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2023 Day 1 - Ashtar Command

2023 Day 1 – Ashtar Command

2023 Day 1 – Ashtar Command – By Neva

Please dear ones, tune in to this song below. I particularly recommend that you turn the music on to a pleasant level and then read the message aloud. You will be able to feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies.

Greetings from the Command!

We are the transition team. We have been sent to make more direct contact with all of you on the surface of the earth. We come in peace and joy.

We are the group in charge of bringing serenity to everyone in this very important moment in your history.

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In recent times, we have commissioned our Certified Transmitter (Neva) to tell you what will be most needed at the first contact.

We have three extremely essential points: Love, Diplomacy and Wisdom.

You who are being warned now must be grounded in that truth and unconditional love.

You are now in a kind of laboratory, where you have the opportunity to prepare more effectively for first contact.

2023 Day 1 - Ashtar Command - First Contact

First Contact

2023 Day 1 – Ashtar Command

You have seen many of our ships in the skies and as we have already communicated through Neva, this will increase considerably in the coming months.

We CANNOT say precisely what day, month or year we will be able to take over your media for our first global broadcast, although we do have the potential for such an event.

However, we can say that you are already prepared for it.

We don’t want you to be anxious waiting for our arrival, but rather, to make your day happy and relieve you, this will inevitably bring us closer together.

Look with love on your fellow men. Have compassion and love for all of them as this will benefit all of you from the outpouring of love from the Cosmos we are immersed in and wish you were too.

Lately on your world, the very evil ones have been trying to create even more chaos and paralyze you by spreading fear through the propaganda of war and disease, as well as distracting you in various other ways.

They pit you against each other to weaken each other.

We, from the Ashtar Command, the sector responsible for your transition, emphasize that their days are numbered on this planet.

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Our surface ministers are already ready for the next steps when our Prime Creator gives us permission.

While we wait, do your best in everyday life, remembering the responsibility of being the bridges of true love on Earth.

Don’t fool yourself or others with your limiting beliefs, but first have the humility to acknowledge that there are things that need to change within you.

2023 Day 1 - Ashtar Command - First Contact

First Contact

2023 Day 1 – Ashtar Command

The first step in recognizing this need for adaptation is to go within, in search of one’s own intimate reform.

You have the immeasurable support of all of us at Command.

On a daily basis, we are making sure that you can carry out your work with peace of mind, even if there are special requests from other times for the necessary calibrations, so that you are detoxified at the time of your first contact.

Inner Earth familiars will be the first to contact you, through dreams and memory flashes of other times when you were together, when physically appropriate.

But not before your inner recalibration work, which we have emphasized so much through our messages and our Transmitter Ruler on Earth (Neva).

It is important that you do this inner work in order to expand your discernment as well, as there are wolves in sheep’s clothing who will try to take advantage of chaotic moments that will activate as our presence increases.

It happens that there is fear of many people, and it is rooted because of the old propaganda of the wicked against us.

There are many certified channelers on Earth who carry our messages.

2023 Day 1 - Ashtar Command - First Contact

Aboriginal First Contact

2023 Day 1 – Ashtar Command

However, there are also many who fake this communication with us, as they have created ways to seduce you and be listened to and end up confusing you even more.

It is important that you are aware of the truth of love which is charged with vibration.

We, the Ashtar Command, currently manage all areas of your planet where there are conflicts.

We are on a 24-hour surveillance of the environments where the bad guys keep their warheads.

None of them will be blown up in a way that will harm souls.

This is a decree from the Creator.

Their use is completely blocked.

As much as the media continues to spread these threats, remember that we have the keys, not them.

It is a game of chess, requiring much patience and commitment on your part, our representatives on Earth.

We speak on behalf of all confederates serving your planet at this time, and we hope this cycle concludes well. And it will be!

You will soon enter first contact D1 (Day 1), as we move further into low Earth orbit.

We have been permitted to telepathically contact some of your aircraft pilots.

We will soon start flying more close to your planes and show more signs of our presence.

Your military and agencies those who take care of your airspace are well aware of our presence and know that we come in peace.

2023 Day 1 - Ashtar Command - There Will Be No Doomsday

There Will Be No Doomsday

2023 Day 1 – Ashtar Command

The mere fact that we are here, of course, goes against certain interests of domination and control over you, but this time is running out.

This year (2022) is the last year they can hide so much evidence from you.

D1 will be the next marker you hit, allowing us to move our fleets to environments closer to the surface.

We will increase the codes in your crops and increase manifestations in your dreams as well as in your skies.

And the most important thing: you will feel our presence more within you, in your hearts.

We are the Ashtar Command and we conclude our broadcast by thanking all of you for your courage in continuing to raise the banner of peace, love, fraternity and unity in the Cosmos.

I’m Rafael (Neva/Gabriel RL), ambassador of the Ashtar Command on the surface.

In Love, Light and Humanity.

2023 Day 1 – Ashtar Command – Neva

More by Ashtar

The Order of Things Ashtar

The Order of Things Ashtar

It’s good to be here one more time. The year has unfolded like a parchment and always bringing the best experiences so that you can achieve everything you have desired. It is great that you have longed for, it is inspiring, it is refreshing. You made a promise to yourselves saying, “I will do it, I will, I will change,” and that is what you have done. That is what, although sometimes with suffering, you have done, because you are you! – As I always say.

The Soul Programs – Ashtar

The Soul Programs – Ashtar

Greetings, Family!
It’s good to be here one more time. The year begins. The year of which I spoke in my previous message: The Year of Cycles and Potentials. Here we are, embarking for more along this path in his progress toward a development, for a fulfillment of goals. Yes, I know this sounds a bit linear and that’s what I want to talk in my message: linearity, linear time, and cosmic time. This is a good time to do it.

2018 Cycles and Potentials Ashtar

2018 Cycles and Potentials Ashtar

Greetings, Family!
It’s good to be here one more time. Another year, another cycle of learning, dear ones! Another creation of magnificent potential for the new window that opens. Yes, you have created it! You have moved the forces that created that potential. Your efforts as Workers and Warriors of Light were the fermenter, the ideal seasoning that brought them more strength, more Light, more wisdom, more awareness! More sure that the year that starts is a year of great potential, a great cycle. Year of opening and closing cycles. Welcome to the new year that will soon knock on your doors! Welcome to the Year of Potentials! Welcome to the Year of Cycles!

The Courageous The Point is The Knot – Ashtar

The Courageous The Point is The Knot – Ashtar

Greetings, Family!
Many movements in your lives, dear friends, brothers, Lightworkers and Torchbearers have illuminated the path of earthly humanity. One, in particular, that could be the master word that defines each of you today is “courage.” Courage should be synonymous with “You“, of every one who reads me now. In order to do what you do, how you do it, and to be willing to do what the Heavens have asked for, you have to have a lot of courage. In many lives you succumbed in the storms, but have always been reborn, have always shown the determination that is only seen in well-seasoned and experienced souls in turbulent environments!

The Security and Resilience of The Lightworker – Ashtar

The Security and Resilience of The Lightworker – Ashtar

It’s good to be here again for a message. You have been the ones who have ensured that this entire process of transformation of your planet occurs safely, and as peacefully as possible. It is always good to talk to you, even if it is to emphasize matters previously dealt with. When I say “as peaceful as possible” I mean that through your dedication, meditations and loving gestures you have prevented certain movements from those brothers who do not want their expansion. And even if negative movements occur, know that your commitment to safety at this time, has ensured that these more negative movements are minimized.

The Hall of Mirrors – Ashtar

The Hall of Mirrors – Ashtar

You are immersed in a great hall of recognitions. A hall that is showing who you really are and what still needs to be healed and enlightened in you. It was certainly a long journey here, and, as I have been saying in recent months, you are really undergoing a major transformation. Some of you, inside this hall of recognition, are really impressed with what still needed to be healed. And this, my beloved family, should not be cause for sadness or disappointment. It must be a joy because, as you have come this far, you are already victorious.

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