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A Word About Our Sun - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

A Word About Our Sun

A Word About Our Sun – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Our Sun is always flaring—quietly (“A-Class”, “B-Class” flares) or louder (“C-Class” flares) or shouting (“M-Class” flares) or screaming (“X-Class” flares)—but whichever octave is occurring, powerful beams of LIGHT are surging forth which always affect our planet Earth/Gaia whether the beams are facing our planet directly or not.

The flares also are always filled with particle plasma zooming out as the often-discussed “coronal mass ejections” or “CMEs”—hugely billowing out or slightly stretching forth.

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Consequently, our planet continually receives the “songs” of the “Divine Symphony of LIGHT” in lowered “tones” or high “crescendos”—all “directed” by The Great Central Sun.

Recently, a long, huge filament of electromagnetism has been detected on our Sun with a dark spot next to it that is so large that it could completely swallow our planet.

A Word About Our Sun - Sunspot AR3092 With His Tail

Sunspot AR3092 With His Tail

A Word About Our Sun

It is being monitored to see what its movements may entail and if it will possibly lash towards our planet.

It could thrash back and forth on the surface of our Sun and eventually lift off of it and send shock waves to our planet eventuating in further activations to Earth/Gaia’s inner and outer fields.

Anything is possible in this “Now” of transformative energetic frequencies.

One certainty is that humanity cannot fully know all of the workings of SOURCE no matter how diligent the effort.

We are allowed to understand many things in profound depth—but not everything.

We have witnessed our Sun many decades ago being a bright yellow-like hue, and as children, we used yellow crayons to portray it in our drawings.

Now, however, our Sun is ablaze with crystal brightness—sometimes with a bluish haze surrounding it inside. No more yellow.

Often its rays are rainbow-like in beauty.

Thus, it produces a gorgeous pallet of several colors.

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Of course, there are days when the covering of gray clouds over the pallet prevent us from clearly seeing our Sun’s brightness, but it is there—behind the covered-over pallet, there is still the glowing fire we know as our Sun.

Each dawn it comes gradually forth— crystal clear— from the dark sapphire blue sky that has diamond-like stars within it.

Each sunset it glows like the gems of Red Ruby, Orange Sapphire or Yellow Topaz. At all times our “GOD PARTICLE”—the Pineal Gland—is given energy for spiritual awareness as well as for wellness in all parts of our physical vessel.

In ancient times, Physicians often took patients outside and placed the point of a Clear Quartz Crystal towards the part of the body that someone was having a challenge with and allowed the bright rays of the Sun to penetrate that specific part of the body through the Crystal.

What ,may seem very mysterious to modern mankind, the vibrational frequency of the Crystal in concert with our Sun, gradually and gently healed the problem.

Now, however, much of humanity endeavors to cover-over the solar energy with what is called a “Sun Protection Factor” in cosmetics. People are told that our Sun is dangerous and that we must be protected from its rays.

It is true that being out in the most heated part of a summer day which is about Noon to 2:00 PM can overheat the physical vessel which can result in weakness and stress to the inner organs.

This is taught in the ancient healing science of “Ayurveda” (“Science of Life”).

A Word About Our Sun - Ayurveda Doshas

Ayurveda Doshas

A Word About Our Sun

In this system, we all have particular “Doshas” (“System Characteristics”) that are either “Pitta”, “Vata”, or “Kapha”.

The “Pitta” type of person—who is usually very energetic, inspiring, intellectual, and prone to being very heated in the body (these are just a few of the characteristics), is most prone to being over-stimulated by being outside at the peak of solar rays penetrating our planet.

As our Sun continues to “play” within the SOURCE ORCHESTRA, we will notice its many changes in “rhythm” and in “intensity”.

It is our solar system’s greatest of “instruments”.

It is far more than just a ball of fire. It carries messages—codes—for re-charging and regenerating our DNA.

More By Dr. Schavi

Global Envisioning Day For A Greater Time Line – Dr Schavi

Global Envisioning Day For A Greater Time Line – Dr Schavi

It is now time—especially with Pluto now in Tropical Aquarius (one of whose messages is collective revolutionary action)—for powerful GLOBAL ENVISIONING—not just prayer and meditation (although these powerful rituals should certainly be continued daily), but “seeing”, “creating”, “consciously artfully drawing” a new reality, a new “Now” that manifests due to our collective “atomic” energy of “Super-Consciousness”.

Cosmic Frequency News 24 March 2023 – The Unexpected “G4”

Cosmic Frequency News 24 March 2023 – The Unexpected “G4”

Usually, geomagnetic storms are rated as being either “G1” (mild), “G2” (medium but still packing a punch), or “G3” (very strong in its impact). However, yesterday, 3/23/2023, a coronal mass ejection (CME) blasting off from our Sun and soared into a huge crack in our planet’s magnetosphere (protective shield) and was so powerful that world scientists had to give it the rating of “G4”. They called the event “Severe”.

Cosmic Frequency News 23 March 2023 – New Generational Time Line

Cosmic Frequency News 23 March 2023 – New Generational Time Line

The movement of powerful transformational Pluto into Tropical Aquarius is official with its entrance into that sign as of 8:13 AM (EDT), today, Thursday, 3/23/2023. It will remain there until June 11th and then move back over the last degrees of Tropical Capricorn during the rest of 2023.

Cosmic Frequency News 22 March 2023 – What Is Happening Behind Our Sun?

Cosmic Frequency News 22 March 2023 – What Is Happening Behind Our Sun?

A huge dark circular object was detected by several world Physicists seemingly moving behind our Sun on Tuesday, 3/21/2023. The darkness was like what occurs as an eclipse is happening, but this is not yet the time of the solar eclipse which is analyzed to occur on April 20th of this year.

Cosmic Frequency News 21 March 2023 – New Moon Day

Cosmic Frequency News 21 March 2023 – New Moon Day

In the early morning of Tuesday, 3/21/2023, the day of the afternoon arrival of our New Moon in Tropical Aries at 1:23 PM (EDT), solar winds are traveling at 462.2 km/s, and a “C.1-Class” solar flare has lifted off from our Sun.

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