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TY Montana Geology for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

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2021 Taking A New Course - SaLuSa

2021 Taking A New Course


2021 Taking A New Course. By Neva/Gabriel RL.

While all the excitement about what the new year has in store for you continues, we keep sending signals of our presence in your skies.

Recently, we made exhibitions to welcome your entries in the New Era and we took the opportunity to make it even more clear that we are present giving our share of continuous help in what we have to do.

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Certainly, there are still souls who are waiting for solutions to their most particular questions, ranging from affective relationships to financial issues and look to the skies with these questions.

It is important to know, dear ones, that the solutions are vibratorily available to everyone, waiting for you to enter the same high attunement to support you more directly.

The present challenges also tend to make you wiser when you tap into your most powerful internal forces – those you thought you didn’t have, but you have recently seen them clearly within yourselves.

You are creative beings and we’re never tired of telling you that. In this new year you are entering, you will see even more the need to trust yourself and your potentials.

It is a year in which you will enter your ancestral lines and will be able to bring, again, the full potential of your old positive inheritances, as well as some old energies that need to follow their course towards the Light.

2021 Taking A New Course - Vibrational Frequency

Vibrational Frequency

2021 Taking A New Course

This is inevitable.

It is a year, beloved ones, in which there will be more crystalline alignments with your biological family members, as you will need to finalize karmic issues still pending and this will guarantee a smoothing out of certain conflicts.

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It is also important for you to know: many of you will need to make certain decisions that will lead to certain departures, but if you do this with peace in your hearts, everything will be fine, and everything will continue to follow its course of expansion.

This year will also bring more clarity to the understanding of why the last year (2020) passed as it passed with so many challenges, especially those related to the projected virus.

Certainly, you will have more answers about the situation and will begin to see those responsible for all these current issues being exposed.

It is a year, dear ones, to take a “new direction”, one that concerns your souls directly.

For many ages you have followed patterns, followed customs and traditions that have tied you up and made your walking difficult.

Now you will be called to take control of your own lives, definitely, so that you can have your decisions supported by the high ancestral forces that will be even more present in you and that will begin to dictate the rhythms of your expansion.

And the control will be in your hands, irrevocably.

2021 Taking A New Course - Vibrational Frequency

Connection To Source

2021 Taking A New Course

It is true that many expected/expected changes to happen overnight, which is not possible.

There is a law that governs Mother Earth and a whole sequence of harmonious events that needs to follow its natural course, without being hurt.

So, you will begin to have a clear vision of these events so that they happen in harmony without necessarily having to happen in your personal time.

Many souls on Earth still respond to selfish calls from the lower bodies, when they determine that some events “need to happen soon, because they need help”.

Dear ones, know that our forces are aware of all the needs that life on Earth can bring, but we are also fully honoring the free will of each human being, allowing each one to progress according to their choice.

It is important that you do not demean yourselves, your potentials and your innate abilities to resolve any existing situations.

Also, be aware of our presence to support you wherever possible and respectable, but never speeding up some processes so that we will attend, in exclusivity, some of your wishes clearly inspired by lower bodies.

They are personal challenges for everyone, beloved ones, including us, that we observe as events unfold from the position we are in, and we can say that Mother Earth will be freed from the domain of darkness.

Whatever happens, no leader on your planet has any control over the events that support your direct ascension.

2021 Taking A New Course - New Earth

New Earth

2021 Taking A New Course

In these new times, dear ones, your souls will enter environments in great Unity, and you will clearly perceive that what you desire and manifest affects the Whole, from a tiny cell to the greatest star known to your scientists.

Understand this: you are receiving unconditional help at all times and whenever you lovingly call us to collaborate more actively in your lives, we do it with an open heart, because we are here for that.

However, in no way expect us to do it for you, because as we have said many times: we do not see you as incapable beings, quite the opposite; we are here to emphasize the truth of your greatness.

You have a very rich and high potential spiritual background.

The current times you face are challenging, we know, but while you take on your roles on the physical plane, we accelerate behind the scenes by moving proper pieces that fit us to move in this puzzle.

Dear ones, we often hear your lamentations in phrases like “Galactics do nothing for us while we die” – we hear and respect that.

But it does not affect us, as it clearly comes from your lower bodies crying out for external salvation and, evidently, fleeing from the great responsibilities that you have.

2021 Taking A New Course - Beyond 3D

Beyond 3D

2021 Taking A New Course

Go, beloved ones, to find your Inner, your highest SELF in your hearts so that you can perceive and grasp the essence of our words when we say that you are great and powerful.

Work… Work on yourself to get out of control of your lower bodies that try to keep you in the old patterns of abandoned victims, because that is exactly what certain forces of darkness want: that you continue to surrender your innate powers to them.

There will be a lot of activity from our fleets this year, around the world, continuing with the testimonies of our active presence and, as we get closer to you, the more we will bring the Unity standards, dear ones.

The more you rise in Love, the more easily you will understand the importance of working together, also understanding that, often, your personal desires are related to a great need to supply and feed the lower bodies.

Meditate and reflect, dear ones: When you want something, when you really want something, how does it affect the whole? Who benefits? Do your actions, words, gestures positively affect the entire environment around you?

You will begin to see clearer all this, dear ones. And this is not a message to make you feel bad or ashamed, quite the contrary.

It is to let you start mastering your emotions and feelings, in order to move more quickly towards Unity.

It is also essential to say that, while all preparations for the quantum leap continue, you will be able to perceive activities in your skies.

2021 Taking A New Course - Galactic Federation Ship - 2021

Galactic Federation Ship – 2021

2021 Taking A New Course

Some of your scientists have observed the presence of a “foreign” celestial body in the vicinity of the Solar System.

Situations like this will start to increase considering the real and great activity in space in “agitation”, because the events that unfold on Earth are attractive, and no one in the galaxy has ever seen the leap of the greatest experience that occurred in the last eons of time.

These are really incredible times and there are many beings coming from the most varied systems and even universes willing to participate, contributing with their share of help.

Before concluding our message today, we warn of the recent movements that have taken place on Earth in a way that, biasfully, pits one against the other.

We have warned about this in our last messages and it is not necessary to say much more to understand that everything that pits you, aggressively, against each other is not the path that will lead you to Unity.

Defend your rights as sovereign beings, but we want to ask you to observe your internal and emotional motivations behind everything.

In the end, you will have to account for all you actions, especially those that were motivated by inner hatred and intolerance.

I am in the presence of a dear doctor named Dr. Hershenia, one of the scientists in our fleets. She has helped many on Earth in your emotional adjustment processes.

Know, dear ones, that the support you receive is unconditional and continuous. But, it is also up to you to do your part to live with Love and tolerance, teachings left by many avatars who descended on Earth in compassionate missions and that crossed all timelines, echoing throughout the planet.

Now you all represent these high forces!

I leave our Love and Blessings with pure and true wishes from all of us who make up the Galactic Federation, now even more visible in your skies.

Selatherin A-al Arjaten!
(In Sirian: Because Yes. We are all ONE!)

Be at peace,

Be in the Light!

2021 Taking A New Course - Selatherin A-al Arjaten

Selatherin A-al Arjaten

2021 Taking A New Course

More by SaLuSa

SaLuSa Important Message

SaLuSa Important Message

The way many of you have seen reality may seem a bit smoky or “distorted” and this is due to the fact that there is actually a “melting” of time and reality as you know it.

Hours Passing Too Fast? – SaLuSa – Shalashian

Hours Passing Too Fast? – SaLuSa – Shalashian

Time continues to pass, and you have noticed it dissolve more quickly in the midst of your daily commitments. This has happened because of the intense activity of the Arcturians, who are reshaping this reality as it manifests, “de-densifying” every particle of matter.

SaLuSa Shalashian 4 May 2022 – Rafael

SaLuSa Shalashian 4 May 2022 – Rafael

As humanity on Earth advances in its raising of frequencies, those who wish to keep you imprisoned are realizing that control over all of your lives is being lost every day. It goes without saying that the prison is being finalized, as it is more than evident. The Light is increasing and this has opened Sacred Portals all over the world, releasing what we call “anomalic toxins” off the planet.

Frequencies Of November 2021 – SaLuSa (Shalashian)

Frequencies Of November 2021 – SaLuSa (Shalashian)

While the behind-the-scenes activities continue in full swing, your inner world is also in full swing. This is inevitable when you are in an ascension process where all external change depends on your internal transformation. This happened for many, even though it has not been as evident – ​​at least, for the time being – in the way you believe to be ideal.

Federation Update SaLuSa August 2021 – (Shalashian)

Federation Update SaLuSa August 2021 – (Shalashian)

The behind-the-scenes movements are in full swing as major healings continue to take place. Around the Earth, there are many healing bases in the form of large spaceships, as well as environments called by many of you “Healing Houses” or “Transitional Houses” or even “Spiritual Hospitals”.

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