events.

In its forward movement from the 19th to the 26th degree of Aquarius, the Saturnian energies of strict order will cement the fundamental changes that occurred from June 5 to October 23 during the retrograde period of this planet.

3. Jupiter Reversal

In November, Jupiter will reverse course to the 29th degree of Pisces, the abode of its power, stop on November 24, and turn into direct motion until December 20, when it leaves this sign. This will mean the last stage of its 12-year cycle and entry into Aries, the first stage of the new cycle of the planet.

Accelerants - Friendly Giant Jupiter

Friendly Giant Jupiter


For Galacom, the powerful energy waves, created in November by the movement of this giant, is a great opportunity to deeply analyze and refine key strategies for the next 12-year cycle of Jupiter.

For us, this is also a good chance to evaluate the experience gained in recent months, and, from its position, to return to solving long-term and inspiring tasks, related to internal work, humanitarian and charitable activities, and the implementation of a big idea or a large-scale project in a particular area.

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac circle and means a period of transition and spiritual liberation before a new birth. It’s important for us to dive into the depths of this world to rediscover the true meanings for a new start. This is the time of a brief pause in active movement, a kind of relaxed and even meditative state. Everything necessary (insight, hint, information, help) will come to us by itself, simply because we need it.

As the last stage of the ending cycle, the Pisces sign determines the transition to the next level through understanding general laws, higher truths and co-tuning with the unity of the Universe. The year 2022 forced us remember our Soul as the true value underlying all our experience, evolutionary development and the meaning of existence.

A strong “fishy” Jupiter can bring each of us the necessary resources, prospects and expand personal opportunities. It’s only important to notice them. Difficult situations will begin to resolve naturally, and we’ll even be able to see a certain pattern from the circumstances that were formed earlier. But, this period will be especially successful for those who, following their path, are guided by higher values and have reached new heights in their Spiritual upgrading.

4. Mars Square To Jupiter And Neptune

The energies of retrograde Mars, suspended for the whole of November in a negative quadrature with Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces (the next exact aspect is on November 19), will create extremely complex, confusing, contradictory situations. They will return us to the past to find the root causes of failures and losses of the present there. Unravel the tangle of lies; dispel the fog of illusions and self-deception.

With our low contact with the spiritual Higher Self, due to isolation from reality, staying in the make-believe world, the vibrations of retrograde Mars will distort and blur goals, disorient, lead in the wrong direction, provoke major mistakes, miscalculations, substitute wishful thinking and reality, especially during the Corridor of Eclipses. Active and purposeful assistance to other people will help us compensate for negative manifestations.

The harmonious and stable trine of Mars to Saturn, which will last from November 20 to December 7, will contribute to the achievement of the goals. It will allow us to concentrate on the main thing, on a big long-term goal, to act purposefully, systematically. Manage our energy through regimen, discipline, and planning.

Accelerants - Mars Trine To Saturn

Mars Trine To Saturn


An important caveat.

If our goals have outlived themselves, our methods of action are outdated and no longer work, during the entire November, our mobility, contact, sociability will significantly decrease.

We may have serious difficulties.

Tension and unresolved problems will provoke violent conflicts and clashes, including in the information field.

All this will signal deadlocks, and in order to get out of them, you will need to act differently.

5. Conjuction Of Mercury-Venus-The Sun

Throughout the first half of November, the vibrations of Venus will be in close interaction with the radiations of the Sun and Scorpio, deepening and transforming the situations that developed at the end of October during the exact connection on October 22.

The energies of this stellium will test the validity of our values at a new stage of life, to which pushed us the powerful frequencies of the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on October 25.

Since October 29, after the transition to Scorpio, Mercury is linked to the Venus-Sun conjunction. Its upper connection with the Luminary, leading to the peak of the disclosure of our ideas and plans formed on the lower connection of the planets on September 23, 2022, will become exact at the time of the Total Lunar Eclipse on November 8, 2022. It will either accelerate the fulfillment of our main desires, or provoke a deep dissatisfaction and losses if we can’t find our way.

Since the triple conjunction of Mercury-Venus-Sun occurs in the Corridor of Eclipses, and the planets have already passed through descendant Southern Lunar Node on November 2-6, this indicates how far we’ve come in our development, and will bring the results of our choices and actions in the past.

Accelerants - Corridor of Eclipses

Corridor of Eclipses


The Mercury-Venus-Sun triple conjunction in Scorpio will last the entire first half of the month, then, Venus, on November 16, and Mercury, November 17, will move to Sagittarius. The energies of both planets will be freed from the oppressive radiations of the Sun in Scorpio, and will unite on November 21 at 7 degrees Sagittarius.

This change of signs will create two strong power waves:

Until November 16, the first wave will have an impact on the energy and financial sectors. Achieving stability in them will depend on accumulated resources, realism in assessing the situation and decisions. This is a time of passion, high dynamics and intensity of events, which will test everyone for strength and stability;

On November 17-30, the energies of Mercury and Venus will unite in Sagittarius. At this time and especially when the Sun enters this sign on November 22, their common vibrations will push us to search for a common Spiritual vector.

Relations will normalize, and our ideas and plans will come true only if we have common inspiring idea, faith in a better future, an optimistic approach to what is happening; when we strive to get a new experience that develops us from any, even the most difficult situations. This fully applies to States as well.

The Mercury-Venus-Sun conjunction forms a series of aspects with Antares and Aldebaran, which in the middle of the month will create extra intense events (see below).

6. Mercury-Venus-Sun In A Tau-Square With Uranus And Saturn

Throughout the first half of November, the triple combination of planetary vibrations will be in intense interaction with Uranus and Saturn, closing aspects to the tau-square. This extreme configuration will greatly affect us until November 16. The peak will be a Total Lunar Eclipse on November 8, during which the energy of Mercury will connect with the radiation of the Sun.

The following days will be especially difficult:

November 5 – Venus in opposition with Uranus;

November 7 – Venus square to Saturn;

November 8 – Conjunction of Mercury and the Sun, Total Lunar Eclipse;

November 9 – Mercury and the Sun in opposition to Uranus;

November 10 – Mercury in quadrature with Saturn;

November 11 – The Sun square to Saturn.

Since the energies of the planets are connected to the intense vibrations of the quadrature of Saturn and Uranus, this will maximally exacerbate all the conflicts and contradictions of 2022, pushing for their resolution, as well as give acceleration to events and renewal on a global and personal level.

7. Mercury-Venus-Sun In Bisextile With Neptune, Jupiter And Pluto

Coming out of a tense bundle with Saturn and Uranus, the planets immediately, one after another, form harmonious trines with Neptune and Jupiter, and through a transforming strong sextile with Pluto, close the energies into a stable constructive bisextile.

These vibrations create good prerequisites for getting out of a long impasse, extremely harsh, destructive circumstances, starting on November 7, breaking the tense configuration of the tau-square to Uranus and Saturn, and until November 26, fixing the results achieved.

The favorable days will be the following:

November 10-15, Venus in trine with Neptune/Jupiter and sextile with Pluto;

November 12-16, Mercury in trine with Neptune/Jupiter and sextile with Pluto;

November 15-21, the Sun in trine with Neptune/Jupiter and sextile with Pluto.

It is worth highlighting the day on November 14, when, with the participation of the Moon in Cancer, the harmonious aspects will close in the Kite (or Grand Sail). It is worth planning something important for the development of previously started affairs and relationships on this day (not forgetting retro Mars). It can have steady growth, development and inspiring success.

Accelerants - Kite (or Grand Sail)

Kite (or Grand Sail)


The mix of intense and harmonious energies of Mercury, Venus and the Sun with distant planets in November will act in two ways.

On the negative, if we have reached a dead end in our development and have been going the wrong way for a long time, ignoring hints from above and internal dissatisfaction (with work, position, relationships), if we don’t believe in anything and don’t have an inspiring idea and meaning of life, we will face serious losses that destroy our foundations and knock us out of ruts.

On the positive, if we are in harmony with selves and the world, we can suddenly find ourselves in the thick of events, when, by the stelliums’ energies, the Universe will help us to carry out long-planned and previously begun.

The necessary info will be unexpectedly attracted to us, which will facilitate the implementation of our ideas and strengthen us.

8. New Moon In Sagittarius

The energies of the stelliums in the last decade of November will generally be harmonious and constructive. On November 21, the exact trine of the Sun and Jupiter is formed, and Mercury and Venus unite in Sagittarius (the time of influence is November 16-26).

These favorable aspects will complete the difficult Lunar month of two eclipses, will shine like a light at the end of the tunnel: to get promising results, agree on cooperation, find a way out of a difficult situation, and open up new prospects.

On November 22, the Sun turns into a harmonious Sagittarius, and on November 23, at 22:57 UTC, a New Moon will occur in trine with Jupiter, closing the autumn eclipse season with its tough energies. The New Moon aims at active growth and development, gives a huge creative potential to intentions, ideas and plans, inspires faith in a better future and helps to get what we want.

The energies of Mars form a stabilizing and constructive trine with the vibrations of Saturn (the exact aspect is on November 28). This will help us to act purposefully, rebuild what needs to be improved, strengthen partnerships through coordinated interaction and work on a common complex task.

At the same time, the vibes of Mercury and Venus, being in conjunction, although opposed to the energies of Mars, are connected by sextile to Saturn (exact aspects are on November 30-December 1). It’ll ease to find ways out of difficult situations, get the necessary information to solve current problems.

At the end of the month, there will be a tense quadrature of Mars, Mercury and Venus to Neptune (exact aspects are on 28-November 29 and December 1). It will lead astray, and provoke mistakes and miscalculations. The prospects may become hazy, uncertain, and decisions and choices not final. There can be a lot of losses, disappointments and unfulfilled hopes and expectations. It will be another test of our resilience, determination, inner strength and will.

The second decade of the month is a particularly explosive period, when the main cosmic events converge into focal point during close key dates. Heavy planets turn into Scorpio, light planets – into Taurus, forming an opposition to the first. Venus, on November 11, Mercury, on the 13th, and the Sun, on the 17th, will turn into Scorpio, and Mars, on the 14th, – into Taurus. They all line up almost on the axis of Aldebaran (alpha Taurus) and Antares (alpha Scorpio).

Accelerants - Axis of Aldebaran-Antares

Axis of Aldebaran-Antares


This vector was called the Axis of Catastrophes because of its dangerous nature. Various kinds of cataclysms, wars, man-made accidents, and, since the XX century, the development and use of nuclear energy, have been influenced by vibes of these giant stars.

It’s one of many examples of how the Dark Forces use cosmic energies for their destructive purposes. And it is possible that they will try to do this in November.

Knowing and preparing for this, Co-Creators and Galacom have launched a quantum counter fire, similar to those used on Earth to extinguish wildfires.

On 3rd November, 2022, at 11:11 AM CET, information was received that the programmers of the Local Universe and Karma Lords entered the code of deactivation (annihilation) into the Earth’s 3D Matrix.

It will cause a rapid increase in entropy and temporary chaos until the final bifurcation point is reached in the dead zone of the System, forecasted on December 22, 2022.

At the end of October, on the Co-Creators and Galacom’s assignment, Lightwarriors’ ground team destroyed an artificial chaos crystal, installed by Archons in one of the Central Asian countries, and temporarily deactivated the Earth’s Causal Matrix with all unauthorized elements and inserts, which were implanted by Darks.

We all just need to hold on, keep our courage and patience at least until December 22. And do not be surprised at anything that will happen on the Subtle Plane and on the surface at this time.

More by Lev

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