2020 And Its Potentials - Ashtar

2020 And Its Potentials – Ashtar

2020 And Its Potentials – Ashtar. By Gabriel RL.

Greetings, Family!

It’s good to be here one more time. I am very happy, really happy for all the transformation, for all the dedication and, above all, for your courage!

This year I gave you more messages than usual, right? I told you about many things from 2019.

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I told you of your potential, about the need to “Face The Shadows”, about balance, integrated creations, the acceleration process, the inevitable catharses, your outbursts of anger…

I talked about the diving phases, about how many lives you have ever lived on this beautiful planet, about the intrusion process.

I gave you a message about your personal power and most recently I was with you “in person” in Island of Portals (Rio de Janeiro).

I would like you to reflect on all that I said throughout 2019. The links are below. Please reread. I want you to do an analysis.

2020 And Its Potentials - Face The Shadows

 Face The Shadows

2020 And Its Potentials

DNit Telegram Channel

What has changed? How much did you expand? How much did you achieve in understanding in the face of all events? How elevated are you now?

See. Analyze yourself. See your own heels.

With each reading you will go back in time to the moment each message was delivered and you will realize how much you have expanded after each message. It will be wonderful! Do it please.

The World Is No Longer The Same

Dear ones, in fact, the world is no longer the same.

There is a lot of difference. There is more Light.

I know that many of you, I am not generalizing, but many are still uncomfortable with this statement as they continue to see the “bad”, the problems, the pains, the conflicts and disharmonies.

Dear ones, you have heard already… The external world is a reflection of the internal. Here is a time to reevaluate, reconnect more with your lightness and well-being and the good things this world has to offer.


2020 And Its Potentials - The World Is No Longer The Same

The World Is No Longer The Same

2020 And Its Potentials

There is more Light than you can imagine. There are more good things for you to enjoy. There is more joy for you to experience. Just change your main focus a little.

2020 And Its Potentials - Just change your main focus a little

Just Change Your Main Focus A Little

2020 And Its Potentials

Let it be clear, I am not saying that there are no things to “fix”. Obviously yes, otherwise we would not be giving you messages and messages instructing for such necessary adjustments. But we want you to make the adjustments in a happy way!

Yes, your world is no longer the same because there is NO more potential for nuclear war. 

They can try as hard as those old energy supporters can, there is no more room for that. It’s not the same anymore because you awoke.

You have expanded and anchored more Light. You are better able to deal with so many issues to be resolved, including facing your own shadows. 

Deal with your own inner revolts, fears and anguishes. 

It’s time to expand beyond your fears, as the world is no longer the same and you have much more support now than before. Why? Because the world is no longer the same. 

The old world didn’t give us so much openness, you know? In the world before, we didn’t deliver messages like now, nor were there so many souls helping others to reconnect!

Why? Your world is no longer the same! It’s not the same anymore, and you can now be free!

There are no more the bonds that bound you as before, only your illusion.

And you can choose whether to remain in this illusion or not. We will never interfere with what you want for yourself.

2020 And Its Potentials - Your Truths Confronted

Your Truths Confronted

How prepared are you to handle any information that goes against your truth?

How much can you maintain your serenity and diplomatic love when your truth is confronted with another?

Watch your day-to-day reactions: can you contain yourselves when beaten?

When, so to speak, is your vanity offended? Can you conserve serenity, peace and tranquility when opinions clash?

These are the important reflection exercises that will give you an idea of ​​the degree of necessary adjustments you need to make so that Love and Light can stand out soothing the choppy waves of thoughts and feelings, even when in the midst of discussions.

Look deeply and never blame anyone, especially when it comes to waiting for the success of your efforts, applied to looking for a right decision in any given situation.

The more serenity and peace, the more Love and gentleness, the greater will be your intuitive ability to clearly distinguish what is most appropriate for your path, or not, to further propel you on your path to greater Expansion of Conscience.

In this way, after these self-analysis, you can see what still needs to be “tidied up” with much Love in you, as in high gatherings through the cosmos certainly verbal aggression and “cursing” are not tolerated when opinions clash, nor even such beings would enter these diplomatic environments.

On Earth, you have an excellent opportunity for great learning and expansion, as most of you are high vibrational diplomats and are put “to the test” when you are beaten and confronted in your truths.

Thus, it is shown how much affinity with the conflicting energies of the Earth is present or not.

How ready the person is for contact with us or not. This is true for everyone, as it is you who request (and have requested) such situations to self-analyze, ascertaining in yourselves your degree of harmony and inner peace when conflicts of opinion emerge.

There is a need for consistency and humility on this path so that you do not fall back into the lowest degrees of vibration and have to start over. And know: this information that I deliver today, you asked me aboard of Jerusalem. (Ashtar’s Mother Ship).

Hospital And Last Hour Nurses

Be kind, beloved, to those who seek you. Do not fear the darkness. You should not be feared but respected and honored. 

Observe the places where you work materially. Watch your homes. Observe your spiritual workplaces. 

These are all places where to welcome and embrace with love those who seek you, of course, within their limits and capacities, especially those who come out of balance and seek answers to their questions. 

2020 And Its Potentials - Be Calm And Use Much Love

Be Calm And Use Much Love

2020 And Its Potentials

Be calm and use much Love with them. If there is a need for “an extra energy”, a firmer and more energetic word to contain exacerbated moods, that is, but with much Love, without belittling or assaulting, then again, the way you receive what comes to you is another parameter you may have to know to value how ready you are for certain galactic situations.

“Defend yours,” but don’t let revolt consume your souls. Defend yours, but don’t let fear erode you.

A firm, loving look is worth more than anything. Thus even the fiercest dogs and wolves will bow down to their honor and love.

The only way you can effectively “face” darkness is by not having dominion over you, and the only way it cannot have that dominance is if you are at peace and in trust.

The strength that darkness has is the strength you give it.

Yes, many of you are persecuted and confronted with low vibrating beings who chase you and try to unbalance you.

But remember who you are, what you went to do on Earth, and your ability to Love. I do not mean that you should “let your guard down” or allow to “mess up” in your house, as it were, by “being loving and permissive”.

No! I want you to impose yourselves, but with Love and Respect. I want you to place order, but with love. I want you not to bow your head, but with love and humility, and if in any second you feel superior to them “because you are of the Light,” you have fallen into the trap.

If in a second you feel better than them, you “bend” to them. If in any second they lose their humility before you, they will also lose their sense of Oneness and be swallowed by the illusion of duality again.

Darkness loses power over you as humility shines in your hearts and the realization that you are all one reverberates.

“Use your whips” if you need to, but Love needs to be on your toes, for many of us as we descend to Earth’s plasma planes and enter deeper layers, need to snap plasma whips to ward off ferocious beings that come against you. us and yet, we do not lack Love and respect.

Understand this maxim. At no time do we feel superior to them or to any of you.


You reach 2020 with great relief in your fields, as much has been left in 2019.

Much has been resolved and you can breathe more relieved as you are entering the year of multidimensional connections.

It is a year where there will be greater projection of galactic forces upon you.

It is a year where you will have more dreams with your space family, your mentors, relatives gone and the nature beings of the Devic Realms.

This is a year where your channels will be more open and you will be more lucid and alive as your channels are being unobstructed. In fact, they were already in 2019 and now, at first, in the first weeks of 2020, they will go through a “polish” 🙂

It is a year when the waters of the planet will be adjusting, when more dry portions will emerge and where there was no water, there will be.

A year where you will also, as I said, be more confronted with many other truths so that you can analyze and see your degrees of balance and harmony.

Deep truths will come out. Illusions will be dissolved and a great healing process will begin all over the planet under the rule of the Green Ray force, with the immense angelic legions of Elohim, Archangels and Green Angels.

It is a year where powerful new covenants will be made on the spiritual and physical planes of the earth.

Great leaders will leave the physicality of the earth for others to reenter the game. Mergers of ideas will begin to bring Earth into more diplomatic environments and cures for physical illness will be presented as part of the Galactic Federation’s outreach program.

Much is already behind the scenes, which is the information contained by forces of negative resistance that will inevitably have to be presented and exposed to the Green Light of Truth.

It’s the year of truth, beloved ones! A year where much that has been hidden will be revealed and there will be no way to long sustain an illusion, an illusory appearance.

“The wolves will be exposed while the royal sheep will be presented.”

Keep in mind that there will be no uncontrolled conflict, as in parts of the earth there are still karmic endings that are being respected, but under no circumstances will the desirous of nuclear war succeed. I guarantee it, because I supervise your steps myself.

The sun will be brighter, and its astronomers will continue to “find” Earth-like planets, also as part of the Disclosure Program, until a wave of information is exposed on their Internet, and much more will be known behind the scenes.

Believe us, we are overseeing all of this and we are counting on your help with regard to holding hands, respecting your fellow men and of course respecting yourselves.

This will also be a year when you will have a more special affection for yourself and this need to take more care will come from your Higher Self.

It will also be a year where there will be more harmony between couples, as the energy of companionship will be in the air.


And finally, my beloved ones, my commanders, the crew of this great ship, I bless you and thank you for your countless moves towards a more harmonious environment.

I wish with all my heart that you also count on me throughout this journey, which is really amazing and full of interesting experiences.

These have made you experts in these environments and can bring all this knowledge and wisdom to so many places in the cosmos that you cannot count.

Harness these year-end energies (in your Gregorian calendar) to be more grounded, more integrated with Earth. She loves your company.

Stay confident! The Journey is not over yet.

Now you travel back home, and I’ll be in the lift!

And so it is.


Your Brother,


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